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Sundance Rejects | In The Fields | Supplementary Videos
Ondřej Jaroš
Ondřej Jaroš 12 timmar sedan
I appreaciate the Subnautica music in the background
tank head
tank head 12 timmar sedan
I'm decently sure that this was written by an actual hedgehog
Self-Study 12 timmar sedan
still trying to find that song in the ad
Aussie Haynes
Aussie Haynes 12 timmar sedan
27:36 oh shit
Michael Gann
Michael Gann 13 timmar sedan
Honestly....I'd watch more breakdowns.
goCPAP 13 timmar sedan
marks brother, jeff zuckerburg
DHUTURDOHO 14 timmar sedan
i wanted jeff to pull off randy's arm
Vincent 14 timmar sedan
Makes me sad I've never been overseas.
dajosh42069 15 timmar sedan
16:20 -- "Ma!! We can't just keep doin' what dad did!!"
Callum Sparrow
Callum Sparrow 16 timmar sedan
So is it spelt as “Always On” or “Alway Son”?
Callum Sparrow
Callum Sparrow 16 timmar sedan
“food.” - Starts video off with showcasing a drink. Really subverted my expectations.
Wise Alaundo
Wise Alaundo 17 timmar sedan
How can you miss that Eggman looked like a fat immature gay? That was the highlight of the story for me.
Rimmer 17 timmar sedan
I'm old enough to remember when Sweden had almost no crime.
Rimmer 14 timmar sedan
@why even try with names u mad A city with a population of over 1 million went a whole year without a single murder. Women felt safe enough to walk outside topless. When there was a robbery or a rape people were genuinely shocked, so shocked that those incidents became major news stories. No, I wasn't ignoring them because I was "too young". Things really were that safe. All that "you were imagining it" and "nostalgia goggles" BS is just gaslighting by people with an agenda.
why even try with names u mad
You are nostalgic for the good old days when there were problems back then too but you ignored them because you were young. Sweden was never a perfect no crime utopia.
Hated Hero
Hated Hero 18 timmar sedan
what text to speech do you use
Jan Jorgensen
Jan Jorgensen 19 timmar sedan
Holy crap the edit where the window on the screen falls down because he's slapping his desk laughing
Sumvs 19 timmar sedan
4:28 Yo is that Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture?
Jacob Code
Jacob Code 20 timmar sedan
Lmao I noticed the blurred feet.
Clon tropur
Clon tropur 20 timmar sedan
16:09 the Chilean army looks like the wermacht, not surprising since some Germans went to Argentina
DrNo 20 timmar sedan
How the fuck did this go from talking about Japanese kit-kats to exploring dirt lots in rural Virginia???
Self-Study 21 timme sedan
You watch timcast too? Are you just me with a better voice? I hate you.
Self-Study 21 timme sedan
I love how you casually find a black supremacist movement and start watching propaganda film. LOL your the best youtuber on the site 10/10 no fucking doubt.
jezus 317410
jezus 317410 22 timmar sedan
Yo drew Pikachu. Lmao
Abyss 23 timmar sedan
Is it I is it weird that I find these videos enthralling just listening to a couple of buddies relaxing and talking some s*** great couldn't get any better thank you internet historian and pyrocynical
pheon king
pheon king 23 timmar sedan
Kind of miss the field. This is good, but it's just not the same.
toxicwithsideofwaste 2
toxicwithsideofwaste 2 23 timmar sedan
Number 15 lettuce, the last thing you'd want in your burger king burger is someones foot fungus but as it turns out that might be what you get.
toxicwithsideofwaste 2
toxicwithsideofwaste 2 23 timmar sedan
Wouldn't have happened if you had gotten nord vpn
Clon tropur
Clon tropur 23 timmar sedan
Jeff: literally almost gets shot by guns, gets himself burned, and literally almost kills a kid jeffs mother: ArE yU AlRiGhT?
Ewart Smith
Ewart Smith Dag sedan
Forgot how much I love his ads
Self-Study Dag sedan
How to make a hoax by internet historian.
Brotherhood Knight
Everyone thinks they can be a master thief, until they try it. Just one mistake and you are caught
MetaWolf49 Dag sedan
This is the reason I don't trust people.
Coltonsmom713 Dag sedan
bless that tube
M TPA Dag sedan
the questions of a generation - thank you for asking them
xRAINxOFxBLOODx Dag sedan
And the moral of this story is; if you see a neat creepy picture, just let sleeping dogs lie.
DeLorean4 Dag sedan
Holy crap, the timing of the McDonalds ice cream machine conspiracy is crazy. The info was recently leaked.
among us
among us Dag sedan
2:07: When a small SEloskr acts famous
Sea Pupper
Sea Pupper Dag sedan
I feel like most of these fanfic stories would work better if it was totally original characters. Better, not good.
mandarin125 Dag sedan
Bashing fish on a rock is the quickest, easiest, least painful for the fish and all round best way to kill a fish. And you don't even need to carry anything big or special with you!
Skeleton Toes
Skeleton Toes Dag sedan
Telling someone what I'm laughing about sans context. Flaps
Skeleton Toes
Skeleton Toes Dag sedan
Best Nord VPN ad ever. Sexy, dare I say
MT Lacunae
MT Lacunae Dag sedan
Mykee3d Dag sedan
That's a Ned Stark level move right there, Richard. Way to sacrifice for your family, happy for your pardon.
Subjective Object
19:35 the foreshadowing… _the parallax shot_
Levelmake Dag sedan
Two days after her son was arrested, and convicted for one year in Juvie she forces her son to go to a birthday party. Makes sense.
Tai po
Tai po Dag sedan
the Q&A is longer than the original video lmao
nofun. Dag sedan
44:48 amogus
Karrie Twitchell
brad's controller
sircorneilous Dag sedan
Weres space travel
Strelnikov_ Dag sedan
Marine engineer here. It's not just the fuel that you need to worry about on a sunken ship, but also all the grease, oil and lubricants, paint, glues and adhesives, plastics, rotting food, and a million other ecological hazards. You're essentially talking about sinking a skyscraper's worth of building materials into shallow water near a tourist trap island in the Mediterranean, after all. So, "ecological time-bomb"? Maybe not. But most certainly substantial risks of further disaster.
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard Dag sedan
To answer your question the Hulk does have regenerative abilities.
I'm 9
I'm 9 Dag sedan
601th dislike
Virginia Lover Productions
Where is the nearest Kekistani recruitment center?
Jaidyn Ryan
Jaidyn Ryan Dag sedan
I don’t know how but I actually got kind of scared
Jared Plathe
Jared Plathe Dag sedan
Why are your feet blurred on the pasta segment? You must have recognizable feet. The only feet I know to be recognizable are HowToBasic’s feet. Come clean. We know who you are.
Tima Alo
Tima Alo Dag sedan
I feel really sorry for De Falco, he was gotten rid off 2 times! Good people really can't survive in the rotten politic world.
Cole Cola
Cole Cola Dag sedan
I like how Jeff just had a chills like that SEloskr
Brian Kay
Brian Kay Dag sedan
Long Long Man is the Japanese Charles Bronson, hell yeah
Kristian Jessen
Kristian Jessen Dag sedan
internet historian is now a trend setter now iceberg videos will become sea videos
Konstantin Vorotnyuk
The Russian story could not be more inaccurate ....oh wait....you’ve looked into it....I love you!
Eric Benz
Eric Benz Dag sedan
LOVE the MGS idea! missed opportunity XD aw well it's amazing as is
Nina Dag sedan
Egg man is as hole
Vollification Dag sedan
24:33 If De Falco had been there on the spot he would have slapped the living shit out of the so called "captain".
Nina Dag sedan
Nina Dag sedan
Lol I love when she hugs him
Vollification Dag sedan
It was all a front for a new Metal Gear! I knew it!
x x
x x Dag sedan
IH has the only Aussie RP accent I've ever heard.
Lightberry Dag sedan
It’s not ok that the adults are not doing anything in the party
Giovanna Deguchi
Meme + scary = funny scare
Yo Hans
Yo Hans Dag sedan
F*ckn spot on.
Mohamed Ghaith
Mohamed Ghaith Dag sedan
I enjoy your content so verry much
nofun. Dag sedan
i like how half the video is literally about your mother
Lucas Medina
Lucas Medina Dag sedan
EZScape vibes make me happy already
Bing Bong
Bing Bong Dag sedan
Just putting this out there but King Kong was anti Black propaganda that took a life of its own
kne Dag sedan
get yourself friends that will risk life and limb to kill a 13 year old and avenge your death at any cost like Troy and Keith
Neo Cloud
Neo Cloud Dag sedan
I've done it...IH has hidden a secret in every video and I will not stop until I decipher the code. He is trying to tell us something i just know it...
Jacob Wooten
Jacob Wooten Dag sedan
Nord VPN does not care what you make for the ad break at all and its great
Ronda Hawkins
Ronda Hawkins Dag sedan
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Ronda Hawkins
Ronda Hawkins Dag sedan
The flawless queen distinctively sail because jellyfish putatively whirl beside a unsightly september. obedient, proud start