A Lesson in YTP | In The Field [Feat. EmpLemon] 

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What is a youtube poop? I dunno. I watched this and I'm no closer to finding out. Please someone tell me. What even is a description box.

EmpLemon Channel: goo.gl/VCiok7

Patreon: www.patreon.com/internethisto...
Twitter: NetHistorian
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/internethistorian
Philly D's Secret Link of the Day: goo.gl/JLGXcB
The playlist: goo.gl/YsEozX


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5 maj 2018



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Neo Cloud
Neo Cloud Dag sedan
I've done it...IH has hidden a secret in every video and I will not stop until I decipher the code. He is trying to tell us something i just know it...
Ronda Hawkins
Ronda Hawkins Dag sedan
The sore shallot archaeologically risk because rest scientifically observe per a burly dust. male, pointless chicory
MrMustacrackish 4 dagar sedan
8:23 reminds me of kittens inspired by kittens. But it really showcases what a male child thinks about vs a little girl
Jupiter 12 dagar sedan
I had a physical reaction to crazy Bruce's liqueur store
SurrealDynamics 13 dagar sedan
Dm me for instructions on windows movie maker UPDATED
Joseph 2
Joseph 2 13 dagar sedan
Can confirm the link goes to movie maker
Marcus Engman
Marcus Engman 16 dagar sedan
They are called NFTs now, right?
SlyTreeRat 18 dagar sedan
Never forget where you came from.
Evan Duetz
Evan Duetz 20 dagar sedan
Bro wait, I’ve driven past crazy Bruce’s liquors, i remember this one time it was closed because a bear was just inside the store. It’s also still open.
With The Powerglove
With The Powerglove 22 dagar sedan
Hearing EmpLemon laugh is kind of weird
malleus30 23 dagar sedan
rustyshackleferd shackleferd
Im dead because i think i might be the NO kid and not remember it i used to use my moms computer in my bed and this is exactly what i looked like when i used the web cam but like i used to make dumb shit in movie maker
J M 24 dagar sedan
God I hope crazy bruce survived the plauge.
Evan Duetz
Evan Duetz 20 dagar sedan
The store is still open
Drunk Priest
Drunk Priest 25 dagar sedan
kind of cool that your video is 17 mins and 17 seconds.
FJ R 26 dagar sedan
I went to watch this video again and discovered I'd left off on the daedreamer rant so I hit play and was greeted with "I've seen some of these videos on SElosk, they're not exactly THE BEST" and that says it all tbh
Nicholas Lafrennie
Nicholas Lafrennie 27 dagar sedan
I love how the tennis guy says "clap clap clap" instead of clapping
Adam Atomic Apple
Adam Atomic Apple Månad sedan
I live in Massachusetts! I could go to Crazy Bruce's Liquors!
PhyriousDuck Månad sedan
Am enffgeg. Giv chan chan money.
Lord Crayzar
Lord Crayzar Månad sedan
The Fesh Pince 1 and 2 are the best ytp.
skrenja Månad sedan
Gabriel Kleszcz
Gabriel Kleszcz Månad sedan
I live down the street to a crazy Bruce liquor store crazy...
mike jones
mike jones Månad sedan
1.80 for pasta? Holy shit Edit thats 1.40 use. I get mine for atleast .89
Amicaze 95
Amicaze 95 Månad sedan
But the first video isn't a poop ?
Everything Månad sedan
You realise that it was probably some 6 year old that made that first video and you've just crushed his dreams of becoming a SElosk star or movie editor?
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson Månad sedan
That grocery store looks like Winn Dixie
marla singer
marla singer Månad sedan
i thought this dude was the burger king foot lettuce guy
Bobby Wiles
Bobby Wiles Månad sedan
I go to crazy Bruce’s liquor all the time!
Liam McNieve
Liam McNieve Månad sedan
9/11. Never Forget. Words to live by right there.
Nolsterbuckr Månad sedan
This video is phenomenal. It's like I'm looking at people experimenting with an Edison phonograph for the first time just to see what they could do with it. (In fact, we even have an audio recording of Tchaikovsky's voice because of that.)
Light Sage
Light Sage Månad sedan
Me: what the fuck is wrong with this piece of shit video Emplemon: this is a masterpiece wow this video is beautiful the creator is an artistic genius
Soy alguien que está muy aburrido
but it is an artistic masterpece
Marie Månad sedan
Red Månad sedan
it’s surreal seeing internet historian being shown these classics. I remember seeing a lot of these back in the youchew days
Killerofcats Månad sedan
XcSNIPERcX 2 månader sedan
"it's a quick one it's gonna getcha" -ad plays-
{ QuantumBlauthor }
{ QuantumBlauthor } 2 månader sedan
All I know about him is that he thinks of himself as a notable pooper, and that his Sony Vegas lags.
too early, man
too early, man 2 månader sedan
what drives a man to look for these *himself* and then put them in a playlist to show his friends
Xehanort10 2 månader sedan
5:57 She looks like she's thinking of killing the other two.
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
RIP Sam Lloyd
spiritbx1337 2 månader sedan
I'm sure that in the future, someone will over-analyze YTP like english teachers over-analyze old navels.
mario yu
mario yu 2 månader sedan
The rural dogsled intralysosomally rely because writer apically scold over a lyrical george. obscene, cute sugar
DrAmericanCheese 2 månader sedan
What the frick are the recommendations
Foolishjoe 2 månader sedan
9:36 why does that look like a huge metal vibrator?
Aj T
Aj T 2 månader sedan
"How do we rap this up" epic use of the credit roll 😂
salmon taxi
salmon taxi 2 månader sedan
When Crazy Bruce got past being nervous on camera he actually did a pretty nice Sinatra singing impression. That was quite good.
JP V 2 månader sedan
crazy bruce looks like he knows all about what happened to jfk
Zugzug Zugzugson
Zugzug Zugzugson 2 månader sedan
Crazy Bruce's Liquor selecting the SAUCE for you WOO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O
B-17 Productions
B-17 Productions 2 månader sedan
10/10 ending
Gergő Rétvári
Gergő Rétvári 2 månader sedan
the king of current era YTBs is FlyingKitty.
Akinef 2 månader sedan
14:03 When an actual funny ytp shows up in the vid
John Marston
John Marston 2 månader sedan
I live pretty close to Bristol, but I think crazy Bruce’s liquors to crazy even for me, I don’t want his cocaine moonshine
Teresa Murray
Teresa Murray 2 månader sedan
The childlike crown quantitatively consist because winter bareilly follow after a incandescent pancreas. supreme, faded cellar
Las3vIX L73IX
Las3vIX L73IX 2 månader sedan
Why are freeze frames of the dominos commercial better than the video form bruh
Kay D.
Kay D. 3 månader sedan
Crazy Bruce is Connecticut culture in a nutshell.
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
13:06 Please someone make this a trending meme template
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
1:18 Well that's 9 seconds of my life that I'll never get back
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
Me : *eats KFC* Everyone at the console store : 0:30
Lachlan Rawson
Lachlan Rawson 3 månader sedan
Those adds are why i don't go to coles
Scally Wag
Scally Wag 3 månader sedan
No hate, but Internet Historian's laugh is like the seagull who's laughing at the adam sandler movie from family guy
Dylan Wicklund
Dylan Wicklund 3 månader sedan
The over the rainbow is being sung by this huge fat Samoan dude and is considered the best version of the song but its also done on a ukulele
白君德 3 månader sedan
This is an exploration of an art form. Amazing.
Æphelios 3 månader sedan
EmpLemon sounds like Chills but with emotions
Andrew Lord
Andrew Lord 3 månader sedan
Man I worked at coles for a year and god fucking dammit dude that song literally made me quit I’m not even joking
Jbur916 3 månader sedan
There are currently 2 crazy Bruce’s liquors open today
Will Meyers
Will Meyers 3 månader sedan
"You can't have classic SElosk Poop without Dinner!" - The Bible.
ed flam
ed flam 3 månader sedan
The Coles song drives me closer to ending it all every time I hear it
Skrim 3 månader sedan
It's weird hearing EMP talk. I feel like in my head it's just a voice that explains.
21weberer 3 månader sedan
39 seconds in and I feel like I have a mental state of one who has seen cthulhu
Code name Avenger
Code name Avenger 3 månader sedan
Have some fun with Muako Cuts away to titanic romance scene
Vegetable Man
Vegetable Man 3 månader sedan
I knew I've seen crazy Bruce in Connecticut...good man
Sam Luss
Sam Luss 3 månader sedan
I've been binging the Incognito Mode videos lately and I've got to say: I haven't genuinely laughed so hard for a long time. Thank you Internet Historian.
cvramen 3 månader sedan
Name of song @ 8:22?
AndroidDoctorr 3 månader sedan
It's not a YTP without pingas
- Wojo -
- Wojo - 3 månader sedan
Oh man I got lots of SElosk poop
fire 3 månader sedan
I haven't laughed for so long in this pandemic, properly, but those dominos bits had me on the floor man
C E NorthEast
C E NorthEast 3 månader sedan
"Let's see. Well, how do we wrap this up?" XD
Geo Vel
Geo Vel 3 månader sedan
internet historians laughing is so hilarious . Especially when he's talking about the super market
Josh Yanaros
Josh Yanaros 3 månader sedan
Haha crazy bruce's is awesome! Glad to see a local place hitting it big
Jazeen Haral
Jazeen Haral 3 månader sedan
9:34 - L O effing L
Ben Bodycoat
Ben Bodycoat 3 månader sedan
I go to crazy bruces's all the time lmao, actually really good prices
An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd
Why are these made? Is there a reason behind it?
Elonkelon 3 månader sedan
Just pure need to create art!
Lily Halter
Lily Halter 3 månader sedan
These must’ve been super early YTPs, I never knew it started with the infamous Zelda sounds on soundboards
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go 3 månader sedan
Well done sir.. read Romans 10:5/10 please 🥺
Jesse Lee Phelps
Jesse Lee Phelps 3 månader sedan
You’re friends with EmpLemon !?!? *Pikachu-O-Face-Meme*
C8236 3 månader sedan
I had to skip hatsune miku part. it was a forced act that i couldnt stop
MSPaynt 3 månader sedan
surprised MeiAIDS wasn't covered in some form
Alex T
Alex T 3 månader sedan
I miss the poorly edited youtube videos made with Windows Movie Maker. It was a glorious time.
Lighyted 3 månader sedan
TransPlant 161
TransPlant 161 3 månader sedan
Japan accidentally creates the best memes
Charlotte Searle
Charlotte Searle 3 månader sedan
It's kinda trippy having this video open in full screen
Andrew Hobbs
Andrew Hobbs 3 månader sedan
Holy shit I worked next to Crazy Bruce’s and didn’t even know it until i saw there was one in West Hartford and mapped it to see if it still exists.
A.I. GAMING 3 månader sedan
I had no idea the owner of dominos was a weeb
projectD1S 3 månader sedan
Y'know if the guy isn't too embarrassed about it these days, I'd totally want a SElosk poop:YES! as a sequel
Miles Hawkins
Miles Hawkins 3 månader sedan
lessthanpropane 3 månader sedan
I love emperor lemon, I love youtube poops. I remember showing other kids and laughing hysterically while they just watched in confusion.
ItsAlex 3 månader sedan
Pretty sure the down down prices song is just status quo with one word changed.
Cthulhu 3 månader sedan
Dominos video is up to half a million views
CLOAK 3 månader sedan
YTP is a culture I neither understand nor respect.
kain hall
kain hall 3 månader sedan
10:36 i was FUCKING PISSED about the new version of WMM also..... it SUCKED . and please.... for the love of god....dont watch my channel its pretty much their for archive and history reasons..... and to remind my self why i dont have a girlfriend
Zc says
Zc says 3 månader sedan
9:36 thats an odd looking car
Jag Girl
Jag Girl 3 månader sedan
I hate The Voice reject winner Coles ads....🙉🤐
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