Also, Regarding the Throbbing | In The Field [Feat. Nerkish] 

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Will we find true love? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.


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16 feb 2018



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Yo Hans
Yo Hans Dag sedan
F*ckn spot on.
onkel 2 dagar sedan
get banged out
Henry Kirkland
Henry Kirkland 5 dagar sedan
Congrats to Nerkish on doubling his sub count over the last three years.
Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis 6 dagar sedan
4:05 you sound Canadian to me
Kaiser Zen
Kaiser Zen 7 dagar sedan
Lmao. I live in Baltimore county. The way you guys pronounce Cockeysville is hilarious.
c0rn651 8 dagar sedan
I want to apologize for the columbus ohio woman posting in florida. we have alot of weirdos and idiots and im sorry if it ruined your craigslist experience. if you would like i can make it up to you and send you a coupon for a free whopper with the purchase of a whopper at menu price
Арсений Фастов
9:20 this is some advanced english, holyhell
Joshua Wolpert
Joshua Wolpert 13 dagar sedan
For future reference, 'Whats the worst place in America?' The answer is Scottsdale Arizona
J B 16 dagar sedan
You ragging on the American accent is fair, we make fun of y’all’s 🇳🇿 often too Especially the fact that it takes you more than one syllable and vocal pitch just to say the word, “no”
Wrulol 15 dagar sedan
Takes us two words sometimes more to say no. "yeah yeah nah yeah" Is Australian for no.
Idlehampster 17 dagar sedan
Did a single person respond?
denezrgMC 20 dagar sedan
Those old people searching for long time relationships on there breaks my heart
Walter Rising
Walter Rising 21 dag sedan
Liked just for his accurate summary
Yonk 23 dagar sedan
Your video descriptions are so good, man
monpekokero 24 dagar sedan
This Nerkish guy sucks
Sam HighVoltage
Sam HighVoltage 26 dagar sedan
How did I never know this video existed? Back when Nerkish was relentlessly meming on Diversity and Comics 😂😂😂
Chaos AE
Chaos AE 28 dagar sedan
I typed throbbing into the youtube search because I heard it would bring up the xqc chess blunder, then found this as the third result.
marvelwhopesdc 28 dagar sedan
Americans sure know about using hard R's
P T 28 dagar sedan
no, thank you to YOUR time
The Soon to be Purged Jack Me-Hoff III
Oh now I know why he talks shut about Your boi Zack... he's one of those "gotta talk good about the people destroying comics or they won't give me free shit for talking good about their biweekly shits" kinda comic "critic" ...
Creep Månad sedan
Nerkish is a cringy piece of shit.
Cameron Harder
Cameron Harder Månad sedan
You could have told me that IH doing the American accent was a completely different person and I would have totally believed you.
Kevin Månad sedan
You know how some Americans will visit Britain for a couple weeks/ months and come back with a really bad British accent? IH's accent sounds like a Brit spent 3 weeks in LA.
Pyrobo Player
Pyrobo Player Månad sedan
1:52 just a random bloodborne enemy
Jubnx Månad sedan
Bruh he got 0.8 mbps?!??! I’m over here complaining when I have 200mbps, our normal speed is 600mbps
Jubnx Månad sedan
« Wota » « Wader »
Nyatrue Månad sedan
I got an australian yogurt commercial on this video. Fitting
c shank
c shank Månad sedan
I never replied to any but I used to love just reading through the craigslist personals ads (mostly for the bay area) almost everyday, so many of them ranging from mildly interesting to just plain crazy it was fascinating! so much entertainment
Maddie Paige
Maddie Paige Månad sedan
"Madison! Madison sounds like a pretentious..." Ouch XD
Chad Gautier
Chad Gautier Månad sedan
It's Cockeysville Maryland. I live here HAHAHA
WolfiesJustFine Månad sedan
Wtf?!? Is The Internet Historian actually a Kiwi? He's the only SEloskr I watch, and I'm also a kiwi....
Darthmufin Månad sedan
"Copyright media, images and music respective to owner(s"
clinicalia Månad sedan
this is a good episode and all, but this nerkish dude seems like a real ass....
Adder Jack
Adder Jack Månad sedan
Tries to imitate an american. Sounds canadian.
David Lane
David Lane Månad sedan
Totally caught me off guard when the first post you read was from my current city lol
Dwayne's School Device
Bet u r on Centrelink!
Zachary Wood
Zachary Wood Månad sedan
Did anyone ever reply
Killerofcats Månad sedan
Woo Baltimore, the place I from
funghazi 2 månader sedan
I think I know that guy in Ellicott City
Zach Quintana
Zach Quintana 2 månader sedan
So as it turns out; New Zealand Accent trying time American accent makes Canadian
Da Sloth
Da Sloth 2 månader sedan
whats this...ur from New zealand?...ur a kiwi...u must be a northy ?.....hmmmm thanks to ur very wounderful voice - ill find u.....not in that way...just like ask for a selfy that sorta way....
Da Sloth
Da Sloth 2 månader sedan
wait a sec...ur living in australla arnt u?...yea....
Modern Medusa
Modern Medusa 2 månader sedan
This whole thing reminds me of the time I tried to post an ad for mural services, and the only response I got was from a guy basically saying that he wanted a scene of police brutality on a giant canvas.... It was a joke, but he wasn't expecting me to fully play along the whole time.
Roan the Tree
Roan the Tree 2 månader sedan
13:03 "What' the worst place in the United States?" "Well, Baltimore is always sh!tty." Me: *angry Maryland noises*
Whutzit Tooya
Whutzit Tooya 2 månader sedan
Sound way more Canadian than American with that impression
Davizito PA
Davizito PA 2 månader sedan
This is way too embarrassing. This is why I can never go through an entire in the field episode.
Davizito PA
Davizito PA 2 månader sedan
"Looking for love in the wrong places" sounds like a pickup line said seconds before a rain of brimstone and fire.
MrDaburks 2 månader sedan
That "married lonely for married lonely" one was the most poorly-attempted indian blackmail scam I've ever seen, ngl.
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go 2 månader sedan
Read about what JESUS did this is mine blowing. Can you believe this, did you ever hear of this about HIM Romans 10:5/10, c u there $$🧐a
Teresa Murray
Teresa Murray 2 månader sedan
The unsightly cheek biochemically analyse because dinner inherently snow down a first objective. same, lacking family
Rigor Mortiz
Rigor Mortiz 2 månader sedan
socks awesome
GenericAnalyst 2 månader sedan
As an American I can confirm we say "Socks awesome" alot
Nina a
Nina a 2 månader sedan
3:10 *happy Kiwi noises*
nick davis
nick davis 2 månader sedan
Baltimore mentioned
Simon 2 månader sedan
your american accent just sounds like a hockey boy from calgary
InquisitorThorn 2 månader sedan
IH: Where's the worst place in the US? Me, from Baltimore: There's no way.. IH: Baltimore! Me: Perfect.
Karsten Gulsrud
Karsten Gulsrud 3 månader sedan
"it's all I got dude" actually made me laugh out loud
Christopher Spotts
Christopher Spotts 3 månader sedan
It sounds to me like that person ran their listing through a thesaurus to try to sound smart. "I concept I might supply it a strive," is most definitely "I thought I would give it a try."
Dick Johnson
Dick Johnson 3 månader sedan
Other than a hint of Canadian in there, I thought the American accent was pretty damn good...
Jeremy Roland
Jeremy Roland 3 månader sedan
I'd just like to point out the woman at 1:30 who said "*~Peace&Love~*" in her ad but also has an Iron Cross on her bike. Now, she's either an American Airman or is married to one because she's living on an AFB...so no obvious connections to the German military...which leaves only two assumptions to make: 1. She bought the bike from a Neo-Nazi and doesn't know what that symbol is, or 2. She knows exactly what it is and is a Neo-Nazi herself. Nice.
Pwcca Månad sedan
@Jeremy Roland it's a military medal originating from 1813, so it's been around quite some time before ww2. Don't really need to say anything else do I?
Jeremy Roland
Jeremy Roland Månad sedan
@Pwcca What other uses?
Pwcca Månad sedan
The iron cross isn't exclusively that kind of symbol, you remind me of the satanic panic with your evangelical ramblings
Dick Johnson
Dick Johnson 3 månader sedan
Or a military history buff...
Gargls 3 månader sedan
Your american accent sounds exactly like joel from vinesauce talkin in english
TriantafelidesFox 3 månader sedan
Oh gosh so many of these are so close to where I used to live I hate it
Henrik Schieke
Henrik Schieke 3 månader sedan
The Internet in New Zealand is very similar to the one in germany xD
Michael Renon
Michael Renon 3 månader sedan
IH: "Let me just do my American impression" Completely changes tone of voice. Like a jumpscare but more nauseating
Abby Cross
Abby Cross 3 månader sedan
Who wouldn't have all their own teeth at 29? Meth addicts. Meth addicts wouldn't have all their own teeth.
PhaTs00p 3 månader sedan
Holy shit tide pods and african sonic are 3 years old?
jOsEheRi Gonzalez
jOsEheRi Gonzalez 3 månader sedan
IH manlet confirmed
Ned Nimbus
Ned Nimbus 3 månader sedan
i love how you guys totally mispronounced Cockeysville!
Bloodhound 3 månader sedan
Therapist: Stop being scared. American Internet Historian doesn't exist. American Internet Historian:
Late-night Breakfast
Late-night Breakfast 3 månader sedan
there's something about IH typing "define good white meat" into the search bar in silence that makes me feel like a deer caught in the headlights. there's nowhere to go. nowhere to run. there is only good white meat.
will 3 månader sedan
Oh local of the bat cool
Nepu-Tech JPN
Nepu-Tech JPN 3 månader sedan
This is my favorite part about Activating Windows. Hot singles in my area ready to f***!
Nepu-Tech JPN
Nepu-Tech JPN 3 månader sedan
Damn, if you're a woman in your 20's partying and ***ing like crazy then don't be surprised when you're 38 and single looking for guys on Craigslist.
pottyputter05 3 månader sedan
If he's in NZ... how is he on the the internet
Daniel Scheib
Daniel Scheib 3 månader sedan
I thought you were British this whole time
Frazzles 03
Frazzles 03 3 månader sedan
So its New Zealand accents that sound like that. I now want to live in New Zealand.
ShamPooSham 3 månader sedan
Thanks Ethan, almost forgot to brush my teeth.
Little Ills
Little Ills 3 månader sedan
Shame that we never got a follow up to those emails :(
TheGamingLlama 3 månader sedan
In Englandland we dont pronounce T's at all, so water becomes "war'erh"
John Sharkbane
John Sharkbane 3 månader sedan
Good lord, Tide Pods were 3 years ago??
Big Dick
Big Dick 3 månader sedan
Holy shit dude your a kiwi
Dustin 3 månader sedan
Hole Weiner Person has me giggling to myself around my family ten minutes after watching this
Dustin 3 månader sedan
That American accent was top notch. It was Californian with a strong hint of Minnesota.
Chip James
Chip James 3 månader sedan
Weird that people that have such casual sex seem to have a drug taboo. Different strokes I guess.
Andre Bosma
Andre Bosma 3 månader sedan
What's the clip in 3:36 from? I need to see that film
Captain Boony Hat
Captain Boony Hat 3 månader sedan
For some reason your American impression is terrifying
NoWA NeVA 3 månader sedan
Come down to NE and it’s watah, or cah, or harbah yahd. And I’m damn proud of it
Uptank 3 månader sedan
what i have learned in this video is that all new Zealanders just sound like a mix between scouser and gordi
f dawer
f dawer 3 månader sedan
Really fucky to see that nerkish basically just deleted or changed all of his content around since last year.
Testosterone Onions
Testosterone Onions 26 dagar sedan
Nerkish is on the lam from the thought police.
Kerbal Kid
Kerbal Kid 3 månader sedan
I'm shamefully realizing I know all these acronyms.
Wacko Destroyer
Wacko Destroyer 3 månader sedan
insane internet man does perfect minnnisssottta accent
Jag Girl
Jag Girl 3 månader sedan
Btw. I have nice feet.. 😁👣, and my own 🦷too..😘
Roman J Israel Esquire
Roman J Israel Esquire 3 månader sedan
Internet historian embracing his inner Minnesotan
Kylie Healy
Kylie Healy 3 månader sedan
i am obsessed with the censor cover-ups
Dreaded World
Dreaded World 3 månader sedan
He talked to gay men at the end This is the representation I wanted
Mclovin Mods
Mclovin Mods 3 månader sedan
Dog that's not megabytes it's megabits!
John J. Johnson
John J. Johnson 3 månader sedan
Also, regarding the smell...
John J. Johnson
John J. Johnson 3 månader sedan
Also, regarding the gaping...
Vít Bezouška
Vít Bezouška 3 månader sedan
Have you upgraded from ADSL or is this the reason for your infrequent uploads?
John J. Johnson
John J. Johnson 3 månader sedan
Also, regarding the internet, the down speed truly hurts to see.. I will now direct you to our lord and savior, Elon Musk, and space X, two words, starlink internet. That will be literally a thousand times better.
Mr. Zoinks
Mr. Zoinks 3 månader sedan
America is very well known for our hard R's
Carl Jones
Carl Jones 3 månader sedan
I love the description; Owner(s
Jonathan Richards
Jonathan Richards 3 månader sedan
So.. The one at 11:28, i may or may not know. If she's who i think it is. It's a furry.
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