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23 mar 2020



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Владимир Петренко
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Body Void
Body Void 16 dagar sedan
Miles Prower
Miles Prower 3 månader sedan
mason booh
mason booh 4 månader sedan
Medi 6 månader sedan
This is Art.
Владимир Петренко
@Luke - like yes
Konstantin Vorotnyuk
The Russian story could not be more inaccurate ....oh wait....you’ve looked into it....I love you!
Mohamed Ghaith
Mohamed Ghaith Dag sedan
I enjoy your content so verry much
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard 2 dagar sedan
Sumito your wrong… That is all.
TheWatchernator 2 dagar sedan
6:02 that bread... those are musical notes
Dr. Shark
Dr. Shark 3 dagar sedan
Watching this as preparation for my oral art exam
Avrielle F
Avrielle F 4 dagar sedan
14:30 I have that image saved in my camera roll and I cannot for the life of me recall why I saved it.
Artemisia Kyrell
Artemisia Kyrell 8 dagar sedan
The current theory is that Michelangelo couldn't depict women well, not just because of modesty standards of the time, but primarily because he was gay. A lot of historians will do that kind of thing, where, since that person died without getting married they died a virgin& the person who was obviously their partner was their 'close companion,' a good example of this would be Newton & Titian. Also, give the poor bastard a break, he had to paint while lying on his back for dogshit pay while the church kept complaining about his work.
Beelzebub 10 dagar sedan
Zach Watson
Zach Watson 12 dagar sedan
7:25 Sumito predicted NFTs
Jacob Code
Jacob Code 12 dagar sedan
Where the fuck is wally at 19:12 ?!?!
KasVos 12 dagar sedan
I wonder who noticed Waldo before he was mentioned.
martian pyro
martian pyro 13 dagar sedan
Zeus gets his hog chopped off and a NUT tree grows out of it. He was down horrendous.
DarthPudden 17 dagar sedan
Aphrodite is the Greek name for the Roman Venus.
Lottie Searle
Lottie Searle 18 dagar sedan
I completely forgot about the spaghetti eating section and it got to it right after I sat down to eat the Bolognese I just made xD
SBS Tutorials
SBS Tutorials 20 dagar sedan
its so unfunny ughhhh why is this recommended to me??
Ткаченко Александр
3:25 lies 4:03 but that is so fucking accurate
One Eyed Ember Tetra
One Eyed Ember Tetra 22 dagar sedan
Lead is one hell of a drug
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
12:58 - 13:37
doopdoop dopdop
doopdoop dopdop 23 dagar sedan
Salí wasn’t nuts he was just practical.
Wheaton Gribb
Wheaton Gribb 24 dagar sedan
Dude Dali seemed like a fucken gamer
Arlox 24 dagar sedan
Jonathon Cowley-Thom
Jonathon Cowley-Thom 24 dagar sedan
Let he who is without sin kick the first ass.
mario yu
mario yu 24 dagar sedan
The healthy collar reciprocally enter because citizenship invariably dry apud a phobic sweatshirt. chilly, inquisitive date
Angelo Penalver
Angelo Penalver 25 dagar sedan
🤣Jerma made it into one of your videos
Senor Studly
Senor Studly 26 dagar sedan
That guy definitely sold the Tsar letter to a bunch of people or just hooked his friends up
Erik 26 dagar sedan
The skinned man in the Michelangelo painting was Michelangelo himself, he wanted to express how gruelling of a task painting the sistine chapel was, so this was his way of protesting.
wii remote
wii remote 26 dagar sedan
f art
Ethan Schlamp
Ethan Schlamp 27 dagar sedan
16:25 lmfao😂
thsudy 27 dagar sedan
cool i found waldo at 19:12
Syar hssein
Syar hssein 27 dagar sedan
Sumito messed up every greek lore he touched lol
Ghost Potato
Ghost Potato 28 dagar sedan
You're probably going to get a lot of this, but Aphrodite and Venus are the same goddess. The Romans and Greeks had different names for her.
Black Brown Blanco
Black Brown Blanco 28 dagar sedan
We know what art is. It's paintings of horses, ships with sails and men holding swords while looking off into the distance.
abloodcorpse 29 dagar sedan
He didn't include the bedazzled skull. Smh.
Adam Gibson
Adam Gibson 29 dagar sedan
0:19 14 year old internet historian lost in Spain
Some guy
Some guy Månad sedan
What’s with the 🅱️
garfd Månad sedan
Venus is the Roman equivalent of Aphrodite, so Sumito was technically right
TenTonKoala Månad sedan
Surprised you missed the brain outline in that God finger touching picture 😂
Kez Plays
Kez Plays Månad sedan
For The record, I just came back here again to say that I have indeed tried to draw a hat and it really is is a very complicated thing to draw
Maksat Askarov
Maksat Askarov Månad sedan
меня призвал алгоритм и стоковые изображения водки
AKS Shaggy
AKS Shaggy Månad sedan
Not gonna lie, that Frida Kahlo edit looks like every chick in the Punk/Indie scene in Puerto Rico.... hell looks like someone I dated from that scene.
jffry890 Månad sedan
VR VR Månad sedan
Dali was a total badass
TheCardboard Månad sedan
Me sees description: awwww....
communism 2
communism 2 Månad sedan
Michelangelo was ahead of his time with the Tomboy gf paintings
wii remote
wii remote 29 dagar sedan
ahead OUR time
Samuel Sägesser
Samuel Sägesser Månad sedan
In German, there's the phrase "Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?", which translates to "is that art or can it go?"
RomanceMystery Månad sedan
Man these are so great to listen to when your playing Farming Simulator or something like that
Johannes Viljoen
Johannes Viljoen Månad sedan
The scream looks like the background of an Instagram selfie
Oscar Lind
Oscar Lind Månad sedan
wii remote
wii remote 29 dagar sedan
wii remote
wii remote 29 dagar sedan
wii remote
wii remote 29 dagar sedan
wii remote
wii remote 29 dagar sedan
wii remote
wii remote 29 dagar sedan
Bill Wake
Bill Wake Månad sedan
Imagine being a genius, painter and inventor. You created the flying machine, you upgraded the famous hidden blades, your paintings are the definition of art. And what do you get in return? These idiots ruining your work...
KaeYoss Månad sedan
Saturn did git dun dirty. People said he eats babies just because he was the time dude. The original Saturnus didn't eat any babies, but when the Romans copied the Greek deities and just gave them the names of Roman deities that sorta matched their divine aspects, they equated Saturn with the titan Kronos. And while Kronos and Saturn had some parallels, the pedophagy was all Kronus - until Saturn became just a different name for Kronus with some added stuff.
Stormborn Apostle
Stormborn Apostle Månad sedan
I've never understood how "art" is valued. I've seen legitimately better artwork on fucking DeviantArt that's better than the "classics". The "real" art scene is just a bunch of self-important douchebags with overinflated senses of self-importance, who love spending millions on garbage.
Fahad Albassam
Fahad Albassam Månad sedan
19:12 I've searched this ceiling for 4 literal hours and I can't find waldo please tell me Walford is acually there or did I miss my cousins wedding for nothing
If you wanna talk about Salvador Dali, bring up some of his nasty disgusting filthy pathetic traits not just his funny quirky ones. He was a genius in his own way. And he was a filthy piece of shit. More so than most of us.
Dayton Coates
Dayton Coates Månad sedan
I love how this series manages to keep the energy of a live discussion, but the editing makes it a much more enjoyable experience
Zugzug Zugzugson
Zugzug Zugzugson Månad sedan
18:07 another funny fact thing about this particular painting is that the sheet around 'god' is actually shaped like the human brain, convening the message that god is really just a fabrication of the human mind. yes, i stole this from westworld, but i figured i'd point it out for those who haven't watched the show. it took 200 years for someone to first notice this, apparently.
Royling Månad sedan
They weren't too far off with the Venus/Aphrodite thing. She was born from Uranus's castrated balls.
Player Zero
Player Zero Månad sedan
“...Til I was blue in the face.” Looks like it’d be fan art for a character in some Lets Play of a From Software title.
Glowing Kirby
Glowing Kirby Månad sedan
Salvador Dali would definitely be played by Jim Carrey if he was in any movie
William Manning
William Manning Månad sedan
I think I just figured out who the modern-day Dali is: Eric Andre.
Matilda van Niekerk
Matilda van Niekerk Månad sedan
"Died a virgin" is just historical talk for gay
SkinnerClimbs Månad sedan
7:21 A meme art museum would actually do really well. I'd go. Some ideas: 1. Meme sculptures(marble and wood etc.) 2. Oil paintings of memes. 3. MASSIVE depictions of memes. 4. Modern art takes on memes.
Aquarian Rat
Aquarian Rat Månad sedan
Art makes you feel. The end.
Stretch29 Månad sedan
MdeManco Månad sedan
12:16 Curious fact, this painting was in his dinning room.
gydorack Månad sedan
My favorite theory behind the Mona Lisa is that Leonardo was Trans and the painting was a way for him to deal with their gender dysphoria. It was a self-portrait of Leonardo as a woman. Leonardo carried this painting wherever he went as a way to make their true identity known.
gydorack Månad sedan
@David Sorto I know that, but the only one who knows Leonardo's gender identity is Leonardo. While it can never be definitively proven how Leonardo identified we do know that he didn't accept societal norms as having implicit value. We can never know if Leonardo was trans, but I like to pursue the theory because there have been millions of trans individuals throughout history whose life experiences will never be known or appreciated. Leonardo may be one of the few famous examples and it would be good to tell people that claim that being trans is a modern invention that no gender fluidity has existed throughout time and culture.
David Sorto
David Sorto Månad sedan
@gydorack being gay and cross dressing do not make you trans Jesus Christ
gydorack Månad sedan
@Joel Meyerhoff Not really, Leonardo never married, was a homosexual, and often wore women's clothes (although this was common in the Renaissance for actors/artists doing stagecraft and fashion.)
Joel Meyerhoff
Joel Meyerhoff Månad sedan
Now that's a reach and a half.
Ann Kotopka
Ann Kotopka Månad sedan
Once my great-grandfather let a man draw him instead of paying and now I have a framed picture of my great-grandfather.
UnderGrowth Månad sedan
Sorry sumito i got the varus also im going into a tunnel. Lol, sometimes im busy and people talk to me and i tell them "uhhh can't talk im driving into a tunnel" right to their face.
Tyrell Taylor
Tyrell Taylor Månad sedan
7:45 you have been visited by "Green Screen J3rma" You have been bless.
Roland Deschein
Roland Deschein Månad sedan
Interesting fact the current Mona Lisa looks nothing like it does from books and irl. A lot of features faded over time including her eye brows. She had them originally.
Killerofcats Månad sedan
Farmer Lucas
Farmer Lucas 2 månader sedan
I had to analyze that Frida Khalo painting in school. wish I had watched this first.
Hercados P.
Hercados P. 2 månader sedan
Venus is the Roman Aphrodite
Speed Junkie
Speed Junkie 2 månader sedan
07:30 Sumito predicted NFTs
mario yu
mario yu 2 månader sedan
The coordinated myanmar unpredictably amuse because nepal evolutionarily meddle behind a rude tramp. big, zesty father-in-law
Dankantore 2 månader sedan
19:10 wally is straight to the left of the guy's elbow in center frame
VeryOriginal404 2 månader sedan
18:11 brain
Laylabelle97 2 månader sedan
Micaelangelo was gay
Yhju90 2 månader sedan
I freaking hate you for putting this in at 15:55.
J Mikey Fajota
J Mikey Fajota 2 månader sedan
19:54 interesting fact about this flayed skin, it is a satirical self-portrait from Michelangelo~
Jacc Blacc
Jacc Blacc 2 månader sedan
Michelangelo really drew Abby from the last of us part 2 back in ancient times
Hentai Hut
Hentai Hut 2 månader sedan
oh look its jerma 7:44
Chaoblink 2 månader sedan
Ah yes aphrodite, also known as FUCKING VENUS
Chaoblink 2 månader sedan
Who truly stabbed Jesus, other than just the romans oh wait
Heretic slayer
Heretic slayer 2 månader sedan
art but with an F
Heretic slayer
Heretic slayer Månad sedan
@E- tan I agree
E- tan
E- tan Månad sedan
Artf? Sounds dumb.
bruh moment
bruh moment 2 månader sedan
No, I think the reason the taxidermies look like shit is because people bring them to "Bobby Joes taxedermeh"
ericv00 2 månader sedan
Art is good rat.
Seamus McKeon
Seamus McKeon 2 månader sedan
Hey mama! Can I get more Swaghetti and memeballs?
Goro Majima
Goro Majima 2 månader sedan
gotta love how IH makes 3M views, prob gets a good doshs from his sponsors, but has a pirated windows
Garrett Quigley
Garrett Quigley 2 månader sedan
Yes, the church paid Michelangelo approx 3,000 ducats ($78,000 in today's money) to paint the ceiling. In fact, a family friend of mine knew the archivist, who took him underneath the Vatican and showed him the bill that Michelangelo wrote to Pope Julius II. It's still down there in a binder. True story
Aaron Talbot
Aaron Talbot 2 månader sedan
I'm glad you didn't not put wally there
Kai Sitkiewitz
Kai Sitkiewitz 2 månader sedan
when there is a 2 minute unescapable add in a video.
Simon Rosseel
Simon Rosseel 2 månader sedan
Aht... AAHhht... What is Aht
tris09 2 månader sedan
why do you have to censor breasts in artworks?
Adam O'Hare
Adam O'Hare 2 månader sedan
I think there was a story of when Salvador Dali was being interviewed. The person asked if he has ever taken drugs, Dali replied with "I am drugs".
g0blinboi 2 månader sedan
9:04 Waldo spotted, engaje
Roxx 2 månader sedan
Well, he's right in it being an ape...
andrew klein
andrew klein 2 månader sedan
Do one about NFTs
Mike Tang
Mike Tang 2 månader sedan
The defeated quill socially sack because banana analytically announce but a well-to-do gate. foregoing, awful gram
RRE Designs
RRE Designs 2 månader sedan
Ok, I'm torn. Is this stupid or just boring?
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