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Your Movie Sucks and I go out into the wilderness to find a high-quality version of a movie just recently out in cinemas.

Your Movie Sucks: selosk.info/name/Sc1...

Twitter: NetHistorian
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14 apr 2018



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Self-Study 23 timmar sedan
I love how you casually find a black supremacist movement and start watching propaganda film. LOL your the best youtuber on the site 10/10 no fucking doubt.
Ronda Hawkins
Ronda Hawkins Dag sedan
The awesome milkshake etiologically multiply because sister-in-law behaviorally mug onto a marked octopus. muddled, proud radio
Chad Cuckproducer
Chad Cuckproducer 2 dagar sedan
I remember trying to download a movie back when I still had dial up. It got done so I went to watch it and it was finding nemo... In French.
Therapy's dead
Therapy's dead 6 dagar sedan
the sites who do stream get removed from the index. have the link or you cant find the sites otherwise. or, so i heard
Code Man the 2nd
Code Man the 2nd 7 dagar sedan
Was scrolling and then: "YMS and Internet Historian!?!"
Scort Douglass
Scort Douglass 10 dagar sedan
Doing a video with someone who is known to defend beastiality and be fine with it is really not cool. It's too much even for me.
John Fluoride
John Fluoride 14 dagar sedan
3:37 That is not a dinosaur, it's a dimetrodon! It was a lie within a lie and I don't know who to trust anymore :(
Bulraza 15 dagar sedan
10:54 that's the ocarina of time font!
radarpinki 15 dagar sedan
lol'd at hydraulic press channel dude's voice
OddJaguar15 16 dagar sedan
The first known furry on a internet historian video tricks them into looking at furry porn. Classic.
SplatterShotJr m
SplatterShotJr m 16 dagar sedan
Bovine Designs
Bovine Designs 16 dagar sedan
An Australian and a Canadian furry try to find an African Prince. Now there's a movie I'd like to watch illegally!
Oatmeal? 16 dagar sedan
3:14 Did these people try to pass off euphonium as an element?
OzzyOscy 16 dagar sedan
*_Dailymotion does what SElosk...n't..._*
Simon48 19 dagar sedan
Wow it literally takes me under 20 seconds to find the actual movie
Stuart Alebertt
Stuart Alebertt 19 dagar sedan
I can't be the only one who saw the Not Gay Porn folded on his browser.
Superboologan1 21 dag sedan
That 20th century fox bit didn't age well
zandre hiraga
zandre hiraga 22 dagar sedan
Oh historian, everyone knows you can't watch movies for free online, gotta torr-, I mean, subscribe to Disney+ or rent on Amazon haha...ha
Fredtik B
Fredtik B 24 dagar sedan
Isn't this the furry guy
The Monk - الراهب
egybest could do the trick
Lax comix
Lax comix 28 dagar sedan
looking for a free stream of a movie and taking as long as runtime of the whole movie...that brings back memories
Janine Cat
Janine Cat 28 dagar sedan
Ah, the recurring villain of EFAP, combination Angry Joe and Chris Stuckman
Dacien Felice
Dacien Felice 29 dagar sedan
3 years later, I am still holding out hope that Internet Historian will be a guest on Sardonicast!
Felix The Folf
Felix The Folf 29 dagar sedan
The God Emperor of Mankind
10:40 It was a tribute to 4:3 movies, they knew all that time ago
zyphix 29 dagar sedan
123 movies gostream it actually works lmao, after searching for years I found one.
ThrowawayaccountM1 Månad sedan
only Furry's and me know about e621... Adam is a Furry confirmed!
lootsorrow Månad sedan
I love the efree domain park site with the 'related links'. first one, pron, last one, crochet design. really zeroing in on your market there.
Pretty OK I Guess
Pretty OK I Guess Månad sedan
shitpost lives on
shitpost lives on Månad sedan
You guys are just dumb(xd) , videa exists if you like to watch it, but its Hungarian
Wompie Hoiu
Wompie Hoiu Månad sedan
123 movies la
Why Bee McNoMistake
Why Bee McNoMistake Månad sedan
HD : Hardly Displayable
L Månad sedan
can you do a video with ranton again pls?
demo boy5
demo boy5 Månad sedan
Im not gonna question as to why yourmoviesucks knows that site e6
Pleasureincontempt Månad sedan
Not using VM or even a VPN. That link is scary! You guys suck at even being facetious.
Bosco5 Månad sedan
I feel like I’m gonna get hacked watching this
Killerofcats 2 månader sedan
Aaron Spurlock
Aaron Spurlock 2 månader sedan
Slick strategy boys, avoid showing the audience the sites that actually work so that they stop looking and the working sites last longer.
Juan Marcano
Juan Marcano 2 månader sedan
as a pirate im offended
Plot Pandemic
Plot Pandemic 2 månader sedan
Out there doing the lord's work so that we don't have to. Cheers lads.
ragnar0k 2 månader sedan
I feel like this was only recommended to me because it was made in April.
Sotoka 2 månader sedan
cant believe they didnt try 123movies
smallpete 2 månader sedan
anyone else notice the folder that said "NOT GAY PORN"
Elliot Backlund
Elliot Backlund 2 månader sedan
I have all the websites
Seamus McKeon
Seamus McKeon 2 månader sedan
I hate you so much. I didn’t know what e621 was. I thought it was a legit movie bootleg site. I used my school account to look up the website. I hate you
Nick Steilen
Nick Steilen 2 månader sedan
Your poor gd computer...I hope you were at a public library or something
Lmao What
Lmao What 2 månader sedan
Adam you fuken furry.
DevTook 2 månader sedan
'yeah, I think we've been lied to'
Paralellex 2 månader sedan
4:33 that description just has the links to facebook, twitter and instagram instead of like their personal page on it what
LEGO Frodo Baggins
LEGO Frodo Baggins 2 månader sedan
Mr. Goldfish
Mr. Goldfish 2 månader sedan
Damn you found the New Black Panther Party. They're completely unrelated to the original BPP and also extremely antisemitic.
Stone Morris
Stone Morris 2 månader sedan
PucK3001 2 månader sedan
disappointed they didn't find one. Or did they choose not to get in trouble for showing one they could find?
KamiKero 2 månader sedan
"No, hold on; I've heard that number before..." That got me laughing harder than it should've.
Modern Otaku
Modern Otaku 2 månader sedan
I wonder if they ever got a response from that email...
Joe-Bill 3 månader sedan
my history teacher tried to do this once
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
6:30 ᵒʰ ⁿᵒ
Tyler Butler
Tyler Butler 3 månader sedan
one word: putlocker
ChrisDanceMusic 3 månader sedan
This was more entertaining than Black Panther
prw56 3 månader sedan
Wow I thought you had it when you got to putlocker, I remember they hosted actual movies (no account needed or anything) at one point. Guess the rules are different for theater recordings, or maybe b/c disney owned it they really went after all the legit uploaders.
Lucas E
Lucas E 3 månader sedan
they didnt once download qbittorrent
Fluf Pet
Fluf Pet 3 månader sedan
Who else thought Internet Historian was hacked and the titles were changed to something strange.
Gaygle McGoogle
Gaygle McGoogle 3 månader sedan
Your incognito channel is garbage. Bad work. Baaaaaaad work!
Sheriff MayorTV
Sheriff MayorTV 3 månader sedan
Now your wrong because 20th century Fox was acquired by Disney ha. U make false claim 1:14!!!!
Jbur916 3 månader sedan
This video takes us from a furry hentai website to a blm group
Exhalted 3 månader sedan
Yall are stupid and don't know torrents exists
Star Marchment
Star Marchment 3 månader sedan
i love how adum can only say "a wrinkle in time" the same way every time and it's always like he's rolling his eyes into oblivion
Metallic Divination
Metallic Divination 3 månader sedan
THE Internet Historian not knowing what e621 is just cracked me up
TheSquidNinja 3 månader sedan
I keep discovering crossovers between all of my favorite youtubers and I don't want this era to end
Brandon Gonzales
Brandon Gonzales 3 månader sedan
By far the best version of Black Panther...6/10
adram3lech 3 månader sedan
Find Turkish VPN and add "izle" to the end of any title. Thank me later.
Nic K.
Nic K. 3 månader sedan
3:37 the funny thing is that’s not even a dinosaur. It’s a dimetrodon.
Richard Robertson
Richard Robertson 3 månader sedan
Aren't there credit card generators that make a card with no money on it specifically for this purpose?
T. Smith
T. Smith 3 månader sedan
Mellowtron 3 månader sedan
I watched Edge of Tomorrow on one of these weird ass SElosk channels named after a Filipino woman. No alterations to the film, like other channels often do. I’m unsure how that channel got it uploaded, but I swear to Satan it was all there.
P T 3 månader sedan
Josh-Samuel Ikechi-Konkwo
Josh-Samuel Ikechi-Konkwo 3 månader sedan
Rip Chadwick Boseman
Nick Fillax
Nick Fillax 3 månader sedan
i love the "NOT GAY PORN" at 6:47
TransPlant 161
TransPlant 161 3 månader sedan
smh imagine not knowing how to use Putlocker
MikeyCS 3 månader sedan
you forgot to put 123movies at the end, clearly the problem here
Riky 5196
Riky 5196 3 månader sedan
Here in Southamerica was hd in 3 days after release
John Doe
John Doe 3 månader sedan
Lol just use 123m9vies silly
Erin Ella
Erin Ella 3 månader sedan
This gives me flashbacks to when I was a pre teen trying to find movies online and falling for every single one of those damn links. Thank god I didn't have a debit card back then.
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go 3 månader sedan
Well done sir.. read Romans 10:5/10 please 🥺
J-Fost 3 månader sedan
5 movies . To 5 movies . Ru
ListonGoff 3 månader sedan
I’m pretty sure he got enough money from this video to pay for black panther
Akiyo Minase
Akiyo Minase 3 månader sedan
Oh no. Not e6.
Milo 3 månader sedan
That wasn't even a dinosaur, technically
dededesgusting tkemylife
dededesgusting tkemylife 3 månader sedan
last i checked, every comment on that pic was some variant of "thanks adam"
Mom 3 månader sedan
this isnt black panther
Trever101 3 månader sedan
I forgot e621 existed
Jeremy Conley
Jeremy Conley 3 månader sedan
I initially interpreted this as featuring the Your Mom's House podcast but stuck around long enough to not be disappointed
DolphinsDontSwim 3 månader sedan
Everyone remember putlocker
steve cooper
steve cooper 3 månader sedan
I think back when I was in high school one of the school Macs had Black Panther right on the desktop
RiceScum 3 månader sedan
just go to pirate bay
Master Magus
Master Magus 3 månader sedan
This video should be compulsory in educational curriculums.
Hayato Nakamoto
Hayato Nakamoto 3 månader sedan
When I was like 11 I actually watched upside down Jurassic World on SElosk. Still don't know how I didn't get like a hundred viruses in the process of searching for that.
Travers Eubank
Travers Eubank 3 månader sedan
The crazy part is he did see a link that would have worked, that putlocker one would have **Probably** been real lol
Steel 3 månader sedan
Sir please send movie link to black panther in hindi superhero movi 2021
YMS Highlights
YMS Highlights 3 månader sedan
Imagine Adam putting in this much effort to watch a Marvel movie.
Burned Edits
Burned Edits 2 månader sedan
@Cole Marriott no one cares. You come across as sad.
Cole Marriott
Cole Marriott 2 månader sedan
@YMS Highlights I swear to whatever entity is the most powerful, that if you can lay down some shit that goes against my current opinion, and is supported, I will accept it
Cole Marriott
Cole Marriott 2 månader sedan
@YMS Highlights you can’t bitch about strawman arguments and then just not give your version
Cole Marriott
Cole Marriott 2 månader sedan
@YMS Highlights how about giving me some “facts” instead of being butthurt
YMS Highlights
YMS Highlights 2 månader sedan
@Cole Marriott I don't like misinformation. That's why I responded. But go ahead and keep arguing against those strawmen I guess.
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