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Today we look at the thing in the question of the title above thing.
No one reads the description. I could literally write anything.


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16 dec 2017



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Eoin Moran
Eoin Moran 7 dagar sedan
Dan Harmon completed your work with both Mr. Meeseeks and Szechuan Sauce
Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott 10 dagar sedan
Milhouse did it.
Risa Gilmore
Risa Gilmore 12 dagar sedan
I bet this sneaky snake is still trying this experiment to this day, with more refined chicanery each time round
Bovine Designs
Bovine Designs 16 dagar sedan
Step 1: Keep putting a format in popular comments sections Step 2: I'm a comments section and I can confirm this is accurate
KaiNRJ 16 dagar sedan
The "Whats the deal" meme kind of became a meme, since "X or smth im not a Y" is getting popular now. So you technically forced two memes
zandre hiraga
zandre hiraga 17 dagar sedan
If you force a meme and it becomes popular, did you actually force a meme or was it just always popular?
Maussiegamer 19 dagar sedan
"how many views is this gonna get, like 10k?" vid: 2mil views
OzzyOscy 22 dagar sedan
*_If I make an amazing comment, but it gets no likes, I sometimes delete it and post it again, and it'll get over 1k likes._* _Similar, so not impossible._
Amatsua 27 dagar sedan
It's been over 3 years and I only just realized he misspelled "Field" at 0:44.
Disrupted Månad sedan
For Seinfeld to be funny you need Larry David to write the jokes. Better luck next time
lannon4prez Månad sedan
Milhouse was a highly successful forced meme.
Maui Gonz
Maui Gonz Månad sedan
The reason the "What´s the deal with______" failed is because it actually needs a brain to create it. If no chimps can recreate the meme it shall not become a well known meme.
Evan Chismark
Evan Chismark 11 dagar sedan
Which makes me wonder how "IDK I've Never" took off considering it's a similar format.
Killerofcats Månad sedan
roxorsoxor 2 månader sedan
ah yes, the scientific model of a sample size of 1
Evan Peck
Evan Peck 2 månader sedan
Yo the “pls” memes are sort of a meme now
Constable Dodo
Constable Dodo 2 månader sedan
U shouldn't use sites like 4ch*n/8ch*n, they are hot beds for hate and recruitment sites for hate groups, many publications, included on this very site have run numerous award winning journalistic accounts about this phenomenon.
Ally Spawn
Ally Spawn 2 månader sedan
Cirrus 2 månader sedan
IH just needed to wait a little longer for Big Chungus to somehow be a thing
Teresa Murray
Teresa Murray 2 månader sedan
The subdued moat regretfully guarantee because middle coincidently clear round a open archer. crazy, roasted preface
tomwesfog 2 månader sedan
Time wasn't kind to your prediction of 10,000 views you either dastardly historian
Reid Cacaro
Reid Cacaro 2 månader sedan
Those scientists better check their hypotenuse
CBT TV 2 månader sedan
yes thats why most of them are shit
Killbot20 2 månader sedan
Little did he know that he know this meme just like the Corona virus would evolve in into the "X" or what ever I don'r do/watch/play it meme
rational conservative
rational conservative 3 månader sedan
"Like, they look and like then they smile, like happily and like it's like a meme like, yea. My God saying "like" constantly is so fucking annoying.
THEssSFM 3 månader sedan
"Men want only one thing and that is disgusting" Nature: Its all intended now stfu
Daiyuki117 3 månader sedan
This seems like the empirical proof that justified Raid Shadow Legends' ad campaign pitch
** 3 månader sedan
What's the deal with YT not recommending Internet Historian to everyone, everywhere, all the time? Pls
Lowemu6 3 månader sedan
“How many views will this get, like 10 thousand? that should be enough” It is currently on 2 million
Anthony Niemiec
Anthony Niemiec 3 månader sedan
How many views is this video going to get? Like ten thousand? That might work. Let’s check back in a few weeks... Two million views later...
Been Wiggling
Been Wiggling 3 månader sedan
cole thomas
cole thomas 3 månader sedan
I've seen these I swear.
Phil H
Phil H 3 månader sedan
James Wagner
James Wagner 3 månader sedan
What is the name of the classical song that is during the majority (middle) of the video?
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 3 månader sedan
IH in french : « gé né sé koiz »
Scoot Amazing
Scoot Amazing 3 månader sedan
Better question is can you meme a force
Evan Chismark
Evan Chismark 11 dagar sedan
I think gravity has been memed lots of times.
Cones 3 månader sedan
If you have enough enough men, guns, bullets, trucks and planes you can.
Neji Wars
Neji Wars 3 månader sedan
4 years later the meme evolved and turned out to be really famous
sauercrowder 3 månader sedan
This is plagiarism, you can't just steal Jerry Seinfeld's stand up material and call it a meme
Fuer 3 månader sedan
C'mon Don
Bradley Cheek
Bradley Cheek 3 månader sedan
Instead of trying to force the meme, we could all try to get Don to grant the editorship
hkh4 follower of an0nymoose /brain damaged gamer
Yes because every Simpsons meme has been forced
Little Reptilian
Little Reptilian 3 månader sedan
Force it is like posting in in every ygread for years mate
Dominik Römer
Dominik Römer 3 månader sedan
"How many views is this gonna get? LIke ten thousand?" 4 years have been kind.
Doctor Nemmo
Doctor Nemmo 3 månader sedan
In abstract, you can force a meme, but you can't control it afterwards. The genie is by then, out of the can. The worm lamp has already been opened. Pandora's house has been breached. The mad box has released all its evils to the world.
Evan Chismark
Evan Chismark 11 dagar sedan
These malaphors are epic.
Doctor Nemmo
Doctor Nemmo 3 månader sedan
@Ryan Casey Exactly. As the saying goes, "Knowledge is stuff".
Ryan Casey
Ryan Casey 3 månader sedan
Oh I see, so after you post it it's already gone past the event Rubicon? One could say it's crossed the horizon, and there's no going top, because it's already over the back.
Tanner 3 månader sedan
you 100% can force a meme and I watched it happen with that andy six log of shit thing
Laser Panda
Laser Panda 3 månader sedan
The law suit meme is similar to the "idk I never saw the movie" meme
Thomas Myles
Thomas Myles 3 månader sedan
Pools closed
Thomas Myles
Thomas Myles 3 månader sedan
Dont tell normies bout Know ur meme....
Red- Black
Red- Black 3 månader sedan
Ahem ahem.. engineer gaming ahem
MisterIdjit 3 månader sedan
Yes. TheLegend27 and "Hotel? Trivago" were forced harder than a two ton semi through a lizard's asshole.
Mark F
Mark F 3 månader sedan
All I can say is, what do you now know Andy Sixx for? Pro tip: it’s brown. Down your worthless throte
R2D2 fromstartrack
R2D2 fromstartrack 3 månader sedan
Why meirl wouldn't /memes be better?
Noided_ X
Noided_ X 3 månader sedan
The "They did surgery on a grape" meme is 100% proof that this is true
Jason Stein
Jason Stein 3 månader sedan
Swermie 3 månader sedan
4:48 - those wheels are Avid AV06.
Fariyan Ahmed
Fariyan Ahmed 3 månader sedan
why are both of these real now. The classroom looking back and the "shake spear or something idk i am illiterate"
Toppien 3 månader sedan
this hole video is a meme, so..i say thats a win
Thomas Klevgard
Thomas Klevgard 3 månader sedan
3:32 buffsuki
Charlotte Searle
Charlotte Searle 3 månader sedan
Okay but isn't the one they went with weirdly similar to the, "Idk I've never" meme? Or am I going crazy (Example in case people don't know it by name When you're Shakespeare *picture of moving spear* Idk I've never seen Romeo and Juliet)
Evan Chismark
Evan Chismark 11 dagar sedan
I had that thought too.
Neeverseen 3 månader sedan
Milhouse is not a meme is not a meme is now a meme
Wally West
Wally West 3 månader sedan
You spelled field wrong :(
Shpooptypants13 3 månader sedan
As far as I'm concerned every meme is forced. Also Millhouse is not a meme.
Kasch 3 månader sedan
Absolutely keyed video
S A D L I F E 3 månader sedan
My god do people try to, I guess it works because more people join in posting the same meme but nobody is laughing
Mostly ForYT
Mostly ForYT 3 månader sedan
I am pretty sure most of these are either memes now or were slightly changed and are now memes anyway
Evan Chismark
Evan Chismark 11 dagar sedan
Both of them are by the looks of it.
Rachel Slushy
Rachel Slushy 3 månader sedan
hey i read the description >:(
slackingsource 3 månader sedan
Why does he have chrome open in a TV window?
Nothing No one
Nothing No one 3 månader sedan
They sound pretty drunk ngl
SlothinkDev 3 månader sedan
I mean there are meme as similiar format. Its not dead it's just posted in wrong time
Erik Urizita
Erik Urizita 4 månader sedan
Well, I mean, I had the honor of being a meme lord for a short time with KoToR MeMes, so clearly if I did it, it’s pretty easy to force them
Felix M
Felix M 4 månader sedan
What's the deal with comments Pls
Doctor straing Strange
Doctor straing Strange 4 månader sedan
the ”what’s the deal with” meme is kind of similar to the ”idk I’m not a (somehing)” meme that is now popular
Chriz Cronc
Chriz Cronc 4 månader sedan
Idk I saw these all over my insta feed for a good while
An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd
You can force a meme, but you might get MeToo'ed later on down the line.
Uli Schmidt
Uli Schmidt 4 månader sedan
all men literally want one thing, and it has over 7500 pieces, it is 800 bucks, and it’s model number 75192
Sea Pickle
Sea Pickle 4 månader sedan
These are actually memes now
Hill Hoe
Hill Hoe 4 månader sedan
The seocnd one is kinda a meme now, it's like more with shows
Bloodstar 4 månader sedan
the classroom meme would have been better "whats the point" is just a shit meme
Bloodstar 4 månader sedan
@Totally a Human Yeah, maybe even based on you idea (:
Totally a Human
Totally a Human 4 månader sedan
The classroom meme actually became a real meme about a year ago. Although it was a difference image of a classroom looking back.
Apple Dinger
Apple Dinger 4 månader sedan
G I R 4 månader sedan
You really cant force memes bro. Its a universal fact.
Mzosquare 4 månader sedan
Idk, but Burger King has sure tried.
bigcat223 4 månader sedan
My friend is in dis vibeo:)
Posh Rocketeer
Posh Rocketeer 4 månader sedan
I read the description
Glitch Dragon
Glitch Dragon 4 månader sedan
When you learn that it's an official meme now. There's now an entry of it in know your meme.
Blindmin 4 månader sedan
That meme had popularity shit like bird watchers be like they do be flying
Zenn22 4 månader sedan
whats the deal with subscribe? 🥖✏️ pls
L'homme Baguette
L'homme Baguette 4 månader sedan
You can't force a meme, if we go with the logical assumption that a forced meme must also be an unfunny one. If it's funny, it'll spread on its own and there's no need to force it. If it's unfunny, no one cares and, like you guys experienced, it'll die off really fast.
Scrungulus 4 månader sedan
If you look at vrchat, it's clear that you can
Enguerrand Rohart
Enguerrand Rohart 5 månader sedan
When you’re french but you don’t understand when he says « je ne sais quoi »
Sugoi Stalin
Sugoi Stalin 5 månader sedan
90% of memes are already forced.
Zeron 5 månader sedan
"How many views is this gonna get maybe 10K?" The Video: 1.8 Million Views
Leonardo 5 månader sedan
Engineer Gaming
First Last
First Last 5 månader sedan
The variation of this is a meme now.
Gooma 5 månader sedan
I see a typo and I just automatically assume it was intentional and part of the joke.
Jhon Zeimerman
Jhon Zeimerman 5 månader sedan
"forcing memes" is literally what everyone who makes memes is doing.
k4x1 rda
k4x1 rda 5 månader sedan
Gurnoor Singh
Gurnoor Singh 5 månader sedan
Oh. See that the Franklin roasts by Lamar are trending rn
100gecs4prez 5 månader sedan
Answer is "sometimes"
Coca-Cola Drinker
Coca-Cola Drinker 5 månader sedan
Bom, quem assiste Felipe Neto como eu sabe bem que dá sim pra forçar um meme...todos os memes dele são forçados
Foxxy -
Foxxy - 5 månader sedan
Memes are universal in how they can be made. Can you force a meme? Sure. Or maybe your effort in forcing a meme will become a meme itself. Or maybe the forced meme will have one aspect that is focused on in a completely different meme. In short: Memes are universal.
Saif 5 månader sedan
Oh shit!! Those crazy bastards did it!
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