Costa Concordia Q&A 

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0:00 Intro
2:19 Engineering Failures
6:33 The Swing
7:34 The Media
9:44 Ad Time
11:46 Costa Crociere
13:54 Schettino's Fate
15:59 La Verita Sommerse
17:04 The Officers
18:02 Domnica Cemortan
19:47 Recreation Scene
23:05 De Falco's Call
25:32 Schettino Refusing to Reboard
27:24 De Falco's Demotion
29:05 Devil's Advocate
33:28 Giglio
34:56 Ronai \u0026 Ronai
35:49 Mario Pellegrini
36:10 Magic Act
38:01 The Pasta Dish
38:32 Other Info
39:05 Why Q\u0026A Took So Long
39:45 How to Make a Main Channel Video
45:36 Channel Updates/Secret Channel Stuff

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carmineglitch 6 timmar sedan
This is awesome! Also, yeah the media only knows how to lie
NICK SLOANE 9 timmar sedan
In my expert opinion a ship of that DRAUGHT does not belong that close to land. I AM MASTER ENGINEER AND SALVAGE EXPERT NICK SLOANE CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦
Rick Harrison
Rick Harrison 10 timmar sedan
38:30 finally a SEloskr that shows some courtesy to their viewers
Spindrift _
Spindrift _ 10 timmar sedan
What an amazing fellow. Sidebar, anyone else spot the subtle Red Letter Media reference? I'd give the timestamp, but I've been drinking so I already forgot it. Definitely had numbers in it.
Emilio Rojas
Emilio Rojas 12 timmar sedan
38:30 Why do you censor your feet?
Connor Braswell
Connor Braswell 12 timmar sedan
I tuned in right on schedule
Aussie Haynes
Aussie Haynes 13 timmar sedan
Michael Gann
Michael Gann 14 timmar sedan
Honestly....I'd watch more breakdowns.
Hated Hero
Hated Hero 19 timmar sedan
what text to speech do you use
Jacob Code
Jacob Code 21 timme sedan
Lmao I noticed the blurred feet.
Tai po
Tai po Dag sedan
the Q&A is longer than the original video lmao
Strelnikov_ Dag sedan
Marine engineer here. It's not just the fuel that you need to worry about on a sunken ship, but also all the grease, oil and lubricants, paint, glues and adhesives, plastics, rotting food, and a million other ecological hazards. You're essentially talking about sinking a skyscraper's worth of building materials into shallow water near a tourist trap island in the Mediterranean, after all. So, "ecological time-bomb"? Maybe not. But most certainly substantial risks of further disaster.
Jared Plathe
Jared Plathe Dag sedan
Why are your feet blurred on the pasta segment? You must have recognizable feet. The only feet I know to be recognizable are HowToBasic’s feet. Come clean. We know who you are.
Tima Alo
Tima Alo Dag sedan
I feel really sorry for De Falco, he was gotten rid off 2 times! Good people really can't survive in the rotten politic world.
Kristian Jessen
Kristian Jessen Dag sedan
internet historian is now a trend setter now iceberg videos will become sea videos
Eric Benz
Eric Benz Dag sedan
LOVE the MGS idea! missed opportunity XD aw well it's amazing as is
Vollification Dag sedan
24:33 If De Falco had been there on the spot he would have slapped the living shit out of the so called "captain".
Vollification Dag sedan
It was all a front for a new Metal Gear! I knew it!
Yaneck Leinmüller
Bro just activate Windows PLS
Random Guy
Random Guy Dag sedan
Indonesia here, could easily get his pict. He is traumatized and i kinda feel bad for him.
CC 6871
CC 6871 Dag sedan
of course xqc thought it was real the fucking elmers consumer
Wastelander1972 Dag sedan
I get the whole "Devil's Advocate" thing... Gotta be fair to all sides. But before anyone watching the video feels any pity for the captain: Keep in mind that by his orders, he sailed that ship near the shore at 16 knots, which no sane sailor would ever do, especially one with 4,000 passengers aboard. And of the 32 people that died in the wreck: Two of them were a 5 year-old girl and her father. Schettino and his crew abandoned ship like a coward instead of doing the right thing. The last sailor to leave the ship was an officer who was not on duty and only aboard by chance.
Mathew Moreo
Mathew Moreo Dag sedan
Why did you blur your bare feet? How am I suppose to get off now!?
Andro SP
Andro SP 2 dagar sedan
48:24 if you recognize this island your childhood was probably horrific
Brett Nanney
Brett Nanney 2 dagar sedan
Watched the raycon ad with my raycon while on Nord VPN. This man can sell me anything
wii remote
wii remote 2 dagar sedan
q in a a
Jack R
Jack R 2 dagar sedan
9:41 Holy shit, that's Bill Whittle.
Kane Riebeling
Kane Riebeling 2 dagar sedan
Like how they blur his feet
Rotorous 2 dagar sedan
Can we get a directors cut of the vid with all the extra stuff in it
nofun. 2 dagar sedan
i'd really like to see a directors cut with all the cut bits back in
J 2 dagar sedan
And I thought I was working hard when I put 20 hours into a video. But that was absolutely ridiculous. OVER 50K ASSETS. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND. Its hilarious that they put so much effort into their videos that its beyond the technological capabilities of modern computers to be able to even render it in. I have a completely newfound appreciation for your channel and your work!
友Cooper 2 dagar sedan
When you protect is so big that can't be rendered means that is a project as big as the sea.
alfa8fake2 2 dagar sedan
This is why you should use Pitivi to render your videos.
khaled benali
khaled benali 2 dagar sedan
Is everything alright on your end friend? I heard some stuff is going down in australia.
BEASTFRAG435 Pro 2 dagar sedan
internet historian's ads are so entertaining I never skip them.
Matt Young
Matt Young 2 dagar sedan
De Falco chewing out Schettino over the phone made me the most uncomfortable I’ve been all week. I feel like I’m getting yelled at by my mom. De Falco is freaking scary when he’s pissed.
Shogun Taira
Shogun Taira 3 dagar sedan
Zeus killer productions
27:46-28:29 Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me of that nightmare of a tale. The Moby Prince...let me try to sum up that particular story as much as I know about it. For the curious, what happened was that, as it was leaving port, it collided with an oil tanker, which sent crude oil onto the entire ship. When it managed to get out of it, a spark lit the outer hull, and the crew and passengers were forced to go to a fireproof room to escape, having very little if any time to stop the ship...or shut off the Air Conditioning. As a result, outside of *one* guy who jumped overboard during the initial dash to safety, everyone ended up dying from smoke inhalation and/or burning as the fire spread rapidly through the hull, constantly sending out maydays as they were unwittingly and unknowingly getting further and further from shore. Now, I know what you're thinking-how did the Coast Guard miss a giant fuckoff ferry? Well, they were responding to the tanker which also caught fire, and were only aware of a collision involving what the Captain claimed was a Tugboat (This was false-he was in communication with the Prince during the initial collision. Whether he was lying or misremembering the ship is unknown). It was only after they put it out that by sheer luck (picking up the one survivor) that authorities were alerted to the Moby Prince's plight...but by that point, everyone had already died. While I will admit it isn't as apathetic as that one South Korean Ferry Disaster where over 300 students drowned because the government was twiddling its thumbs in terms of actually helpful rescuing, the Italian people had pretty much a similar reaction to all of this, and the debate continues to this day as to what actually happened.
4nt 3 dagar sedan
The MGS intro explains the MGS2 music that's in the final video, and honestly, it still works thematically speaking given the subject of the video.
taptap 3 dagar sedan
I was curious why you blurred the faces of the stock images. Is there some legal be that you're forced to accommodate or was it just an artistic thing?
Benjamin Armitage
Benjamin Armitage 3 dagar sedan
The amount of effort to make this look like a 40 minute long shitpost is amazing. What the fuck.
Nestor Custodio
Nestor Custodio 3 dagar sedan
Main Channel: "We'll throw a quick Q&A on Incognito in a couple days. You know, whatever. Just me talking into the mic, podcast style. Might not even have video going in the background, but who cares." Incognito Mode: *ANOTHER 50-MINUTE VIDEO WITH A MILLION ASSETS AND WEEKS OF PRODUCTION WORK*
Isaiahhi 3 dagar sedan
im waiting for the day that he partners with THE LONG will be a match made in heaven
Vogielad2k12 3 dagar sedan
Its happening remember the thing about wanting a sequel to a failed con well tana con was a complete failure and apparently its coming back
Parsley the Druid
Parsley the Druid 3 dagar sedan
Damn that Raycon ad was fantastic
Ccccvv Ccccvv
Ccccvv Ccccvv 3 dagar sedan
HOLY SHIT you actually finally fucking posted it
Bubbs 3 dagar sedan
2 weeks ago
Pl4sm4Ro4ch 3 dagar sedan
we gonna buy carnival cruises with celo coin hyperonis... why not dogecoin tho :I
Quinn Rockatansky
Quinn Rockatansky 3 dagar sedan
CNN providing nothing but fake news, huh? Nothing has changed. In fact, they've doubled down since then. Damn commies.
sollap2 3 dagar sedan
Hey, I had the same issue with Premiere. Try to switch from hardware to software encoding in the render menu. Glad that helps.
Totally A Human
Totally A Human 3 dagar sedan
39:50 eeeeey, that's our Meme Mom! Check out Karolina Żebrowska, her channel is damn cool!
armersuender 3 dagar sedan
;_; she gave up her hearing to be like her family ;_;
Solemarc 4 dagar sedan
Ok, I've always known that editing is the worst but as someone who's never done it before let me math this out. . . So, it takes 20m (1200s) to do a 7s shot. The video is 46:49 (2809s) long. Video length / shot length gives us number of shots (2809/7 = 401) Number of shots x time spent editing gives total amount of EDITING time (401x1200 = 481200s = 8020m = 133h = 5.5 days OR 16.6 work days). Not including scripting/writing or recording. That's a big yikes and doesn't factor in that 7 seconds is a long shot, that action sequences require more editing then usual or that any work done was cut and therefore not reflected in the final video length.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 4 dagar sedan
Much respect for the sheer amount of work you put into your videos. I love your more freeform less edited stuff too. Honestly, you are just a really funny guy and I like listening to you. Thanks for what you do. If you had a podcast I would listen to every one. Thanks! Love your stuff with Sumito!
robotface74 4 dagar sedan
Every episode is worth the wait. You guys do a great job!
Matt H
Matt H 4 dagar sedan
actually you used a sims 4 head not a sims 3 head for the helmsman smh
Almion Goxasa
Almion Goxasa 4 dagar sedan
BRO do the ANOM story!! Internet Historian do your darnest
GAE_WEAD_DAD_69 4 dagar sedan
That's also a cool example of showing how you work. You do a lot of hard work, but i don't know if it's smart work. My boy Dovahatty released similar style videos with similar amounts of in depth research into history as you did, and he did so every month. So idk what he's doing differently, not an expert, but you could... ask, maybe?
Darkcode 4 dagar sedan
censored the feet? Man you know what the people want
Lachie Wharington
Lachie Wharington 4 dagar sedan
wait so historian is Aussie and Incognito is Kiwi? Trans-Pacific Partnership putting in bits
GAE_WEAD_DAD_69 4 dagar sedan
Wait, the Engineering bit in the OG was... not comedic drama? My god, that makes it even better. "Is there a lot of water?"... "YES"
Jakub Jóźwik
Jakub Jóźwik 4 dagar sedan
Activate your windows bitch. Btw beautifull videos
Aaron Talbot
Aaron Talbot 4 dagar sedan
Well done to Pilon
Aaron Talbot
Aaron Talbot 4 dagar sedan
Ray Conman xD
B 4 dagar sedan
Release the full cut dammnit
amak234 4 dagar sedan
years ago I had problems rendering high packed vids, the render usually stopped mid render. And came to the conclusion it was hardware limitations like not enough physical memory, not enough beefy gpu or just software limitations.
Thomas Lawford
Thomas Lawford 4 dagar sedan
I would really love to see a video on the whole Capitol Hill Autonomous zone. I feel like you guys could give the situation justice with your video/editing style.
Artūrs Kovrigo
Artūrs Kovrigo 4 dagar sedan
We need a video on Samsung Sam
Para Noid
Para Noid 4 dagar sedan
wait the water pumps can run on the emergency generator??? who designs shit like that it like a airback that only turns itself off on impact !
Strazdas 4 dagar sedan
There is a ship GPS system that show where every ship is at all times. And its publicly accessible. Been for years. The thing is - you can just turn it off when you want and its very easy to spoof your GPS coordinates (multiple mingrant smugglers were found doing this)
Strazdas 4 dagar sedan
Theres a site called "newsdiff". It archives and compares news stories changes. Would help backtracing the scrubbing of failure.
Strazdas 4 dagar sedan
The swing was the same issue as Titanic. Both cases were better if they went head-on.
Strazdas 4 dagar sedan
Diesel generators wont blow at 100C. They pretty much all can go up to 120-125C until damage starts occuring. This is why while ideal operating temperature is 85-95C, if the cooling system isnt perfect they still operate.
Idiot 4 dagar sedan
I have never seen someone put so much effort into something supposed to look so unprofessional
Ceschi 4 dagar sedan
Internet Historian: BDSM (verified)
Ceschi 4 dagar sedan
Angry Italians are scary
CaptainCook 4 dagar sedan
I knew these videos took a long time to produce but I had no idea how complex it actually was.
TOE beee
TOE beee 4 dagar sedan
stevensigl 4 dagar sedan
The cure to my depression, thank you Internet Historian 😊
fiel81 4 dagar sedan
The mgs intro was amazing:D
Sir Ralph the Apathetic
You’ll probably never read this but I was fighting with Premiere export issues in 2004. I eventually figured out that if I kept the mousing moving in a circle the progress bar would advance and the export would complete. I tried to tape down the alt key but this would only work for a short while and had to be pressed again. Finally, someone on a British computer forum suggested a dipping bird toy as in the Simpsons. But this didn’t work. I suggest you get one of those lab chemical stir surfaces and place the mouse on it. See if this helps.
Bruno Henrique
Bruno Henrique 4 dagar sedan
"The Fall of 77" "Game Stonks" YESSSSSSSSSSS
Mdama 4 dagar sedan
2:35 Looking at this diergram of the ship i wonder why they didnt put 3 of the diesel generators at the front and the other 3 at the back so if water gets into the back generators you still have the front ones to work with
MasterM 4 dagar sedan
Guys! Guys! ....I think IH may not like the media very much....
Christian Bradley
Christian Bradley 4 dagar sedan
Any chance for a main channel video on the Beirut explosion. That happened because of a massive string of logistical fuckups and was so bad that Lebanon's Prime Minister and their entire cabinet resigned.
master kenobi
master kenobi 4 dagar sedan
i luv it when they go to the explanation of how long it takes for a single video like this to be produced. good work as always internet historian
MagicMajufin 4 dagar sedan
You should have kept the abandon ship
Harry O'Brien
Harry O'Brien 5 dagar sedan
Internet Historian is easily imo among the top 5 channels on SElosk. His attention to detail and subtle humour is unmatched. Even his sponsored segments are fucking entertaining. Internet Historian you are unique and a legend. Never stop and never change.
Han Solo
Han Solo 5 dagar sedan
22:38 "Porto E. Coli" sent me
TheAssain88Gamer 5 dagar sedan
Whats the music at 26:41?
TheAssain88Gamer 5 dagar sedan
@Nathan s thank u
Nathan s
Nathan s 5 dagar sedan
the original is White Flag by Dido but this one is the Fall of Envy cover
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee 5 dagar sedan
Wait why was that drug thing in romanian?
Nihil Patel
Nihil Patel 5 dagar sedan
33:28 Port’s closed
wholesome gw2 content
wholesome gw2 content 5 dagar sedan
activate your windows goddamnit
Champy 5 dagar sedan
Anybody Wants News? Watch Internet Historian Not the news boi
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady 5 dagar sedan
[3 months ago] "Q&A coming next week"
Sarah J Jacobson
Sarah J Jacobson 5 dagar sedan
38:30 strategic feet censorship. If you wanna get a good look at those steppers, you have to sub to Internet Historians OF.
BigToesMan 5 dagar sedan
9:38 Yeah, that sounds about right.
Train '
Train ' 5 dagar sedan
I think the “this is not real footage” text for the captain’s second crash was just way too small and hard to see tbh.
Regit 5 dagar sedan
Thank you for the unexpected tips on screen-recording a Premiere project that won’t render. Not only entertainment but genuinely helpful advice.
Simon Wyzik
Simon Wyzik 5 dagar sedan
Anyone else really wana see the full metal gear intro?
biza0vs0goten 5 dagar sedan
I had to use OBS to record a project too once. I feel like a genius now.
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