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15 sep 2020



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Truffalo Buffalo
Truffalo Buffalo 8 månader sedan
etiquette is what you get for going over the speed limit in France
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 7 dagar sedan
well played
Le Radmuiel
Le Radmuiel 12 dagar sedan
Alex: ArepasandSwering
Alex: ArepasandSwering 24 dagar sedan
Nice joke and nice pfp
Sandeep Wangde
Sandeep Wangde 29 dagar sedan
I hate you.
CoalSpark Månad sedan
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan 11 timmar sedan
you should’ve taught ur pops that there’s better porn on sites other than youtube 😂😂
Sumvs 21 timme sedan
4:28 Yo is that Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture?
nofun. 2 dagar sedan
18:10 ive never had a male barber, so I dont know who this feels like lol
toxicwithsideofwaste 2
Im left handed so yeah i do both things with it, screw my right hand it's useless
ethan 4 dagar sedan
ha ha haaa haaaaaaaaaa
Behemoth M
Behemoth M 5 dagar sedan
I swear Internet Historians Ads get better every time
Don't Cut Yourself On All That e d g e
Mr. Druckman and his...bigot sandwich perhaps? 😎😏
Mazequax 5 dagar sedan
I feel so effing cultured now, I can't even anymore. *raised pinky*
SajserWoW 5 dagar sedan
'Would you come to his funeral?" "Fk no." I fking crying
Danny McClelland
Danny McClelland 9 dagar sedan
Freaking lost it at 3:50. This is gold!
S L 9 dagar sedan
When the widowed wife spilt the drink I lost it.
Rubiolo 101
Rubiolo 101 9 dagar sedan
at the barbers i just close my eyes, get some rest while they work... feels really nice lol
Robin Dyer
Robin Dyer 10 dagar sedan
As far as the "where do I look" part, I remember getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist when I was young, and the hygienist had the most reflective glasses on where I could see the reflection of everything she was doing in my mouth. I found it fascinating and watched the reflection the entire time she cleaned my teeth, but I thought about it afterwards what it must have looked like to her. She must have thought I was just staring into her eyes for the entire hour she was cleaning my teeth 🤣😳
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 10 dagar sedan
10:50 lets hope *mom* does not know this channel
Anders La Cour
Anders La Cour 10 dagar sedan
honestly.. the intro is the best part of the entire video (not that its bad) but it SLAM BAM sets the bar for the quality haha
FizzWizz 10 dagar sedan
10:44 now you didnt just told your mom but the entire world with her Good job son
HoboDrink Gaming
HoboDrink Gaming 11 dagar sedan
I close my eyes during the hair cut
Dirk Bastardrelief
Dirk Bastardrelief 11 dagar sedan
How come the KKK guy is in all your ads?
Bradles McGee
Bradles McGee 11 dagar sedan
I waaas gonna watch this then IH mentioned DRUKCMAN lmfao i must go watch that steam
Ezbz 11 dagar sedan
I think the ad break was as good as the episode. You should release (remix) your sponsor bits into a video. It's pathetic but I'd watch it.
HailLordZulu 12 dagar sedan
That stocker had a phatty
Yonk 12 dagar sedan
that wasn't STAGE left that was HOUSE left >:0
Crungle McBungley
Crungle McBungley 12 dagar sedan
I recently got a job as an overnight stocker at a grocery store. Like, a couple months ago. Three different people have come in, loaded up their cart, then just left. People actually do that. At 4am.
Schmerz dj
Schmerz dj 12 dagar sedan
I use to put things in other people's trollies :p
The Night Watcher
The Night Watcher 13 dagar sedan
My barber shop has TV to watch while getting one’s hair cut.
Snoutie 13 dagar sedan
7:28 fun fact: that's illegal in germany. as soon as you put something in your trolley, you technically own it and taking it away would be stealing
vermas4 13 dagar sedan
3:52 make everyone meet the person who is getting buried
criss 14 dagar sedan
watching this again and paying more attention than the last 5 times or more i’ve watched it. taking a single berry out of a container of berries is NOT allowed, assuming the berries are sold at a fixed weight and price of the corresponding package. taking even one out can change the weight of the product and the store providing the stock can be FINED for the weight being under. in the case with grapes, generally grapes are sold by the pound, as opposed to a fixed weight and price, so customers are absolutely allowed to change bags around and even empty a bag into another to buy double the weight. retail experience comes in handy for once!
J Hur
J Hur 15 dagar sedan
I agree with Sumito. If I’m walked in on in a situation like that, I would immediately try to pretend to be asleep
Pyro Xomby
Pyro Xomby 15 dagar sedan
Themanthatyouknow 15 dagar sedan
This guy could read me to sleep
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
3:46 so at this point I immediately started killing people.
Jason Furler
Jason Furler 15 dagar sedan
This channel is the only one that I'll actually watch the sponsor, that's priceless
Alex 15 dagar sedan
Pyrocynical mom. That’s all I’m going to say
christdolphin69 15 dagar sedan
this whole episode is just bobs n vagene meme justified
Obskewered 16 dagar sedan
Heres an interesting tale of etiquette revolving around tents and camping. I once took my ex camping, And we took a bunch of acid. I lost all my knives/ axes and any ability to defend myself. Was just too scattered. But while we were sitting inside some massive guy started stalking our camp site. Kept coming closer to the tent and I saw his shadow from our fire like 10 times so I know it was a man. My ex (bless her soul) and I quote "Im not going to die fucking horny" and proceeded to take off my pants and get me excited. I lay there while she rode me in a tent with some creepy fucking guy stalking our campsite. All I could have think was welp there's definitely worse ways to go out 😂
Larry Lentini
Larry Lentini 16 dagar sedan
That waiter bit would be a perfect impractical jokers punishment
Anu17 17 dagar sedan
Radiation is a thing btw
Tofeja Ajefot
Tofeja Ajefot 17 dagar sedan
I once spilled two drinks on one guy and the second wasnt even for that table but I was so focused on the first time that I just went there again and spilled it again.
Augusto Schimizzi
Augusto Schimizzi 14 dagar sedan
Did you... Died?
SkinnerClimbs 17 dagar sedan
Were they mad?
Left Beef
Left Beef 17 dagar sedan
this dude caused so many fights between his neighbor and his wife he doesnt even know. guys wife was like "yeah... sure.... somebody just came into our house and ordered porn. sure it wasnt you"
DRsideburns 17 dagar sedan
Lmaoooo Asmon in the search history
Dumb Killjoy
Dumb Killjoy 18 dagar sedan
I love that Sumito is smiling as his parents are getting on him for watching what they think is porn.
Muhammad Nursyahmi
Muhammad Nursyahmi 3 dagar sedan
It's even funnier by the fact that his dad was busted watching porn, twice. And even asking Sumito how to delete browser history.
nickadamonis 19 dagar sedan
Is that purge?? I cant be the only one
Artúr 19 dagar sedan
intro: Neil Druckmann not eating the Bigot sandwich .... genius.
cool_crazman 20 dagar sedan
Is anyone gonna tell him that he went to stage right. He went left but stage left is to the right
Quiptipt Nyqtphimq
Quiptipt Nyqtphimq 20 dagar sedan
19:00 do you... not just close your eyes? So the hair doesn't get in your eyes?
W.13th 20 dagar sedan
Internet Historian's voice sounds like his meme looks but does he look like what his meme looks like he sounds like?
Camcorder 20 dagar sedan
17:45 asking a muslim how they feel about homosexuality. lol
a dude on the interweb
a dude on the interweb 20 dagar sedan
this man can make an ad the length of a video and i`d watch it
Darren Feeling fab
Darren Feeling fab 21 dag sedan
That tweet about the barber was a scottish guy which makes me proud of my country.
Alex Rhodes
Alex Rhodes 21 dag sedan
Is anybody els wondering why nord vpn man looks like a klansman
Nathan 22 dagar sedan
Man I'm going to miss "in the quarantine". Wait.
Shawn Conway
Shawn Conway 22 dagar sedan
The Nord VPN ads should be shown to people on TV. They're amazing.
kiracaos 23 dagar sedan
Wait, right handed people are supposed to wipe with their left? I do everything with my right hand, I have basically 0 motor ability with my left one.
Muhammad Nursyahmi
Muhammad Nursyahmi 3 dagar sedan
Christ dude, you need to learn to do things with your left arm too. What if your right arm are busted in the future?
Rushink 24 dagar sedan
NordMan is the kind of person Jameson thinks SpiderMan is
PARIS 24 dagar sedan
The grocery store bit was so funny. “You can look into other people’s carts and take what you want.” Holy shit lmao
Necroneer 24 dagar sedan
5:26 Repeat Button!!!
FictitiousName 24 dagar sedan
9:54 68% off 2 yr plan??? What happened to 70% off 3 year plan???
ALLA Red 26 dagar sedan
I’m sure someone here can relate, but I’ve filled an entire cart up at Publix before realizing I left my card at home. So...I put every item back on the shelf, drove 15 min home, drove back, and got every item again.
SkinnerClimbs 17 dagar sedan
I did the same thing, I just asked a staff member to keep it somewhere and I'd be back in 10 minutes I promise
Matthew McCoy
Matthew McCoy 27 dagar sedan
“oh thank you for coming i brought you this drink” immediately spills it on him. i’m fucking crying that’s the funniest shit i’ve heard in a long time
A New Hero121
A New Hero121 27 dagar sedan
I'm with Sumito on the "pretend to be asleep" opinion, that was my gut reaction whenever a similar thing happened to me as a kid lol
Crab man
Crab man 27 dagar sedan
when you get a haircut, just close your eyes
Titans Channel
Titans Channel 27 dagar sedan
The first example gave me some heavy Chainsaw Man vibes
Isak Ekelund
Isak Ekelund 27 dagar sedan
That's my exact router
Shogun Monkey
Shogun Monkey 28 dagar sedan
i love how nordman is an absolute menace to society
LegendaryZiggs Ziggs
LegendaryZiggs Ziggs 28 dagar sedan
Jesus Christ, during the first 4.5 minutes I died of laughter
C64 Striker
C64 Striker 29 dagar sedan
That TV story: As a kid, I would have said; “I didn’t do it intentionally.”
Michael Lehner
Michael Lehner 29 dagar sedan
3:50 At this point I'm thinking it's got to be like some sort of hex or gypsy curse, cause there's no way this keeps happening.
ralek 29 dagar sedan
This man legitimately made his alt account his main account and no one was any wiser to it.
KickAHobo 29 dagar sedan
The second drink is not as big a deal because you already have drink all over you.
Κύριε Γαλλικά
7:10 I work at a grocery store. People do this. At the end of the day there's always at least ONE cart, FULL of stuff we have to put back.
Count Reavyr
Count Reavyr Månad sedan
tfw it'd be easier to gaslight your parents than to explain it's the Titanic
R wooosh
R wooosh Månad sedan
One of the best incognito podcast ngl
wii remote
wii remote Månad sedan
Thor Klarwasser
Thor Klarwasser Månad sedan
i know millionairs who never ever would rent a bike for that price. That price is a joke.
M U S T A R D Månad sedan
The barber we usually just close our eyes or sleep off while the barber cuts our hair
Ian Place
Ian Place Månad sedan
TorterraX1 Månad sedan
$36 for half an hour is crazy! My city has public use electric bikes that cost 40€ for 3 months. Of course there is a limit on using them for your travels but using them to travel 30mins costs about 3€ in case you just want to use it randomly.
Egelik22 Månad sedan
18:45 thank god my barber has small tv's next to the mirrors. Watched nice antilope documentaries there
lukez 64
lukez 64 Månad sedan
Bought an empty sports gun, no Pellets, no CO2 cannister, gf still doesn't let me point it at the baby
Caleb Robbins
Caleb Robbins Månad sedan
"So is he the submissive one?" "It's not--so--they--they--" [smash cut to next scene]
Roxas 115
Roxas 115 Månad sedan
I can never skip I.H’s Nord vpn ads chase they’re so clever
Log Man Comments
Log Man Comments Månad sedan
8:58 steam won't let you do that anymore sadly
Shevchenko 7cfc
Shevchenko 7cfc Månad sedan
hahah we were at a SUPER busy restaurant and my friend was trying to flirt with the waitress and when she said "how is everything" and he goes "Ugh, get me the manage" (he ALWAYS does this, and 99% of the time they know it's a joke and they laugh), 5 minutes later a guy comes over and says "Hey guys, you requested a manager? sorry, we're a bit slammed" it was SO uncomfortable and he did what you did and didn't even try to explain what happened he just "nevremind it's ok"
D S Månad sedan
Fun fact: When you put fruit into your basket or cart, grocery store are supposed to throw it away if its left in an abandoned cart or if its asked to be taken back.
thrice1888 Månad sedan
Something horrible/funny thing that happened on January 2nd. My mom was dying in the ICU, out cold just counting the time and waiting(I’m devastated but looking back it’s funny) the nurse came in with drinks but she spilled them all over my mother, the nurses horrified reaction just made me laugh so hard.
Baron Feyd
Baron Feyd Månad sedan
I have the solution for the barber shop issue. Go to a beauty shop. Look at their cleavage the entire time. Lol.
Jack Harvey
Jack Harvey Månad sedan
These intros are something else 😂
Linus Persson's Gaming Channel
2 min in and i am laughing my ass off
A. Apron
A. Apron Månad sedan
Okay, yup, excellent video once again, but second request: Montage episode of nothing but NordVPN advertisements, please 🙂. Thank you......
Carefry Månad sedan
He used feet
Kraft5Nine Månad sedan
first 40 seconds killed me.
irn bru
irn bru Månad sedan
The first 4 minutes made my stomach and jaw hurt from laughing so much
Holy City X
Holy City X Månad sedan
9:25 I’m just now finding these subtle based jokes now that I’m rewatching these 💯
Melanie Cape Town
Melanie Cape Town Månad sedan
He was "dead-icated" to his job.
Rob Figaro
Rob Figaro Månad sedan
So I found out today that people are quite possessive over their shopping. They don't like when you look in their cart and tell them thats interesting shopping.
TheUplate Månad sedan
"Hotdogs are thawing in the sink" "This is hitting a bit too close to home." A little later "My parents are Muslim." But... Hotdogs...
Níðhöggr Månad sedan
Me being right handed,if I'd wipe my ass with my left hand,my ass cheeks would look like a Jackson Pollock painting
Howie Dowie
Howie Dowie Månad sedan
This is my youtube crack I just can't get enough
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