Exploring the Japanese Kitkat Forest 

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We goof around for a bit then go to an actual field. Also I fly to Japan.


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SumitoMedia År sedan
For the record I had radishes with me but I got nervous
Boby Bimberbod
Boby Bimberbod Månad sedan
Why would you need a radish when you're gonna grow them in fluoroantimonic acid (check out the comment thread a few rows down by Dexis) in the field you're in
The Shishkebarbarian
this comment was hilarious before i finished watching the video. i'm not sure if it's funnier now
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson Månad sedan
Was this the first time you guys met in person?
Marcel Chagnon
Marcel Chagnon 2 månader sedan
I literally know less about agriculture after your little educational segment than I did before...
Kitang 2 månader sedan
blink twice on the next video if you're being held hostage.
DrNo 20 timmar sedan
How the fuck did this go from talking about Japanese kit-kats to exploring dirt lots in rural Virginia???
Brian Kay
Brian Kay Dag sedan
Long Long Man is the Japanese Charles Bronson, hell yeah
Real-life person
The video topic: Japanese Candy. The video: Investing in a plot of land in Virginia.
Just John
Just John 3 dagar sedan
9:15 - They don't have balconies and insect nests in Australia?
diagraph01 5 dagar sedan
12:53 I checked google maps earlier and got the exact same image. The photo was taken in September 2014, seems that the sunlight is quite strong even in Minobu Town, Yamanashi Pref. So I think she or he uses a sunshade to prevent sunburn (or skin cancer).
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich 7 dagar sedan
@19:42 just eating my meal on the shoulder of the road, like ya do.
Tony Pate
Tony Pate 2 dagar sedan
Can't all sit on the fence like some do .....hey Ryan
Chris W
Chris W 7 dagar sedan
“News” media personalities are so stupid they don’t even know how to eat.
Project Keter aerospace
23:16 oh shit he has taken physical form lol god has ascended.
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 9 dagar sedan
ph -20. pretty sure thats blood from alien.
An M4 Variant
An M4 Variant 10 dagar sedan
That offbrand careless whisper though
Silver Scythe
Silver Scythe 11 dagar sedan
The chef cooks something for the guest to try and the guest says to the chef "Its really good, try it." Lmao.
Schmerz dj
Schmerz dj 12 dagar sedan
Lol that long long man add
Dylan 13 dagar sedan
Those vhs tapes were the actual gold found in the rust.
Crescenn 15 dagar sedan
I once taught the child of the guy who made all those 50 flavours of kit kat in japan. Once as a gift he brought a big box full of them. I tried them all. Some where actually great. Others where not that great. But the famous wasabi one, let me tell you. It left me a trauma, when I just think about it. It gives me naussea.
Tapp Water Studios
Tapp Water Studios 15 dagar sedan
There's a random japanese local out there who has seen the face of our lord and savior
RXKET 99 15 dagar sedan
i bet all of them exotic kit kat flavors are horrible
Johnny Moscati
Johnny Moscati 16 dagar sedan
Jokes on you, 444-4444 is the famous phone number of local insurance lawyer William Mattar. Hurt in a car? Call William Mattar! At four four four, four four, four four.
MAD 17 dagar sedan
what's wrong with his peace sign?
kozmik WZRD
kozmik WZRD 18 dagar sedan
I have said this forever... high fashion isn't about the look, it's about the name on the label. Do not envy these rich idiots wearing Gucci. They are paying to be pretentious.
Emily Chance
Emily Chance 18 dagar sedan
Lol for anyone wondering, radishes grow best at a pH of 6 (slightly acidic) to 7 (neutral)
cobblestone100mc 19 dagar sedan
"over sonic? who isnt!?"
Michael Vaccaro
Michael Vaccaro 20 dagar sedan
what a banger video, holy hell.
Willem 22 dagar sedan
-You get a bit of a cough and you have to wrap your house in a pesticide tent? -Yeah, that's right. -t. 2020
ikeda 22 dagar sedan
I could watch these guys go down these random rabbit holes forever
SewardWriter 22 dagar sedan
In the Field Organic Radish Farm.
Skinnder 01
Skinnder 01 23 dagar sedan
i never realized sumito is built like a washing machine fucks, i like that
J. Diamond
J. Diamond 24 dagar sedan
gangreeen 25 dagar sedan
Im starting to think this dude is porsalin
SkinnerClimbs 25 dagar sedan
Why is there a flavour called "ahh, the citrus taste of youth"
Jake 26 dagar sedan
''You get a bit of a cough and you gotta wrap your house in netting'' That one didn't age well.
HyperPlastik 26 dagar sedan
09:23 "You know when Japanese people get sick and wear those medical masks ? *laughs in 2021
fm 27 dagar sedan
25:45 shadow reveal
Whitespace 27 dagar sedan
The rate at which these lads shift topics is mind-numbing. They went from The Suicide Forest to Umbrella Hats to Designer Clothing to Watches to Paper Cups
K y
K y 27 dagar sedan
Bring Sumito back!!
yesn't 28 dagar sedan
Murderous Plague Doctor
I'm disappointed to not see a link of the umbrella merch
Archer arts
Archer arts 29 dagar sedan
I eat KitKats horizontally because then you keep it in your mouths at just suck out the chocolate, it is so good try it
Lax comix
Lax comix 29 dagar sedan
you guys are absolutely the most legendary radishes ive ever seen
Xellos Kaczor
Xellos Kaczor Månad sedan
One thing about stupid expensive watches is that they are a reasonable investment u can resell that shit with profit or at least little loss later
Ian Place
Ian Place Månad sedan
nijohn12 Månad sedan
Lisa Fairymeadow
Lisa Fairymeadow Månad sedan
Oh my god the turtle bit sent me.
DapperPan Månad sedan
Yo I live in Danville VA
Kevin W
Kevin W 15 dagar sedan
I'm sorry to hear that. Love from Lynchburg!
Jesse H.
Jesse H. Månad sedan
9:24 Yeah that joke is cross cultural now lol. You know like when corona virus his a democrat owned state
Skeleton God
Skeleton God Månad sedan
Watching this video now and seeing people get together and not wear masks is honest fucking crazy. This is a really crazy feeling
The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit Månad sedan
9:30 watching this in 2021 I always thought that was weird but I never could have guessed
dicktracy3331 Månad sedan
24:26 that flat food Slav squat is impressive
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Månad sedan
did anyone else notice how the chef smoothly flipped off the host 3:02
Sean Studios
Sean Studios Månad sedan
🚫🧢 - scoob, 0:03 into the live
Tuna Månad sedan
9:23 aged like fine wine
Fortress Månad sedan
@21:11 Property here is actually crazy expensive. Tons of lakefront stuff too.
Kevin Månad sedan
I can confirm that the apple pie kit kats are fucking delicious.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Månad sedan
did this vid always have the travel section or have i gone crazy?
Derassasine 155
Derassasine 155 Månad sedan
300 types of KitKat Wannnnna know how many there are in Germany One
Cowman 5700
Cowman 5700 Månad sedan
He acts like one of those kids that know everything after learning about how to plant a seed in kindergarten
picle solder #wone
picle solder #wone Månad sedan
Why dont they buy a muscle car I mean cmon
Iyren Roboto
Iyren Roboto Månad sedan
2:05 That was actually Jay from RedLetterMedia on the hunt for a rare copy of Tokyo Gore Police
Mordo Kyle
Mordo Kyle Månad sedan
I can watch internet historian ads all days long
[ C H I K O ]
[ C H I K O ] Månad sedan
Sumito! Fart twice if Internet Historian has you in his basement
J. C.
J. C. Månad sedan
Hey! Sumito lives in my state😁
KB Gaming
KB Gaming Månad sedan
13:44 is what happens when you realise 2 years later that the condom missed the bin when you were done with it
Kings PvP
Kings PvP Månad sedan
Palm trees in VA???
fallout and skyrim
fallout and skyrim Månad sedan
4:00 daddy dank with the shoko asahara
frask f
frask f Månad sedan
Haha ... those japanese midical masks ... haha
Prof. Sir
Prof. Sir Månad sedan
Long Man is my spirit animal
KaeYoss Månad sedan
300 different flavors of dead babies and people dying of thirst.
Life Circuits
Life Circuits Månad sedan
internet historian uses SElosk Premium? Probably the last thing i will do before dying.....
CaptTrips Månad sedan
Internet historian is my new favorite channel
CrunchyGames Månad sedan
yesn't 28 dagar sedan
lietunantURNER Månad sedan
Hey look a RedLetterMedia reference!. Also, I'm literally a Fury Warrior so I prefer my cocktail umbrella hat in Attack Mode.
Fusk Månad sedan
at this point, i don't even know what I'm watching
Thomas kieselbach
Thomas kieselbach Månad sedan
9:23 that one didn’t age quite so well
Asteroid VonRyker
Asteroid VonRyker Månad sedan
That's sand that field is barren
Phxmaell *
Phxmaell * Månad sedan
Can anybody tell me where that abandoned place he went to? I need me to do some research there.......
Johnathan Bruning
Johnathan Bruning Månad sedan
your explanation about fashion trends was spectacular. you're spot on with that one
Thomas Cerveaux
Thomas Cerveaux Månad sedan
"Where were we? Oh yeah, umbrella hats..."
coppurt Månad sedan
When you travel halfway around the world for a meme video
Beer With The Boys
Beer With The Boys Månad sedan
4:11 it is insane to me how similar the side bar is to my own
Crazy56U Månad sedan
What a beautiful journey, from talking about Japanese Kit Kats, to trying to find the Suicide Forest on Google Maps, to flying to West Virginia to start a radish farm, to going to an abandoned bowling alley in Japan.
dboyMrkrabs Månad sedan
BOWSER K. Månad sedan
"...Bowling Alley, Arcade, Pachinko parlor..." Oh just like America.
HalfDragonHalfMan Månad sedan
You can skip yo anywhere in this video and it’s just so random
Liberty Miller
Liberty Miller Månad sedan
I don't know who gets me more: the algorithm, or this channel. (But I love you both equally.)
Rysinc Månad sedan
Max Dunn
Max Dunn Månad sedan
Stop giving mr beast ideas
Vivienne Esmeray
Vivienne Esmeray Månad sedan
That watch better have time travel powers
James Van Spronsen
James Van Spronsen Månad sedan
anyone know what the manga is at 12:46?
James Van Spronsen
James Van Spronsen Månad sedan
nvm just found
Luis Angel López
Luis Angel López Månad sedan
"It's sooo looong" - some girl
estelle aeon
estelle aeon Månad sedan
forever in love w/ internet historian's cute laugh/ hot voice 🖤
Atr0c1ty Månad sedan
“For growing radishes” *laughs* “you typically need a ph of under -20” Dude... THAT SOIL, IF IT REALLY HAD A PH OF -20, WOULD BURN AWAY THE ENTIRETY OF THE PLANET
elliot rat
elliot rat Månad sedan
i'm fluent in japanese and calling korean "spooky japanese" is the best way you could possibly describe it
Dunkster 420
Dunkster 420 Månad sedan
Just because this country is comparatively small doesn’t mean all land is expensive lol
Razzlewolfflight Månad sedan
...Daiso is a dollar store, guys.
HexRuin Månad sedan
Can I go on your next Japan adventure? I'll bring dehydrated fruit.
Marcie Foster
Marcie Foster Månad sedan
Lol at the mask comment
Mrbird321 Månad sedan
These are really reminiscent of the Karl Pilkington animations to me. It feels like a couple of pals hanging out shooting the shit with entertaining visual gags throughout the talk.
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson Månad sedan
I fuckin lost it at "LONG LOOONG MAAAAAAAAN" every time
J Dizzle
J Dizzle Månad sedan
what is the text-to-speech website they use in this?