Exploring the Clickbait Kingdom [Feat. Meme Insider] 

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Meme Insider and I pop down to the ol' clickbait hole to do some fishing. What we found will SHOCK you!


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31 jan 2019



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Meme Insider
Meme Insider 2 år sedan
Writing this with a banana lodged down my throat. Never felt better!
Henrik 2 månader sedan
2 years later and that Meme Insider channel is super dead with 10k subs lmao. Imagine having a video with InternetHistorian and sharting the opportunity away, nice.
blackneos940 2 månader sedan
Is it white or black? I like milk chocolate ones.
yucky skunk
yucky skunk 2 månader sedan
krafty kuts bros do u by any chance have u seen the one ig where its all like all videos of fellas all like choking on bananas
Monke High Command TF2
Monke High Command TF2 3 månader sedan
Well that must of hurt
Joshua 4 månader sedan
Virginia Lover Productions
I want to see more advertisement categorizing. I've seen so many clickbait titles recently.
LLlap 3 dagar sedan
Joe Pesci should beat the crap out of you.
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol 8 dagar sedan
11:26 why did you sensor Japanese animation here? And also why was it then uncensored in the next shot? I’m confused
Marvin Cool
Marvin Cool 9 dagar sedan
Did you just fucking call Joe Pesci "the home alone guy"?
MagikGimp 10 dagar sedan
I'm just amazed how much stock footage of this crap there is. Women can't get enough of it!
Mike Urban
Mike Urban 12 dagar sedan
They called Joe Pesci the “Home alone guy”
ehr 14 dagar sedan
Aw, the websites dead now :(
BradTheThird 16 dagar sedan
19:25 The numbers are subtracted first then the same sum is repeated with addition. The two results are placed next to each other. So 6-4 = 2, then 6+4=10. Then place 2&10 together for 210. Repeat for the rest of the questions. Give me that 150+IQ!!
Alisha C. Browne
Alisha C. Browne 17 dagar sedan
The obsession with Coke makes me uncomfortable.
Nick Perro
Nick Perro 21 dag sedan
The Elemore skin website is down, but when it was up it was just a low quality picture of Phillip DeFranco. You can see it on the Wayback Machine.
the population of Kazakhstan
FDR's Wheelchair
FDR's Wheelchair 9 dagar sedan
Couldn't agree more
Mike 27 dagar sedan
The website doesn't work anymore.
DrinkyMcBeer 27 dagar sedan
That secret link is dead. You need to do a better job maintaining the descriptions of your 3 year old videos.
Water Sheep
Water Sheep 29 dagar sedan
You ever notice how John Travolta is bald
Jarhead20379 29 dagar sedan
Hole in the pasta spoon is for measuring a single serving of pasta
Kevin Månad sedan
I'm pretty sure I first saw that coke can exhaust pipe fix on a "lol redneck fixes" type blog forever ago. Not exactly a confidence inducer.
Ana Von Bunners
Ana Von Bunners Månad sedan
I knew coke took the paint off things from pouring coke on cars and tp'ing houses as a kid.
Kef103 Månad sedan
I think the hole in the pasta fork is to measure a single portion of spaghetti
RamadaArtist Månad sedan
"aesthetic consumption" *Gas explosion rocks university campus*
KaeYoss Månad sedan
Now what we need is Banana Coke
MattyGeneric Månad sedan
I'm going to be rock hard👊🏻
MattyGeneric Månad sedan
I have a great one! Pour two 2 liters of Coca-Cola over yourself close to a beehive, And the bees will leave the honey.
Is this Internet historian or Jimmy Carr? He started cackling and I forgot for a second
WTF you mean “Is it the home alone guy”? You mean our “Lord and Savior” Joe Pesci? Joe Pesci and George carlin be coming to your house with baseball bats tonight.
JoeChemo Månad sedan
22:25 "how could she didn't know?"
Art blender
Art blender Månad sedan
My dad has used an empty beer or pop can to connect his muffler to his catalytic converter with a few hose clamps. Only lasts a few hours but works in a pinch to save some gas. I remember him crawling under the truck when we were on a ferry home. Another time a trailer of show horses .." opened up" and they were galloping over peoples cars smashing windows.
Computer Whisperer
Computer Whisperer Månad sedan
Bro, bananas and coke *DON'T* mix! _Think Diet Coke and Mentos..._
wege Månad sedan
Shaken, not shocked
ShogunRyuusha Månad sedan
I used coke to repair my keyboard so I could finally make a comment on this video, and I'm so thankful for the tip! It's a bit stickyyy now, but it wwwwworks fineeeeeeeeeeee!
steven Hoff
steven Hoff Månad sedan
I+*running guy*=? My smort brain: "Italy!"
Luke Saltiboi
Luke Saltiboi Månad sedan
Internet historian is my English teacher grandmother
Henrik 2 månader sedan
2 years later and that Meme Insider channel is super dead with 10k subs lmao. Imagine having a video with InternetHistorian and sharting the opportunity away, nice.
Matthew Sutton
Matthew Sutton 2 månader sedan
You can also microwave the banana peel and fuck it.
sour chuck
sour chuck 2 månader sedan
The spectacular connection concurringly injure because thrill endogenously dance worth a abounding utensil. late, wakeful appeal
Zepherius_Nexus 2 månader sedan
Internet Historian is just an AI ridiculling humans.
DKforever24 2 månader sedan
Shoe shine kid 5:54 ; )
Merica Martin
Merica Martin 2 månader sedan
Philip DiFranco bit had me laughing my ass off 🤣
Cody Opperman
Cody Opperman 2 månader sedan
Kevin Watson? Kathy Watson? Ian Watson, sewer goblin?
70rn 2 månader sedan
Its sorta true that acids in coke will clean things - but you can, y'know, buy acidic cleaners. Or if you're feeling authentic by cheap white vinegar - which is basically acetic acid in water.
jack reid
jack reid Månad sedan
@thejason755 I fucking love vinegar even if it makes me feel like shit
thejason755 Månad sedan
@jack reid that explains why my stomach feels like it just got acid cleaned when i eat something with vinegar.
jack reid
jack reid 2 månader sedan
It's kinda odd that vinegar is both a cooking and cleaning thing.
Nick Current
Nick Current 2 månader sedan
you guys forgot about those cringe game ads for people "over 40 years old"
Nicholas Phillimore
Nicholas Phillimore 2 månader sedan
what if you did a link that was "10 links that will waste your time and how to avoid them" and the last one is just "This page" and the how to avoid was just berating them for not seeing it coming.
Sebastian Stone
Sebastian Stone 2 månader sedan
The handy scissors uniquely accept because exclamation medicinally wish since a needless colon. faded, cruel base
Cuffed Joe
Cuffed Joe 2 månader sedan
7:00 you couldve said that he has to deepthroat a banana. Chance missed
pinkiedestroyer jr
pinkiedestroyer jr 2 månader sedan
just a question if you see this. do you have an issue with people who want to preserve nature, and/or are you for bigger human expansion? you've mentioned 3 times now i think killing wales for the sake of removing the charities and the channel through australia and the likes. know its satire but the joke came up multiple times. not trying to sound pesky, just wondering.
thejason755 Månad sedan
Sometimes a joke is just a joke- Sigmund Freud, probably
Akinef 2 månader sedan
*Hasn't seen a friend in a while *Calls friend: "What's up? What are you up to these days?" Him: "inTentIOnAL liVinG"
Vorapol Ueranant
Vorapol Ueranant 2 månader sedan
If my memory is correct, Banana Peel can be use to rub thing for effect, but it is used by rubbing Leather bag to Preserve it or make it shinny I forgot And Cola can be used to clean toilets
Lily Halter
Lily Halter 2 månader sedan
I can’t believe the amount of videos you guys could find of pouring coke on things
Meme U
Meme U 2 månader sedan
The coke rust thing is true
MISS ACID KITTY 2 månader sedan
bruh i went to a nail salon and i shit u not the lady saw that i had one of those like skin tear things that stick up next to your nail(hang nail? im unsure) anyway she says "can i rub a banana peel on that and then clip it?' and im like...why not just clip it lady but sure whatever. Pretty sure that made it hurt when it shouldn't have lmao.
Slasherxr8 2 månader sedan
Hey there Mr. Internet Historian i had an idea for a Short video you might be interested in making? About Pre orders , is it good or bad? or maybe a story of some crazy things gone wrong. just an idea :D
Roger Miser
Roger Miser 2 månader sedan
A Coke sales team came up with this B.S. to increase sales to morons ?
Niles Graham
Niles Graham 2 månader sedan
The caring defense methodically tumble because authorisation hisologically hang amidst a lewd jogging. abnormal, tenuous anime
S. John Trombley
S. John Trombley 2 månader sedan
Secret link of the day machine broke.
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go 2 månader sedan
Read about what JESUS did this is mine blowing. Can you believe this, did you ever hear of this about HIM Romans 10:5/10, c u there $$🧐a
Theadore Poundcake
Theadore Poundcake 2 månader sedan
Believe it or not cola is used on dance floors in theater so women wearing heels don't slip. Fun fact.
THE META KING 2 månader sedan
This was released in 2019 feel old
Jesse wru
Jesse wru 2 månader sedan
I love you guys 😌
Stefano Chiodi
Stefano Chiodi 2 månader sedan
12:17 they got cussed out by kevin because they had a bad demonstration lmao, i watched the episode
nathaniel hobbs
nathaniel hobbs 2 månader sedan
feed me news feed me crappy news
nathaniel hobbs
nathaniel hobbs 2 månader sedan
no you will mutate bees
Marcus 2 månader sedan
"#1 best seller" "What? It's the #1 best selling book i've ever written."
Tiffy Vella
Tiffy Vella 2 månader sedan
Where did all the "One Weird Trick Of (sic) A Flat Tummy" ads go?
Duatia 3 månader sedan
Actually, coke can kill ants in liquid form, because it is stick and acidic, and so can melt them, same with orange or lemon juice. However, once it is dried, it’s just sugar glaze. Overall, citrus juice is more effective as a pesticide.
Chugz 3 månader sedan
11:22 Dude literally looks like that guy from the child abuse channel, daddy05
Arst Koben
Arst Koben 3 månader sedan
Don't use coke for cleaning. Just buy food grade citric acid and use that instead.
Greg Eggenberger
Greg Eggenberger 3 månader sedan
Fun fact, the article at 22:37 wasn't a lie. I worked at an Aldi's and he used to rifle through our dumpsters with a pistol in his hand.
mierpub8lam 3 månader sedan
Have you seen banana lately? You Won't Believe How banana Looks!!!
I_Like_Tuwtles 3 månader sedan
Actually shining shoes with banana peel is a legit thing lol
SpikeFruit _
SpikeFruit _ 3 månader sedan
The guys in the photo for the shark cage article they were trying to make a doctor review and contact platform
dengamleidiot 3 månader sedan
14:06 LOL
SadPanders 3 månader sedan
coke does clean toilets, bongs, vases anything glass/porcelain
Marlin May
Marlin May 3 månader sedan
And of course, the ad in the middle of this is, "Do you know that the average adult has 10 pounds of toxic poop in their gut?"
Dylan Swartz
Dylan Swartz 3 månader sedan
The only other real use for Coke is for rat extermination. New York put coke in their sewers, and the rats, who couldn't expell all the carbonation through *flatulence* exploded.
Seeter1000 3 månader sedan
OR you are the real scam luring people off these sites so you can make more money
Δаσ Αcid
Δаσ Αcid 3 månader sedan
@1:05 - "Is that the Home Alone guy?" y tho?
Penile Platinum
Penile Platinum 3 månader sedan
11:25 I've seen the same picture of that Asian lady on numerous porn site advertisements. I cant be the only one.
Alex Xander
Alex Xander 3 månader sedan
99% of these are by a single company: Taboola, and their stock keeps 🚀🚀🚀
thejason755 Månad sedan
Yuuuuuup. My ex works for them. They have a very important role to play in the meme pyramid, and we thank them for their service.
Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron
Man it’s impressive how despite how non serious you take the commercials you still make them something to look foreword to and watch all the way through
Cappadocius 3 månader sedan
For the hole in pans I also use it to hold my wooden spoons while cooking.
FIRST NAME LAST NAME 3 månader sedan
I mean coke does have some cleaning qualities it's an old trick. The plant one is bs just use some warm soapy water.
Ben Bruland
Ben Bruland 3 månader sedan
That's not a surge protector, it's an amirite bead used to remove noise from electrical signals.
-the islander-
-the islander- 3 månader sedan
you did not just call joe pesci the home alone guy. i refuse to accept that as an existing reality.
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
The killing bugs is true on the coke But it also attracts more bugs So it evens out, I guess
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
6:12 As an Asian this insults me in the deepest of ways
Fifocz 2235380
Fifocz 2235380 3 månader sedan
Banana makes you feel better, because your brain returns to monke.
RoboNator 3 månader sedan
11:30 why the hell did he censor Japanese animation. I mean that is already like the most censored way of saying hentai there is, you don't need to censor it anymore.
cole thomas
cole thomas 3 månader sedan
Bananas are unusually uplifting tho
Dark Suns
Dark Suns 3 månader sedan
Smoking banana peels.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 3 månader sedan
The coke one just made not want to drink coke
Joe Shopper
Joe Shopper 3 månader sedan
I watched the Coke and the Banana segments and I have a sneaking suspicion that these articles were written by ants.
Essie Garcia
Essie Garcia 3 månader sedan
The amazing dressing intrestingly dislike because holiday biophysically laugh pace a cloudy replace. pleasant, mindless underclothes
Sumori 3 månader sedan
I really hope that is elaborate Coca-Cola marketing.
DɐǝD sᴉ sʎɹK
DɐǝD sᴉ sʎɹK 3 månader sedan
I be ate many a banana and I not be happy, I be diarrhoea 😿
Amar J
Amar J 3 månader sedan
Ay lmao i worked on this
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 3 månader sedan
Coke is good for killing ants in your house. Splash a little in the bath before you go to bed and they cant resist that shit. When you get up in the morning, run the hot water. repeat till no more ants.
Royce Hamm
Royce Hamm 3 månader sedan
Bananas actually do shine the fuck out of your shoes. Used them on my bates every morning in ROTC. Everyone else has polish on their hands but I just smelled like nanas. CO wasn’t too happy about that one so I had to shine everyone’s shoes myself for a week
Golden Griffon
Golden Griffon 3 månader sedan
All of these "Watson" articles were written by IBM's Watson artificial intelligence. It's advanced beyond playing Jeopardy! into the realm of journalism.
Alex Ross
Alex Ross 3 månader sedan
Joe Peschi didn't pop a guy's eye out of his skull to be called the "Home Alone Guy"
Koen 3 månader sedan
This video made me realize that G-man from half life talks as if he is composing an email in his brain and only reading it as fast as he can type. go to 14:35 to see what I mean
Knife wielding Tentacle
Knife wielding Tentacle 3 månader sedan
holy shit
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