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31 jan 2021



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jaren may
jaren may 4 timmar sedan
Clon tropur
Clon tropur 21 timme sedan
16:09 the Chilean army looks like the wermacht, not surprising since some Germans went to Argentina
Lil Kimmy
Lil Kimmy Dag sedan
Sponsors should seriously pay you extra.
TheFiftySixth 2 dagar sedan
came for the ads, stayed for the fashhun
Ronda Hawkins
Ronda Hawkins 2 dagar sedan
The incredible shrine supply kneel because wedge contrarily file amidst a incandescent step-son. doubtful, enthusiastic nitrogen
Shoal Nervo
Shoal Nervo 3 dagar sedan
Wholly shit guys, those neck rings are REAL! No photo shop! They put them in when they are kids and they keep adding rings as they age. If they take them off their head/neck will be unable to support itself. Crazy hu.
Greg E
Greg E 4 dagar sedan
My favorite military uniforms are designed by Hugo Boss
BOYS TO MEN 4 dagar sedan
my opinion of the best military uniform is the ww2 german ss uniform.
Brianne H
Brianne H 5 dagar sedan
Sumito’s rap is now my ringtone....
Sahean 7 dagar sedan
No one asked but: The "big forhead trend" (specifically refering to Elizabeth the 1st's reign) were probably a result of the insane amount of lead based makeup she was wearing daily. It led to hairloss among other things(perma game over). Fashion was set by ruler(s), and so the heartshaped rather large forhead was what came out as a result of it. Its a huge flex when you think about it.. "I may be speedily approaching this stop sign, but im going to make everyone else tell me i look good doing it". Also the dress was so I could hide a whole double chicken burger in my pocket without anyone noticing. It worked because everyone was using lead and mercury in their everything so no one could smell anything other than their soon to be unaliveparty.
Sahean 7 dagar sedan
(yes some(nobility) probably shaved to achieve the look, but a good chunk is probably good ol' lead and mercury poisening)
ethan 8 dagar sedan
i new it
Dustin Wysham
Dustin Wysham 9 dagar sedan
12:45 he says 8 doses but there’s 7 needles
WhatIsThisGame_ 1234
WhatIsThisGame_ 1234 9 dagar sedan
17:00 that hat reminds me of tord from eddsworld
Trusty Steed
Trusty Steed 10 dagar sedan
Ngl the baby seal thing really got me
༒Gorm Auslander༒
༒Gorm Auslander༒ 11 dagar sedan
0 points for helmets with chin straps that rest on the chin instead of under
Mousek801 11 dagar sedan
IH losing his mind at 2:30 is the best thing on this channel.
75X75cm 11 dagar sedan
Techwear is best wear
Dirk Bastardrelief
Dirk Bastardrelief 11 dagar sedan
"I'm a rappist. A conficted rappist." Sumitomo Mundi
Mary Hildreth
Mary Hildreth 12 dagar sedan
The reason they wore the skirts with the big hoops under and the bustles etc is that it makes your waist look small. No shit. Everybody could have an hourglass figure. Also Donatella Versace looks like Victoria Gotti.
MAXIMEIJ 12 dagar sedan
I've never enjoyed an ad so much... Rest of the video is amazing too, looking forward to watching more from this series
Schmerz dj
Schmerz dj 13 dagar sedan
Litterally the only creator's channel I watch the adds on...
Thebinchilli 13 dagar sedan
Candy neck ring
Mr. Fish
Mr. Fish 14 dagar sedan
I got a makeup ad before this
J F 14 dagar sedan
SumitoMedia: I'm a rappist Please tell me he means rapper, because the other option is a yikes from me, chief. 😂
Izoha kinshero
Izoha kinshero 14 dagar sedan
“I am a rapist “ Excellent choice of words
LYNETTE 14 dagar sedan
I did not expect to see Trixie and Katya on an IH video.
TechElitesAreADisease 15 dagar sedan
Fashout has a very different connotation from when I've used it before lol
Anthony 15 dagar sedan
I got a versacheeeeh commercial before this video started.
CaseNumber00 15 dagar sedan
Looking at the last few seconds of the video, there was a In the Field Ghosts episode? Was it removed?
『MΣMIƬӨ』 15 dagar sedan
EZE 15 dagar sedan
These works are just brilliant, thanks for the entertainment!
Soandnb 15 dagar sedan
I love how IH get progressively more layers of protection against Covid at around 11:06
Bonk Carlito
Bonk Carlito 15 dagar sedan
Slum ChiChi
Slum ChiChi 16 dagar sedan
2:26 smough from dark souls 1
HeyImWalkinHere 17 dagar sedan
Commenting for the algorithm
bobkilla430 17 dagar sedan
Supreme is a skate shop and a decade+ later I'm guessing that's where the meme came in. There's a few shops in the usa, maybe other countries. you can get their regular items like t shirts, boards etc at normal prices as other skateshops but they did the scarcitie thing right which made em $$$. Lines in LA shop when they are going to make something unique are like the 2nd IPhone with limited supply.
Jans Martinez
Jans Martinez 18 dagar sedan
I CAME just for a video...then I found chile and I leave happier
John Beaker
John Beaker 18 dagar sedan
The Raycons suck btw.
I'M IN THE VOID 19 dagar sedan
ngl that rap was le epic
Prodawg 20 dagar sedan
13:42 in her defense, masks don't do shit anyways. fuck billie eyelash though
Gabriel Guimarães
Gabriel Guimarães 20 dagar sedan
The woman from 2:30 comes straight from some Juni Ito manga.
Hercules Rockefeller
i always wondered why people who put big gauges in their ears didn't get called out for cultural appropriation
George Murphy
George Murphy 22 dagar sedan
I mean, all flexes look dumb.
Josué Júnior
Josué Júnior 22 dagar sedan
I swear I head ''I'm a rapist''
The Man
The Man 22 dagar sedan
I require a video about advertisement
n/a 22 dagar sedan
2:58 looks like a kaminoan from star wars
Chris Ward
Chris Ward 22 dagar sedan
Sumito cannot be that old
BuzzBee BeeBuzz
BuzzBee BeeBuzz 22 dagar sedan
Neck extension is just Divinity 2 Lizards in real life.
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
18:04 I always found the idea of not hiring people with tattoos as laughable, let’s just pass up someone who might genuinely be the best person to fill this role, purely because they have an image they’re fond of IN a their skin
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
“Women” Amazing
Eren Jeageractive
Eren Jeageractive 23 dagar sedan
The spiky hat was a sought out peace of equipment in ww1 trench warfare, why? As soldiers often had to spend days in one place and also suffered from dissing Terry, so a normal thing was to do the deed in a spare helmet and the spiky ones were most useful as the spike helped to brace it into the ground or against something. Now you know.
Garrett Rodgers
Garrett Rodgers 23 dagar sedan
Holly hell that Versochi lady is fucking scary looking
Some Asian Dude
Some Asian Dude 24 dagar sedan
"Am a rapseit" Are you a rapper a raper or a racist?
P0werPuppy 24 dagar sedan
I believe showing the forehead portrays/ed intelligence?
로라 [Laura]
로라 [Laura] 24 dagar sedan
I jammed to Sumito’s Versace rap
Alex Sun
Alex Sun 25 dagar sedan
These commercials are insane
SkinnerClimbs 25 dagar sedan
The Raycon ad just came on and my wired earphones I have round my neck started strangling me
Takota 25 dagar sedan
Never heard of Versace until Bruno Mars sung of it. Then again, I'm the guy who bought a nice pair of glasses, to later find out it was Gucci and about Gucci.
NSZTG 25 dagar sedan
"UBER DRIVER" *summons multiple uber cars to slam into opponent*
axemurderer010 26 dagar sedan
Dankus Memeus
Dankus Memeus 26 dagar sedan
Why do Italian police look like members of the gustapo?
dominik kralj
dominik kralj 26 dagar sedan
How could they talk about army uniforms and not mention Hugo Boss uniforms? Those uniforms are a 15/10
thunar1970 26 dagar sedan
Roycon man has always deserved to exist
MigacMagic667 26 dagar sedan
Versace when she finds out she's a woMAN and not a wowoman
SkinnerClimbs 25 dagar sedan
She's ACTUALLY a wowowo. Get it right.
HULL GUITARS USA 26 dagar sedan
Apparently Internet historian and Jimmy Carr are related
bill nye the Russian spy
“What is an issue that you wish a lot of us would be talking about a lot more often?” *w o m e n*
UnderGrowth 27 dagar sedan
furniture. weapons. vehicles. tools. drugs. video games. exersise. filosofy. religion. currency. literature.
UnderGrowth 27 dagar sedan
11:34 i love how suddenly IH gets a face mask and then a face protector followed by a full hazmat suit.
ZchryPlys 27 dagar sedan
Honestly women were gorgeous in the 70s and 80s in terms of modeling. Now they are honestly sickly and dress homeless. Plus you have all of the plastics in their face. Idk its so wacky. Also if I was a company I would sponsor this guy so fast. His ads are so good. They are like actually on the level of the way good comedy has evolved. Great stuff.
King Treedede
King Treedede 27 dagar sedan
22:34 just realized we get a sneak peak at the rest of the episodes here
Gabriel Blair
Gabriel Blair 28 dagar sedan
woman moment
Nathan s
Nathan s 28 dagar sedan
How does the Internet Historian have such a buttery rich voice but a jangly laugh?
2thomas k
2thomas k 28 dagar sedan
As far as military uniforms go the wingged hussars the polish heavy cavalry has the best
DJ 28 dagar sedan
Vessel of the Lord, Slayer of Heretics
So women are an "issue"?
FancySexDoll 29 dagar sedan
Do you guys say "Versace" or "Versace"?
ceaser 710
ceaser 710 29 dagar sedan
Bro that’s rap tho , was fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
andreas runefors
andreas runefors 29 dagar sedan
You can buy real seal slipper in denmark for about 100 pounds
Fair Enough Gaming
Fair Enough Gaming 29 dagar sedan
You, without a doubt, have the BEST ads on SElosk, no contest. I laugh harder at these then legally required
Justin Fabricius
Justin Fabricius 29 dagar sedan
The NAZI SS uniforms are very sharp. They were designed by Hugo Boss. Shame they were worn by the wrong side. -_-
Bear Lovett
Bear Lovett 29 dagar sedan
Danish special forces uniform is terrifying but badass
_ rojer
_ rojer Månad sedan
Who would even skip such an ad?😆
Ravioli Månad sedan
What about Fascist? If that fashion
Toamastar15 Månad sedan
its so hard to drink anything while watching these without spitting it out and choking on it cos it genuinely makes me laugh so much... ima finish my tea first before going any further.
ArmedPoverty Månad sedan
I think those neck rings actually push the collar bones down, not make the neck longer. They look redonk and probably hurt like fuck
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Månad sedan
Re: Neck Rings Would the neck stretcher rings [which, I propose be henceforth called: the giraffeinator] push the persons shoulders down (& so not making them any taller), or push the skull upwards to make the body increase in height instead?
Vikturus22 Månad sedan
I love the fact that if you check the rewind dislikes on the original video, youtube deleted half of the dislikes!
Indy Lockheart
Indy Lockheart Månad sedan
How about "Lettuce do battle" ?
Jonas Rynesli
Jonas Rynesli Månad sedan
Jo Månad sedan
raisins are sumitos gaming food of choice
Ádám Vörös
Ádám Vörös Månad sedan
21:30 does sumito also own half of the dude in the middle?
Valleking Månad sedan
I mean the german uniforms were literally designed by Hugo Boss...
Bridden Månad sedan
You know, I'm pretty sure Hugo Boss made some really cool looking uniforms for a the military... I just can't seem to remember which country it was for. It's burning me up. Some kind of republic if I remember Whomore Republic? Whysup Republic? I'm sure if I just concentrated on it I could remember.
MeldrickCz Månad sedan
We can see quality cringe here like Doctor Who nowadays era cringe.
Milos de Wit
Milos de Wit Månad sedan
That ad was enough for a like
Austin Wortham
Austin Wortham Månad sedan
Wow that ad to a dark turn.. and then another one. And another one
M J Månad sedan
Because of hormones, a lot of women lose some hair at their hairline during pregnancy, so that receding hairline look could have been intentional to appear fertile.
quest completer
quest completer Månad sedan
I did it I bought me some Raycons
Matthew Meditz
Matthew Meditz Månad sedan
I need some Raycons
Papa Pjort
Papa Pjort Månad sedan
What the fuck was that ad
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