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31 mar 2021



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SumitoMedia 2 månader sedan
bro what the hell
michale andmore
michale andmore 12 dagar sedan
@Oskar Fekonja I was searching for this , reminded me of the mudasir episode
michale andmore
michale andmore 12 dagar sedan
Guess the friendship is over, like mudasire
Avram Lawl
Avram Lawl 14 dagar sedan
*distant twitter rumblings*
MoistBabies 16 dagar sedan
sorry about ur balls man praying for u
Onlooker 16 dagar sedan
Sorry, you died last time
Callum Sparrow
Callum Sparrow 17 timmar sedan
So is it spelt as “Always On” or “Alway Son”?
Callum Sparrow
Callum Sparrow 17 timmar sedan
“food.” - Starts video off with showcasing a drink. Really subverted my expectations.
M TPA Dag sedan
the questions of a generation - thank you for asking them
DeLorean4 Dag sedan
Holy crap, the timing of the McDonalds ice cream machine conspiracy is crazy. The info was recently leaked.
mandarin125 Dag sedan
Bashing fish on a rock is the quickest, easiest, least painful for the fish and all round best way to kill a fish. And you don't even need to carry anything big or special with you!
nofun. Dag sedan
i like how half the video is literally about your mother
Jacob Wooten
Jacob Wooten Dag sedan
Nord VPN does not care what you make for the ad break at all and its great
Tamator 91
Tamator 91 2 dagar sedan
Is that stripper Pyro cinical?
Konstantin Vorotnyuk
Konstantin Vorotnyuk 2 dagar sedan
Mother. The first brand created by Bots !
InspiredByFire 3 dagar sedan
"Rip open a mother" Ghengis Khan, arriving in Australia: "Don't mind if I didgeridoo."
MrMustacrackish 3 dagar sedan
I saw someone advertising some sort of poop dye you consume so you can figure out how long your "latent digestion time" is or something. What you do with that information I have no idea.
Mousek801 3 dagar sedan
The Mother ad is basically Interdimensional Cable from Rick and Morty.
I've lost "everything at once" on 3 different Saturday nights. 2:37
Lary Jr
Lary Jr 4 dagar sedan
If not for these stupid ads I wouldn't have a 3-year nord membership...
Liam Winfield’s Musical Escapades
Maybe Mother is a Danzig reference.
Flin Dude
Flin Dude 5 dagar sedan
The nord vpn adds are soo good I had to rewatch this one again along with rest of vid
Christopher Sanderson
Christopher Sanderson 5 dagar sedan
2:52 When you hear another SEloskr's theme song in the background music. (Tasting History)
Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison 5 dagar sedan
i am actually crying from the dog
Thermalburn 6 dagar sedan
Whats that hype Nord vpn song called? I wanna start blasting it to annoy my wife.
isaac 6 dagar sedan
“Remember... no Russian “
Keine Ahnung, aber viel davon
The poor Mother Instagram account
Jessie Rainey
Jessie Rainey 6 dagar sedan
ennuied 6 dagar sedan
I think I will create an energy drink in honor of my mother.
Matthew Roe
Matthew Roe 7 dagar sedan
4 words for you, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
spud crisp
spud crisp 7 dagar sedan
I want a collab for Aussie dietary advice ft MotherMan and GoldenGaytimeGuy.
Spartan 75
Spartan 75 7 dagar sedan
Mother energy is trying to be like Monster energy. Thats clear by the gothic writing and ya know, Mother is similar to Monster.
Guus 7 dagar sedan
That’s just how you kill a fish
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor 7 dagar sedan
The outronwas genuinely a highlight holy shit😂
ethan 8 dagar sedan
omg stop like tha hell
Jason Levesque
Jason Levesque 8 dagar sedan
Blue defecation pills... Avaturds
QuietTF2 8 dagar sedan
i like how during the nord ad there is always a like/sub/notification animation hanging around
Jake from State Farm
Jake from State Farm 8 dagar sedan
be me: gets pulled over by cops cop looks in trunk: *full of pickles* cop: it's just so much.. me: it's not illegal! cop: no, its not..
Christopher Thompson
Christopher Thompson 9 dagar sedan
I didn't work at McDonald's but I worked at an ice cream cafe and I can tell you I cleaned it like twice a week and you have to take it apart to get the stuck (rock solid) ice cream from the tubes and wash the tubes and levers. That being said, we had two levers and when you cleaned one the other was still available to use... And the fact that the machine is always off in McDonald's is stupid
Nicholas Luck
Nicholas Luck 9 dagar sedan
IH: Games with subtitles suck Warhammer: *profuse sweating*
Cassidy Kreie
Cassidy Kreie 9 dagar sedan
Kero Kero Bonito for the win.
Jake O'Brien
Jake O'Brien 9 dagar sedan
TBH I only watch these videos for the Nord VPN ads...
Thermalburn 10 dagar sedan
the ad was the greatest thing ive ever seen
Todd Wittenmeier
Todd Wittenmeier 10 dagar sedan
McDonalds has some deal with a company who makes the ice cream machine and it just cycles on a timer and breaks all the time.
BigFire 11 dagar sedan
McDonald Ice Cream machine is broken by design to screw the licensee. The machine can only be serviced by the manufacturer.
Spookmeyer 11 dagar sedan
some of htose colon names are marketing fuckfaces being fuckfaces, but some of it is like a trademarked name belonging to a larger property that they have to use they full name of.
Spookmeyer 11 dagar sedan
the secret of the ice cream machine is that they're too lazy to clean it repeatedly and/or just don't want to fucking deal with it so it's broken. Also they just like getting to tell you to fuck off.
Spookmeyer 11 dagar sedan
jesus the nord bit just doesn't stop
E 11 dagar sedan
Easily my favorite ad time :)
Masterzoroark666 11 dagar sedan
"Rip into the Mother" sends several wrong signals
Dirk Bastardrelief
Dirk Bastardrelief 11 dagar sedan
I hope not all these videos have two guys sitting at a table. Seems lazy.
Dirk Bastardrelief
Dirk Bastardrelief 11 dagar sedan
Stubble&Glasses Man hasn't done much stream fishing... That's how you end their misery. You roll them in dirt so you can get a grip, then you pound imaginary nails with their foreheads, except instead of nails it's the edge of a boulder.
Yuri Nator
Yuri Nator 11 dagar sedan
There’s no time for advertising when they are preparing for their inevitable war with the Fist Of The North Star!
Realistic_Secret 12 dagar sedan
The issues with the McDonalds ice cream machines is actually really interesting
Paulo Yánez
Paulo Yánez 12 dagar sedan
To the editor: Thank you for putting up your best in the name of IT and our entertainment
Plastic Scot
Plastic Scot 12 dagar sedan
I love the idea of the Nord VPN marketing team sitting round a table and actually having to approve your ads
Charlie Mullins
Charlie Mullins 12 dagar sedan
I'm a type one diabetic and I am personally going to buy the sugar free mother drink right now. Exceptional marketing once again.
KhrisKnight 12 dagar sedan
The technology is there for the McDonald’s ice cream machine to be up and running 24/7. The company/franchises are too greedy to improve the machines at all. I worked at one for two years and they only changed one of the machines and it was because the old one that the had for 10 or so years caught on fire
Schmerz dj
Schmerz dj 12 dagar sedan
The machines at Macca's break down so much because they r only allowed to get them serviced from a a certain company and they work with Macca's.... There's some doccos looking into why Macca's icecream machines r down so much
Schmerz dj
Schmerz dj 12 dagar sedan
Mothers not a small brand..... It's coke
Joelynn Carter
Joelynn Carter 12 dagar sedan
Mother energy drink, brought to you by Ancient Architects
George Humphreys
George Humphreys 13 dagar sedan
The real reason the werewolf one is so long is because its based on the board game, which has other series like Vampires: the masquerade and mages: the ascension among others
Tayler Wilson
Tayler Wilson 13 dagar sedan
someone may have posted this already but i have a game theory abt why it's called mother i found out recently that the bacteria that makes vinegar is called mother, and saying someone is full of piss and vinegar means they're high energy so since it's got water in it, after you drink it you'll be full of piss and vinegar
LEGOMAN 2 13 dagar sedan
title: food video: energy drink talk for 8 minutes
Hollow Galbraith
Hollow Galbraith 13 dagar sedan
12:20 Sidenote: There is a SElosk documentary about that
Hollow Galbraith
Hollow Galbraith 13 dagar sedan
He really said Paper, Scissors, Rock
Calvin Goodall
Calvin Goodall 14 dagar sedan
4:26 There's no way this isn't a reference to HLVRAI Tommy.
Avram Lawl
Avram Lawl 14 dagar sedan
*distant twitter rumblings*
FunnieFluffy Fun
FunnieFluffy Fun 14 dagar sedan
Please does someone know what the music in the intro is called??
Beelzebub 14 dagar sedan
Werewolf Failed lol, you were right.
Brendan Coulter
Brendan Coulter 14 dagar sedan
7 minuets in and we are still on mother. The only food worth talking about.
Kawaii Desu
Kawaii Desu 14 dagar sedan
UMMMMM ACTUALLY It did alright in uhh... Japan and... blah blah blah...
Zaragachi Zanparo
Zaragachi Zanparo 15 dagar sedan
Sir, this is NOT a Wendy's.
LTBLACKCOAT 15 dagar sedan
The absolute state of the Nordvpn advertisements, wonderful. Its also kinda wack that indeed the ice-cream machine issues where in fact the stuff of conspiracy theory's. (others have explained it, but yeah the ice cream machine company makes about 25% of its profits from repairs.)
Meromorphic 15 dagar sedan
Fucking lol'ed at "Njordflix"
lucid dreamer
lucid dreamer 16 dagar sedan
You have to be high to watch this
That DK Guy
That DK Guy 16 dagar sedan
The Ice Cream machines are designed to break down and needing to be serviced by a third party rep to get put back online.... Taylor is the company and the have strong ties with Mcdonalads corp...
TheJollySoviet 16 dagar sedan
Fun fact: the reason the ice-cream machine is always broken is because the machine has a four hour self-cleaning routine everyday and it isn't uncommon that it will hit a snag during the process, give an unclear error message, and need a repair man to be fixed. This is intentional as the company whose machines mcdonalds legally has to use, as per a contract from ages ago, makes most of its money from repairs.
Mr. Shady
Mr. Shady 16 dagar sedan
What a streaming group name "artificial preservatives" in french
ten2ten13 16 dagar sedan
Starts off with the word food, then talks about a drink. Love these logical videos
Lmao. 16 dagar sedan
Sekiro silently crying in the corner
killer melon
killer melon 16 dagar sedan
The McDonald's ice cream issue is due to lucrative contracts. Due to some mumbo jumbo only specific repair men from the company that makes the ice cream machines can make the repairs. Multiple Franchise's have been discontinued due to breaking/trying to bypass this lucrative deal
Dripstein Drippin
Dripstein Drippin 17 dagar sedan
To be fair to kingdom come, it was made my the Czechs
Neck Thebet
Neck Thebet 17 dagar sedan
Dustin Provost
Dustin Provost 17 dagar sedan
the sunburnt land is limited by only your imagination ...and physics too
swedrake 17 dagar sedan
The elder scrolls V: Skyrim. Fuckers are still selling that shit.
Science pod
Science pod 17 dagar sedan
You know the best kind of advertising is when an influencer legitimately likes your product. And isn't just saying they like it because they got paid to.
Enter the End
Enter the End 17 dagar sedan
Mother is the only one I hate, it tastes like candy/lollies that have been left in the sun to melt
Icie Flake
Icie Flake 17 dagar sedan
there are poop dye's .. one pretty well known is pure gold.. so yeah if you that rich you can litterly shit golden turds.
Popculturejk 17 dagar sedan
I know I'm dumb but it took me a while to realize that ih was joking about summito and ordinary things.
D Po
D Po 18 dagar sedan
someone needs to show internet historian that McDonald's ice cream machine conspiracy video by Johnny Harris
mason booh
mason booh 18 dagar sedan
They dont know the taylor conspiracy
Buttpirates Buttpirate
Buttpirates Buttpirate 18 dagar sedan
14:42 Game nerd moment: there actually is an old NES game called Werewolf (The Last Warrior?). Can't remember the subtitle but i mainly remember it as Werewolf.
Haruka Satou
Haruka Satou 18 dagar sedan
Look up: Golden Poop Pills (on your preferred search engine and go into the images tab) I guarantee that you'll either be incredibly disgusted, piss yourself cackling (like the hyena I know you are...) or a mix of the two.
el duderino83
el duderino83 18 dagar sedan
Ahh yes the mystery of the ice cream machine, a guy did a vid on it recently. The machines macces is using don´t like it if you overfill them. Due to (deliberate) crappy software the machine can´t cool the sludge in time and errors out. It´s basically a ploy to keep franchise owners paying for certified technicians to come and reset the machines. If you wanna make friends with your local miccy d manager tell them to underfill the machines and precool the dairysludge bags.
Rajini Can't
Rajini Can't 18 dagar sedan
If you like this comment, I will literally eat *food*
Kahutia Risk
Kahutia Risk 18 dagar sedan
In New Zealand Mother have the same blurb on the back but they replace some of the words.
Cheyenne Colin
Cheyenne Colin 18 dagar sedan
I heard from many a McDonald’s worker that when they say the “Ice cream machine is down” the machine isn’t really broken at all, they’re literally just trying to warn/protect you as most times there something gross going on in there like bugs, rodents, fungi, and other things you do NOT want to know about! 🤢
Nicpus 18 dagar sedan
"Just go and rip open a mother" Byotiful
Pål Harald Rindal
Pål Harald Rindal 18 dagar sedan
Killing fish by hitting it against the rock's is fine
kozmik WZRD
kozmik WZRD 19 dagar sedan
Scissors, paper, rock hurts my brain...
Wilson Solt
Wilson Solt 19 dagar sedan
Shake machines have over 100 parts that need to be disassembled cleaned and reassembled. It also takes awhile for it to get to temp.
Matthew W
Matthew W 19 dagar sedan
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Maybe the exception to the rule, it did amazingly well.
John Roberts
John Roberts 19 dagar sedan
This channel has the best ads
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 19 dagar sedan
So are you meant to eat the stripper or not!?