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Just trying out a new format. Kind of relaxing.


Where I keep the pics:
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27 aug 2018



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DHIRAL 5 dagar sedan
What's that booster control thing in top right?🤔
Django 5 dagar sedan
Why does this exist.
John Rambo
John Rambo 8 dagar sedan
PeePee Hard
PeePee Hard 15 dagar sedan
15 second unskippable ad :(
SuperlazyCatsStudios CommentOnYT
Jimmy nuttron, boy sciectist trys to kill Helen (who has his science) with electric summersalt pistol and is being talked to by G-Man, also harold is watching, also the conductor crocodial is also watching. -Man make fan fic with photoshop
Computer Onfire
Computer Onfire 16 dagar sedan
What does the NFT go on sale for all these master pieces?
Chih Chang
Chih Chang 16 dagar sedan
this is the wildest photoshop tutorial on youtube
Thegameres 16 dagar sedan
Our Pasta town
G J 17 dagar sedan
is this realtime speed of him doing photoshop?
Chrizztann Villon
Chrizztann Villon 17 dagar sedan
These can sell as NFTS ngl
Marshall Lee
Marshall Lee 17 dagar sedan
P T 22 dagar sedan
Was the video edited in post or does he actually edit photos that quickly???
willisverynice 27 dagar sedan
Pedro Månad sedan
its like being a 1502 fucker watching michelangelo paint venus
Hero-America Månad sedan
Lol adult arting is amazing
Charles Cheesman
Charles Cheesman Månad sedan
Is this an NFT yet?
Hyper-Shan Månad sedan
These are the kinds of art I wanna see in a museum.
Killerofcats Månad sedan
Mari Ka
Mari Ka 2 månader sedan
Thanks for remind me to never feed Jimmy Kimmel
benjamint444 2 månader sedan
i'm impressed by how well this is montaged/edited together to make a nice flow for the video
Mike Tang
Mike Tang 2 månader sedan
The reminiscent gong roughly owe because seal neuropathologically interrupt a a scared vegetable. rare, petite umbrella
meme me
meme me 2 månader sedan
MigacMagic667 2 månader sedan
on this episode of... In.... the.... laaaaaab
Monke High Command TF2
Monke High Command TF2 2 månader sedan
Yeti from tf2 eating breakfast while punching a vaccine cleaner with a party hat
Miguel Ángel Rábago
Miguel Ángel Rábago 2 månader sedan
scrambled ripper
scrambled ripper 2 månader sedan
hes cranking 90s in photoshop
Sol Nocturno
Sol Nocturno 2 månader sedan
This is just good
Lily Halter
Lily Halter 3 månader sedan
A handbag full of science
Powerful Sniff
Powerful Sniff 3 månader sedan
Helen bouta get a brain blast
ButtSolution 3 månader sedan
IH has merged spiritually with the lasso tool.
janivt1 3 månader sedan
My third wish from genie is that i was that good at photoshop
SatanBunny 3 månader sedan
yes, i love it.
Kyle Gray
Kyle Gray 3 månader sedan
The befitting difference intriguinly vanish because coil macroscopically surround without a zonked effect. clammy, lopsided nitrogen
Trajan's a Femboy
Trajan's a Femboy 3 månader sedan
Wake up Mr Nuttron and smell the science
TraskForge 3 månader sedan
Hi what music is being used. Please thanks, regards.
Big taste Big boy
Big taste Big boy 3 månader sedan
In the quarantine
Pauline F.
Pauline F. 3 månader sedan
He works Photoshop like my teacher explains mathematics
Begily Beagle
Begily Beagle 3 månader sedan
Links for more of these please sir Internet?
Christian 3 månader sedan
I would take and hang these works of art
Scrungulus 3 månader sedan
what editor is this
YOUR -WORSHIP 3 månader sedan
Anyone else wanting a clip of the historian just photoshopping things like this in real-time?
Dante Chappell
Dante Chappell 3 månader sedan
Holy shit he’s so good at this
Basket Weaver
Basket Weaver 3 månader sedan
wtf am I watching
toofknbusy 3 månader sedan
Amazing art
Mike Capasso
Mike Capasso 3 månader sedan
How did you not have a harold that's already cropped on-deck?
BreakfastAtNoon 3 månader sedan
I'm quite positive I've already seen this but.. Still laughing.
Luckynumber slevin
Luckynumber slevin 3 månader sedan
i use paint2D, so i'm kind of a photoshop artist myself
Drice Productions
Drice Productions 3 månader sedan
I can't use PS to save my life and this dude is doing all this in no time at all
The Devs
The Devs 3 månader sedan
The labrorotorotorotrorotrorotrory
Grzegorz Mikoś
Grzegorz Mikoś 4 månader sedan
I think it’s safe to do Tanacon video now...
Zenn_Chan 4 månader sedan
Petition for Historian to do photoshop tutorial videos? Explain the complex stuff like distort, like how he made Harold fit in the window, or the way he like, smushed up Shaun's sleeve for the pip boy
Jack Rowley
Jack Rowley 4 månader sedan
“She needs a handbag full of science otherwise it makes no sense” as if any of it makes sense
Blue Squadron
Blue Squadron 4 månader sedan
And he still hasnt made a video on tanacon
Senior Whoopy IRL
Senior Whoopy IRL 4 månader sedan
Please subscribe This man is criminally under subbed
Senior Whoopy IRL
Senior Whoopy IRL 4 månader sedan
I've never laughed so hard watching somebody Photoshop
Landon McGuire
Landon McGuire 4 månader sedan
I guess I never realized how truly talented you are with Photoshop..... damn son
First Last
First Last 5 månader sedan
We need more
Joshua 5 månader sedan
Elyas Blondlet
Elyas Blondlet 5 månader sedan
oh fuck i dont belive you use Photoshop at the speed of a air fighter
k4x1 rda
k4x1 rda 5 månader sedan
He crops out the background of images in mere seconds while I spent like 15 minutes cropping it How does he do it
Abraham Cardoza
Abraham Cardoza 6 månader sedan
Whats the software used
OwnageExplosion 6 månader sedan
I am wondering what software he used. Anyone know?
David R
David R 6 månader sedan
I would love for him to do a photoshop tutorial
Manonthebrain 45
Manonthebrain 45 6 månader sedan
Here for 666k views WHOOO
Dries du Preez
Dries du Preez 6 månader sedan
I very nearly didn't like and sub just because of kimmel
no 6 månader sedan
your doing dis in ms paint right?
jeff 09
jeff 09 6 månader sedan
Intro song?
Network TV
Network TV 6 månader sedan
this video is both entertaining and instructional
hidden mustache
hidden mustache 6 månader sedan
I want more!
Amadetto 7 månader sedan
The sound of IH’s keyboard makes me wanna come........come to JESUS
Astal Idiot
Astal Idiot 7 månader sedan
"I wouldn't butt chug him if he had chocolate diarrhea" - Santa
Kyle Hankins
Kyle Hankins 7 månader sedan
One of the great artists of our time
Pallomember 8 månader sedan
Ngl that alligator is just awww
Darren Semotiuk
Darren Semotiuk 8 månader sedan
Very inspiring video! Now I also want to art.
Ace Fingerhole
Ace Fingerhole 8 månader sedan
There's always a god damn train!
Aaron Curley
Aaron Curley 8 månader sedan
Can you please do a few more videos like these? I found this to be hilarious.
idontknowspanish 8 månader sedan
Is This Loss?
Doulest 8 månader sedan
wheres the tanncon vid, bro?
Hymmnos 8 månader sedan
This shit looks like its sped up 5x with all the PS controls.
Andrew Trout
Andrew Trout 8 månader sedan
"I will make a video on TanaCon." - Posted 2 years ago
flyingdeathcatsgo 8 månader sedan
Some good science going on here
HipFire_HeadShot 8 månader sedan
I gotta learn how to photoshop xD
Light Echo
Light Echo 9 månader sedan
Helen mirren is a g.o.a.t....
Unknown Cat
Unknown Cat 6 månader sedan
damyr 9 månader sedan
WTF did I just watch???
Philgamer_ 309
Philgamer_ 309 9 månader sedan
this is art in it's finest form
beetmasteraz 9 månader sedan
I watched jimmy neutron last night. Dang Google spying on me. Putin this in my suggestions.
dejv 9 månader sedan
Have you considered doing a photoshop tutorial on stream?
Yong Yea
Yong Yea 9 månader sedan
Report of the Week
Idoyt 10 månader sedan
Do you speedrun photoshop?
PiterburgCowboy 10 månader sedan
Internet Historian had to be a former graphic designer /illustrator who was paid by the hour, and said: Fuck it I make that for myself on youtube.
Jake 10 månader sedan
That outro bahahahaba God damn Fucking Jimmy so fuckin funny bro
Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez
Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez 10 månader sedan
Legit I would watch a photoshop course for a him with memes as example.
Uriah 10 månader sedan
The handles on the purse are layered such that they look like they are crossed
Cubi 10 månader sedan
How the hell is he doing some of that stuff in Photoshop? That's pretty crazy. Like the quick edits out of entire backgrounds?
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise 10 månader sedan
how tf is he soo quick
Charlie Apples
Charlie Apples 10 månader sedan
I do photoshop for a living and this man is using haxx
SIEBWIEP 10 månader sedan
Somebody knows the song in the background at the start?
too early, man
too early, man 10 månader sedan
Please, please *GOD* do more of these.
DANIEL RODRIGUEZ 11 månader sedan
Why the actual fuck is he really good at this? My guy goes 100 miles an hour while editing random shit
Nameless Entity
Nameless Entity 11 månader sedan
You make this look so easy...... I must eat your brain to have your powers!.
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