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Answers to questions you never asked.

( 0:07 ) Status of Kony in 2018
( 0:33 ) Were those tattoos real?
( 0:54 ) Is Kony actually as bad as they say?
( 1:22 ) Why did Jason snap?
( 5:30 ) What on earth was that musical?
( 14:33 ) TO SKIP THE MUSICAL (timestamp in the video is wrong)
( 14:34 ) A bit about Jon M. Chu
( 16:11 ) The car incident
( 17:42 ) How did Invisible Children start?
( 18:38 ) What was Uganda's response to the video?
( 19:18 ) What's up with that Moreno Ocampo guy?
( 22:56 ) Why don't they just big-boom device Kony?
( 24:47 ) Where'd the money go?
( 28:16 ) What about that video with the guy drinking?????
( 30:10 ) What was Kony's response?
( 30:58 ) Were there any arrests over the vandalism?
( 31:18 ) Why is George Clooney LARPing as the CIA?
( 32:27 ) Where is Kony right now?
( 34:44 ) Show me more dumb clips


Twitter: NetHistorian
Twitch: twitch.tv/internethistorian
Philly D's Secret Link of the Day: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fE5K...


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17 dec 2018



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I'm 9
I'm 9 Dag sedan
601th dislike
AudiosurfDocumentor 2 dagar sedan
This duology; the videos of Kony, and sophomore year. True pioneering of armchair activism: A nothing burger. "Can anybody: please, please think of the children!" Virtue signalings.
Someguy 2 dagar sedan
Why does the mum bring a whisk???
Sayszar Tempest
Sayszar Tempest 3 dagar sedan
TFW you find a video of IH you haven't watched yet :')
Virginia Lover Productions
Ah yes, a bunch of random white Californians sleeping in the street is going to make a lawless warlord/terrorist change his actions.
Some Random Knuckles In A Tank
"why didn't the Ugandan Air Force bomb kony?" You do know that the Ugandan Air Force is basically one cropduster with a machine gun duck-taped on?
GoingBirdMode 3 dagar sedan
He just uses the swag beam on the confused teenagers.
OzzyOscy 4 dagar sedan
*The upkeep of a satellite is... **_astronomical._*
Fightingfalconmlu94 4 dagar sedan
I need to ask.... is the guy from the thumbnail not one of the kings from: A pair of kings on disney channel?
Aditya Kotari
Aditya Kotari 5 dagar sedan
Historian singing along with the musical was the most enjoyable part of my day
Andy Boyd
Andy Boyd 5 dagar sedan
I remember 2006 and there was no way this could have possibly been perceived as cool, even then.
Kiwibirdman1701 5 dagar sedan
26:16 Battlestar Galactica music?
fashionably drunk
fashionably drunk 7 dagar sedan
i also that was funny.
PhillyCh3zSt3ak 8 dagar sedan
Someone needs to make a Yakuza 0 "Friday Night" cut of that dance.
Randal 1231
Randal 1231 9 dagar sedan
How is sleeping outside helping a fucking thing? This is pure "Slack-tivism", where none of their efforts correlate towards the goal of their cause. Fucking stupid people.
Randal 1231
Randal 1231 9 dagar sedan
I'm sorry, but as a self-identifying gay man, I cant help but see Jason as a gay man; I know he's in theory, "straight", but I have seen my fair share of closeted gay men who have families to cover their tracks. To me, it's so obvious with his body language and interactions, I cant see Jason as a straight man.
TheBuddylove420 9 dagar sedan
The kony music video.......I don’t not want to die
Waffle-Waffle 9 dagar sedan
"We are gonna change the world~" "How are you gonna do that" "um................" I mean c'mon dancing singing and posting ain't gonna get shit done, even guns do it better than those things
Flexo 9 dagar sedan
10:55 still waiting for that merch drop
Bradley Wellik
Bradley Wellik 10 dagar sedan
That song is a rip of a Disney land ride song. Captain EO.
Please Help
Please Help 10 dagar sedan
anyone know the intro??
Jake Cooper
Jake Cooper 10 dagar sedan
3.5 years late... But... The strangest part of the musical that wasn't mentioned was the Michael Jackson influence. The song was of course originally made famous by Jackson, and the dancing and some of the whoop sounds are directly inspired by him too. This was done in 2006, less than a year after Jackson's molestation trial. Whilst he was found not guilty, it's still a strange decision to use this song for a cause that is trying to save children.
Schmerz dj
Schmerz dj 10 dagar sedan
Yea.... I believe he's not gay.... Just "theatrical".... Lmao
Tom Lee
Tom Lee 11 dagar sedan
Omfg I love Americans... they're like that cringe friend but you keep them around for that hilarity factor haha
Mel Gibson88
Mel Gibson88 11 dagar sedan
emmanuel fax
emmanuel fax 11 dagar sedan
John Sheppard
John Sheppard 11 dagar sedan
Kony 2012 demonstrates clearly why pacifism is not inherently a virtue.
cereal with bleach
cereal with bleach 11 dagar sedan
0:52 that’s no triangle that represents equality, that’s a god damn WiFi symbol
ordinary 6 dagar sedan
lmao thats what i was thinking lol
Trepidity Trepidity
Trepidity Trepidity 12 dagar sedan
Holy crap that music video....
Hypeonpoint Kamikaze
Hypeonpoint Kamikaze 12 dagar sedan
Love yah but your voice is fkin annoying my god make it stop
Matt D.
Matt D. 12 dagar sedan
It took until 11:34 to realize why I was having EPCOT flashbacks.
Matt Chats with Cats
Matt Chats with Cats 12 dagar sedan
That Captain Eo dance scene will have me cringing on my deathbed.
LeatherCladVegan 13 dagar sedan
9:36 IH is utterly baffled by the concept of depth.
cooperfell34 13 dagar sedan
13:49 in absolute disbelief they were like yeah send it this is fly dog. RAWRXD the kids will love it.
cooperfell34 13 dagar sedan
Me at 9:08 "Why Are you Doing this to Us" as im being subjected to hard core cringe .
efenty FNT
efenty FNT 13 dagar sedan
17:10 "what do you mean shot?" "they use the gun to shoot them"
okdanhe 13 dagar sedan
25:56 is that Don Cheadle on the right?
Graph 13 dagar sedan
I love how in the musical campaign video they have the audience raise legitimate questions that they just dont answer. Like they literally admit they have no clue what they're doing lmao
aprendizmetalero 666
aprendizmetalero 666 13 dagar sedan
Kony was the supertar of 2012, alongside lmfao and gangam style
zed381 no
zed381 no 14 dagar sedan
35:48 Angery bird moment
zed381 no
zed381 no 14 dagar sedan
At the time of the video the LRA was barely active in Uganda and only controlled small areas in the North, while most activity was in the CAR
zed381 no
zed381 no 14 dagar sedan
16:35 when he said "ahead" I think he meant like they were there before them not directly ahead
Oshwaflz 14 dagar sedan
>media lies for clicks what else is new? I mean seriously his glasses arent even on his ears have they ever been drunk before? they have to know that thats not something people actually do edit: ~30:00 btw
Kyle Gray
Kyle Gray 14 dagar sedan
The mute cylinder cytologically shade because goat ultrasonographically cough against a superficial night. untidy, filthy dirt
Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra 15 dagar sedan
If they always dance why would they ask what they should do? Every time this happens you dance why would this be different?
big bload
big bload 15 dagar sedan
"North Sudan (the bad one) run by Al-Bashar." Wtf was that sentence.
ROFLCOPTER 13 dagar sedan
It is the bad one though. South Sudan didnt break off for no reason.
John Fuckerbutt
John Fuckerbutt 15 dagar sedan
Theres like this thing in society. where nothing you plan on putting out to be popular gets popular. But if it does, it goes too popular and mostly for the wrong reasons.
Thomas lyons
Thomas lyons 16 dagar sedan
Cellarius Mack
Cellarius Mack 16 dagar sedan
1:10 those are some tiny ears
wulmpus 17 dagar sedan
god if anyone needs to be deplatformed its news stations, the poor ballon boys dad now this, they spread false naritvies and information at a global scale, defamation?
Elle van Veelen
Elle van Veelen 17 dagar sedan
I... kind if like the musical? Am I the only one? Also, they made it in only 3 weeks??? That seems really impressive to me!
Duy Le
Duy Le 19 dagar sedan
Is that an eel in the aquarium?
Anna Elisabeth
Anna Elisabeth 19 dagar sedan
the humming along to the song is KILLING me
Em San
Em San 19 dagar sedan
a guy who likes musicals got the world to give a shit about a Ugandan warlord for more than 5 minutes... I think he did alright.
John Smith
John Smith 5 dagar sedan
Wrong man at the right place can make all the difference.
mydemon 9 dagar sedan
Damn. The real truth was spoken here
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
“What do you mean shot?” Well idk how to break this to you...
cookieaddictions 20 dagar sedan
I actually think that dancing video is actually cute. I can’t believe he got so many people involved and able to learn the entire choreography.
Jakkaphat Kaewthong
Jakkaphat Kaewthong 24 dagar sedan
That fish look very angry
Rain Awareness
Rain Awareness 26 dagar sedan
How is it unfair to think that they were stealing money from Haiti or wherever, when one of the founders filmed himself saying so? How is that a joke?
The Dark Derp
The Dark Derp 13 dagar sedan
He literally just explained the context of the call use your ears mate
ROFLCOPTER 13 dagar sedan
God, its so obviously a private joke and nothing serious.
Mith’raw’nuruodo 28 dagar sedan
“As I understand it” count: 12737366828337
Tim TLP 28 dagar sedan
2021 and a passing thought of Kofi Annan kept coming to me. A Google search told me I my memory recall was a bit off. I was remembering Kony 2012. I can’t believe how we were walking around with African warlord merch on just like W.W.J.D. bracelets. It’s like we were looking for the next craze.
Jack Guyett
Jack Guyett 28 dagar sedan
13:43 POV: Tsar
Kalabuk Månad sedan
They raised so many legitimate issues in the lead up to the song, and then didn't respond to a single one.
hugojake Månad sedan
That in bad times shirt is unironically the funniest shit I have ever seen, oh my god.
No Diggity
No Diggity Månad sedan
I particularly like the chick at 11:54. All cringey swagger and awkward poise. I like the cut of her jib.
Becuase I'm bored
Becuase I'm bored Månad sedan
Who the fuck says " that video about child abuse is good and sad and all but-"
etheraraf Månad sedan
Dungeon keeper 1 dark mistress sounds, anyone?
mikhabe f
mikhabe f Månad sedan
Kony did nothing wrong
RyanCooper Månad sedan
Jason has hero syndrome
Airplane Noise
Airplane Noise Månad sedan
16:25 what's that game?
Metallic Divination
Metallic Divination Månad sedan
Well I can see where most of their budget went
Mephistopheles Månad sedan
11:52 Just realized I'm watching this video on the 29th of April. Nice.
Evan McNeely
Evan McNeely Månad sedan
10/10 acting for sure
Sketch Junior
Sketch Junior Månad sedan
For some reason I thought the guy who started Kony 2012 killed himself
howva Månad sedan
No wonder millenials are jaded really And thats definitely Ryan Hansen in the video, he is married to Jason Russell's sister
17:00 yeah mate pretty sure your under attack by Ugandan streamsnipers. Their leader is some guy named "Bruce U?" Basically if you hear meme music start running! ;-)
Imagineer183 Månad sedan
Did it pain anyone else that he didn’t mention that the music video was a parody of “Captain EO” from Disneyland in the 80s by Michael Jackson. That really brought me back!
Matt Crosby
Matt Crosby Månad sedan
This is coming from a fair amount of time and research that your just going to have to do yourself if you really want to see if my point is relevant, but the more pressing question is NOT is Kony that bad. It is: is Kony unique? Short answer: lol nope. Longer answer: post colonial subsaharan Africa is a nightmare conflation of modern technology, primal habits, advanced complexity, and simple Hobbesian Reality. Canabalism, witchcraft, Cargo Cultism, mercenaries, proxy conflict, sacral mutilation, zero sum infrastructure, wilderness, isolation, colonial abandonment, remote policy application... I'm a verbose motherfucker and I lack the lexicon to paint an accurate picture of the nightmare that is subsaharan African conflict. I say this only to encourage reading (of books, not webpages) and restraint. There is no simple solution.
Reverse Centaur
Reverse Centaur Månad sedan
I didn't know cancer had a theme song
Sydney Concerts
Sydney Concerts Månad sedan
it was funny , i got it , JOSON
Sydney Concerts
Sydney Concerts Månad sedan
TransPlant 161
TransPlant 161 Månad sedan
I wish I got into anything as hard as he gets into that song
General Fuck yeah Anime Titties
the car shooting one more just comes off as him not going into detail rather than being misleading.
Killerofcats Månad sedan
josh wilkins
josh wilkins 2 månader sedan
When is the “in bad times” T-shirt ready? Too funny mate. Need it
carlwinslo 2 månader sedan
That music video makes me feel like im watching a crossover of Highschool Drama Musical +Zoolander part 5. You can tell they are trying to be a little ironic to hook the youth but its not even close and its just a terrible idea all around.
Mathew Cooper
Mathew Cooper 2 månader sedan
I know South Park used him as the foundation of the episode , I mean that guy what's his name that's the subject of this is naturally a South Park character. Personified by Stan and not a side character, Trey Parker empathizes with the guy. I wouldn't know about the connection if you didn't make this video because I wouldn't have ever known about the inspiration I can't remember the name of. Bless him!
Matt Crosby
Matt Crosby Månad sedan
A big part of me growing up (read: black and white blending to gray) was realizing that South Park (pre-Trump of course) is very funny and very shallow. There is almost zero substance behind their substantial insight, a puzzling problem that haunts all great satire. Put another way: being an exceptional meteorologist does not make you a good financial advisor.
Mathew Cooper
Mathew Cooper 2 månader sedan
That dude is straight out of SouthPark in real life, but not in a bad way. He wasn't taking donations and sucking cocaine off of hookers assholes with it! God bless him!
livalil 2 månader sedan
the song slaps but no one will admit it
Solsun 2 månader sedan
holy crap the 00’s were a weird time man
Uglyprincw 2 månader sedan
7:05 theres no fucking way this chic isnt one of the karens we see having melt downs on tiktok
Cameron Donald
Cameron Donald 2 månader sedan
You sir are a treasure. Very entertaining and just a (fairly) unbiased source of information, with no agenda about from giving people interesting information. You treat a very serious issue with enough respect without sensationalism. I feel it's a very Australian mindset which our wish our leaders and media displayed more often 🇦🇺
Prof Douglas
Prof Douglas 2 månader sedan
Watching this after all those years, i didn't skipped the "dance video part".... and i'm not disapointed, the commentary makes it about 30% less painful xD
Chris Anagnostou
Chris Anagnostou 2 månader sedan
They made that moxi movie now
Pastel Ram
Pastel Ram 2 månader sedan
Moxie is now on Netflix
man with a username
man with a username 2 månader sedan
What's that starting song? It sounds pretty cool.
Maximus 2 månader sedan
there music video makes me want to relapse
Brandon Gnuschke
Brandon Gnuschke 2 månader sedan
Is nobody gonna talk about how that song and dance is literally just Captain EO?
Justin Kashtock
Justin Kashtock 2 månader sedan
With $23 million, they could have spent a fraction of that hiring a small mercenary group of former spec-ops to go into the jungle to locate and take out Kony and his cadre, and then used the rest to rehab everyone left over after they were freed. Bing bang boom done.
cheemsbomrger 2 månader sedan
With all due respect for Jason Russell's mum, she sounds like Toad screaming.
John Doe22
John Doe22 2 månader sedan
the song is hard to watch holy s..t :/=
Pietromagg 2 månader sedan
God damnit I hate America. XD
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