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12 nov 2020



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among us
among us Dag sedan
2:07: When a small SEloskr acts famous
Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord
Insumito Mode
BatJeff 3 dagar sedan
Socrates sounds kinda like Michael from Vsauce
Ophion Izanami
Ophion Izanami 4 dagar sedan
Good one
Emmie 5 dagar sedan
Omg I keep seeing pyro in your videos, it's great. Is there a connection or do you just like him as a content creator?
Derek McCloud
Derek McCloud 5 dagar sedan
I actually got Nord VPN, and it is 100% because of IH's outstanding ad thymes.
Chad Cuckproducer
Chad Cuckproducer 5 dagar sedan
You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house, And if you have a glass jaw you better watch your mouth. -Ghandi
Tyson Amano
Tyson Amano 6 dagar sedan
I like the fact that looking up “mythology”, as vast of results that should give me, this was third in results towards the top
J L 7 dagar sedan
15:47 "Not in the clan- It's just a hood-" god bless Internet Historian Nord ads.
Wolf6120 7 dagar sedan
Here in the Czech Republic we call someone an "Aesop" if they have very big, very unkempt hair. No idea why. Dunno if Aesop had hair like that.
Josh Song
Josh Song 8 dagar sedan
This man's ad plugs are sometimes better than the actual video itself
oleg therussian
oleg therussian 8 dagar sedan
Pyro and ordinary things love each other(gone bad'not clickbait)
Mr. 27
Mr. 27 8 dagar sedan
It's been 6 months...
Mark Dep
Mark Dep 9 dagar sedan
Still waiting on season 2 of the Nordman anime
Thomas Judge
Thomas Judge 9 dagar sedan
Shoutouts to Diogenes of Sinope.
Andrew Pytko
Andrew Pytko 9 dagar sedan
King Midas is the only many in history that can literally shit gold bricks.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 9 dagar sedan
Gold is fucking useless aside from Circuit Boards, and those have only existed for 100 years.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 9 dagar sedan
I love they're depiction of Socrates in this video, because OSP uses that Painting for the Author of Stranger in a Strange Land to show how Annoyingly Self Righteous the fucker was. It's great.
Bojack Hex
Bojack Hex 11 dagar sedan
Who's gods do I have to worship to get a drink around here?
Fatalerror 420
Fatalerror 420 11 dagar sedan
But i thought david and goliath wasnt actually a myth
Mousek801 11 dagar sedan
That is the best ad I've ever seen.
Dand 12 dagar sedan
15:10 For the Anime Opening
2021 isn't a race
2021 isn't a race 12 dagar sedan
uh oh. that number is real.....
Dylan 13 dagar sedan
I mean there’s a reason the space shuttle have heat shielding.
Penguin with a game
Penguin with a game 13 dagar sedan
what the fuck was that ad time
thedarkness111 13 dagar sedan
David Mitchell also pointed out that if you went around turning everything into gold the price of gold would plummet and it would all be virtually worthless.
Etnn_ 14 dagar sedan
"Not in the clan, its just a hood" Yeah right mr NordMan
Chris Merck
Chris Merck 14 dagar sedan
Interesting from a scientific point of view. An EXPERIMENTAL drug. A drug made a new way. A drug made in the lab with lab made mRNA. A drug with 5 percent side effects that include death, infertility, face paralysis, embolism, sever allergic to death reaction. Long term effects unknown. Not tested but two months in lab. Base used on all vaccinees is aborted baby dna,. Some countries have banned some drug suppliers as the vacccine caused embolisms and the injected person died. Infertility is also possible as the vacccne causes uterus to not be able to support the fetus. The CDC is also full of people in the thousands discussing the side effects they have experienced. Kids are virtually immune from this coviid at about 99.9 percent. Next is those 59 and under and immune from coviid at about 99.2 percent. so the side effects of vaccccine more dangerous than the disease. You decide.
DRAgonOstRacK TM
DRAgonOstRacK TM 14 dagar sedan
mythological creatures are just ancient manga character
golly g
golly g 14 dagar sedan
Looks like it’s been six months are you going to finally use the holy grail
videopar97 15 dagar sedan
I wonder what happened to curiosity stream man
skull 's
skull 's 15 dagar sedan
9:44 This is a representation that is purely for fun and to make fun of flat earthers ect.. From Terry Prachett and the Annals of the Disk World. Great series of books like very good.
Hans _II
Hans _II 15 dagar sedan
8:09 AcTUAlLy. in aviation training you learn that the atmosphere is actually formed in layers. Certain layers get hotter as you increase in altitude. And others get colder with altitude. The greeks were ahead of their time lmao.
Ed Heywood
Ed Heywood 15 dagar sedan
15:41 Nord VPN has King Crimson.
Bovine Designs
Bovine Designs 16 dagar sedan
I love that Fredrik Knudsen is Hades' wife.
RipleyandWeeds 16 dagar sedan
"I'm an important musician you've probably heard of me--" "Nope."
Owen Mayer
Owen Mayer 16 dagar sedan
What type of password is password123 for the main channel?
New Guardian
New Guardian 16 dagar sedan
I keep replaying for the Nord ad.
Guanxiang-Jerry Zhao
Guanxiang-Jerry Zhao 16 dagar sedan
“Not in the Klan” “It’s just a hood”
Private Penguin
Private Penguin 17 dagar sedan
Time for Historian to need the chalice.
SuperlazyCatsStudios CommentOnYT
Nord vpn anime is kinda clutch ngl, very funny
Isaac Saad
Isaac Saad 17 dagar sedan
The distinct quiver undesirably tug because sundial gergely peep like a coherent offence. bawdy, tiny icicle
Wooter Baby
Wooter Baby 17 dagar sedan
It’s been six months. Time to go get the holy grail
Bene Gesserit Reverened Mother Gaius Helen Mohaim
Absolutely lost it at "some of my best friends are alive"
Mizuli_ 17 dagar sedan
Orpheus in Hades is just a DnD bards own sidequest, especially the part where some people cut him up and throw him into the river.
1wing1 18 dagar sedan
imagine the story of midas had said: everything i touch with my pinky be turned to gold, and it suddenly became a dark twist where his concubine cut off his fingers to get back at him and suddenly it has a whole new lesson
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic 18 dagar sedan
You certainly have fun with these ads.
British Nerd
British Nerd 19 dagar sedan
Um, actually, bronze age isnt the Romans, as shown. Their weapons werent blunt either
Ruben van der hilst
Ruben van der hilst 19 dagar sedan
Hide yo kids
Kade Hilton
Kade Hilton 20 dagar sedan
i swear you and jontron are the only people who's ad reads are interesting
st0ox 20 dagar sedan
It's called Hades and not Hyenas
Adithya Menon Prakash
Adithya Menon Prakash 20 dagar sedan
Fuck it, I'm buying Nord
dajosh42069 21 dag sedan
s123aggs 21 dag sedan
I’m back to pick up the holy grail
SquadCammander354 22 dagar sedan
What is the song I keep hearing whenever they change the subject? It sounds really nice.
I Love Rice
I Love Rice 22 dagar sedan
whoever made that ad should have a raise
Kamiphenonymous 22 dagar sedan
That ad makes me think Konaha has a secret ninja klan.
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
The manufacturing usefulness of making gold at will is amazing, conductors everywhere, transistors everywhere else
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
I would jump on the chance to shoot the opponent in a duel, it’s all dramatic, both hav had years of training waiting for this moment, both have something to avenge. And I just shoot one and say it’s over, also don’t try to take revenge or you’ll be shot too
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
I’ve seen foxes go up trees, so I see no reason that fox couldn’t actually get those grapes aside from story purposes
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
The fact hades wasn’t pulling a trick was kinda amazing, minus making the guy think he was being tricked...which made him fall for his own impulses..damn that’s a good trick
RundownPear 22 dagar sedan
0:26 ok so what now
Momus Prime
Momus Prime 22 dagar sedan
Main channel password xD
John Mangialardi
John Mangialardi 23 dagar sedan
I am so sorry but Plato wrote the allegory of the cave not Socrates
Tommy Harris
Tommy Harris 23 dagar sedan
"You can almost certainly suggest that Wolverine is uncircumcised." This is the academia I come here for.
joe joe ?
joe joe ? 23 dagar sedan
David F
David F 24 dagar sedan
That ad was…the greatest thing I think I’ve ever seen!!!
Dat Bastard Oni
Dat Bastard Oni 24 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure it was limited to things Midas touched with his hands.
Jonathon Cowley-Thom
Jonathon Cowley-Thom 24 dagar sedan
Surely the Greeks had been up mountains, where it gets cold.
Jonathon Cowley-Thom
Jonathon Cowley-Thom 24 dagar sedan
When all you have is a lyre, everything looks like a nail
Pinkiechugamer 24 dagar sedan
2:03 honestly basically how Highschool hot shots flirt and how Highschool girls respond lmao
00 00
00 00 24 dagar sedan
Socrates probably: actually grapes do not grow on trees xd
Sir Dankleberry
Sir Dankleberry 24 dagar sedan
8:27 A wild Diogenes appears. The original mad lad.
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf 25 dagar sedan
Why does the nord guy look like a kkk member lmao
Le Bonin
Le Bonin 25 dagar sedan
dat animation tho 5:51 i creamed my pants ... pixar next lvl shit righ there
Senor Studly
Senor Studly 25 dagar sedan
Nordman get to the Nordhole
Setanta 25 dagar sedan
20:20 So Midas made 177013 huh
Trystan Franziskus
Trystan Franziskus 25 dagar sedan
It has been 6 months
rilluma 26 dagar sedan
"Dooh Dooh Toto in africa..." :---ASDASD ( 5:18 ) =D
cyberklashnikov 26 dagar sedan
euryodice uses a lesbians face
Kenny's Life Stories
Kenny's Life Stories 26 dagar sedan
The version of david in the bible has him have sex with the woman while she's still married, and when she tells david she's pregnant, he brings her husband back from the war and tries to get him to sleep with her to cover it up, but the soldier refuses because he felt guilty being home when all his friends are out dying, and THEN david sends him to be killed in war.
David Timmons
David Timmons 26 dagar sedan
I only watch Internet Historian videos for NordMan.
Vikturus22 26 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does everyone watch the ads for internet historian. I love the NordVPN ads, and this one was excellent! They dont pay you enough
John Dwyer
John Dwyer 27 dagar sedan
the only content creator whose paid promotion i genuinely look forward too and don’t skip.
Jacob Chamberlain
Jacob Chamberlain 27 dagar sedan
Hey internet historian. Please do a video on wall street bets and GameStop amc. Really would be a awesome vid.
Dezmas 28 dagar sedan
why is the ad so high quality
Jack Napier
Jack Napier 28 dagar sedan
I looked it up, Charon takes the coins for a retirement fun, not even kidding
B0B1800 28 dagar sedan
Your six months are up, return the holy grail or perish.
Vladimir Pineda
Vladimir Pineda 29 dagar sedan
It kills me every time I hear "Not in the clan it's just a hood" lol
Κύριε Γαλλικά
I believe Midas couldn't eat because water and food also turned to gold upon contact with his tongue. Don't worry, the Greeks thought if that loophole, it's actually in the story
Gary Oak
Gary Oak Månad sedan
"I won't be needing this for another 6 months" Its been 6 months 👀👀
Dash V3
Dash V3 Månad sedan
I think we would all like to see a anime of nord vpn
Kadir Arslan
Kadir Arslan Månad sedan
Ordinary things is so learned in mythology damn.
Lycorine Månad sedan
That "Onii-chan, daisuki desu." Gets me everytime
Ian Place
Ian Place Månad sedan
Ddie1 Månad sedan
Only do the grim handshake of the other guy does the asop handshake
RemTreeFiddy Månad sedan
Im beginning to think that your videos are actually just NordVPN content with the rest of it being a really long ad for your channel.
Casper Steelant
Casper Steelant Månad sedan
It's been six months internet historian, are you in need of the holy grail yet?
CoomberToons Månad sedan
You could've gone into the next story about Midas, where another god disfigured him and eventually drove him to suicide all because he preferred someone else's music.
JohnThePancake Månad sedan
21:21 I didn't expect that LMAO
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