Philly D's Secret Links | In The Field [Feat. Fredrik Knudsen] 

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We check out the super secret mysteries behind Philly D's Secret Link du Jour. Don't get spooked.

Fredrik Knudsen's channel: goo.gl/LYGX59

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/internethistorian
Twitter: NetHistorian


Install Vikings, get 200 gold.
iOS - bit.ly/2HlhEIL
Android - bit.ly/2G88YWu


Secret Link of the Day#1: goo.gl/ddGAaf
Secret Link of the Day#2: goo.gl/TfKtR3
Secret Link of the Day#3: goo.gl/GRnPnR
Secret Link of the Day#4: goo.gl/Pm4Q9y
Secret Link of the Day#5: goo.gl/ccAXqh
Secret Link of the Day#6: goo.gl/FRsSgn
Secret Link of the Day#7: goo.gl/eH6SjC
Secret Link of the Day#8: goo.gl/WZk5rh
Secret Link of the Day#9: goo.gl/JRwJUr
Secret Link of the Day#10: goo.gl/TfotRa (extra spooky)


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22 mar 2018



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Just John
Just John 2 dagar sedan
Damn. Phil used to be skinny. I never realized how much weight he gained.
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich 8 dagar sedan
Down the Rabbit Hole is probably my favorite series on SElosk. Great Job!
Armistancer 11 dagar sedan
i didn't know stefan nordstrom has a channel
MayuriKurotsuchi 11 dagar sedan
“He’s getting fucking cucked by a detergent” 😂
nothing4mepls 12 dagar sedan
I kind of wish there was a Phillip Defranco that wasn't Philip Defranco. A daily internet news commentator that had mentally aged past 15 would be pretty neat.
potatopotatoe 12 dagar sedan
"We're going to make them UNSECRET." This is why I love this man..
Ask In Person
Ask In Person 13 dagar sedan
It was nice seeing Freddy let his hair down
Jessie Hydro
Jessie Hydro 16 dagar sedan
Ohh shit
Remy Lebeau
Remy Lebeau 24 dagar sedan
DeFranco is a pos. He pretended to be impartial but he really turned into a far left imbecile.
Dane Herron
Dane Herron 27 dagar sedan
The OH SHIT killed me every time
groovyhippyman 28 dagar sedan
Absolutely love that Frederick "oh shiit" drop.
Hamman Månad sedan
Fucking surreal to hear down the rabbit hole guy talking casually.
Chillicothe Månad sedan
SElosk sends more views his way if he links specific videos for them.
Zobblewobble Månad sedan
10:58 I got real confused when randomly on this 3 year old video (about watching even older videos)they clicked a secret link to “The Bad Batch”. Obviously not the current cartoon Star Wars Bad Batch, but I had to do a double take to make sure Dave Filoni wasn’t pulling some Rebels time travel shenanigans IRL.
Paskaloth Månad sedan
2:54 anyone else think the pale ghostly white figure swimming in the background of that first secret link was creepy as hell? lol
Elle Månad sedan
My buddies’ sketch video actually blew up because he put them in the secret links, so sometimes it’s small stuff
Strydar Månad sedan
Oh shit!
bsedhs Månad sedan
More Fredrik!!
William Manning
William Manning Månad sedan
You can middle-click a link to open it in a new tab
John Doe
John Doe Månad sedan
Why tf would you expect links advertised by a huge youtuber to have few veiws?
Ephraim the Catechumen
Phillip DeFranco is a joke.
pollutedcrimson Månad sedan
Legend has it Philly still has issues with his neck
Mike Rhine
Mike Rhine Månad sedan
I actually had one of my videos (only like 100 views at the time) be the secret link of the day and it got boosted to around 15k views.
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Månad sedan
Hey, it's Hot Dad! Alright!
Jose Angel Monterroza
Oh shit
Killerofcats Månad sedan
livalil Månad sedan
petition to make philly d’s new intro “dicks up you beautiful bastards”
An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd
That sounds more like something a porno director would say when he shows up on set.
2exSquared 2 månader sedan
I'm watching a youtube video about youtube videos linking to youtube videos. I need to leave.
Pete Ard
Pete Ard 2 månader sedan
"If you want people to comment just tell them to comment" Is that a call to leave a comment?
Problematic Monika
Problematic Monika 2 månader sedan
It's been 3 years but I finally got around to clicking the secert links
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow 2 månader sedan
There are literally multiple videos where he's linked videos that just have a couple thousand views or even lesser, mostly found through subreddits. And obviously he does stuff to get picked up by the algorithm, that's literally how SEloskrs work. That's why the title are intentionally click-baity, but the content is pretty measured.
Ethan 2 månader sedan
I clicked on all the secret links when they were provided because they were usually short cool videos, but they are more like “in case you missed it” most of them time
Xaldyn Nemo
Xaldyn Nemo 2 månader sedan
𝕠𝕙 𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕥
Internet Guy
Internet Guy 2 månader sedan
Mooga Mooga
Mooga Mooga 2 månader sedan
I love your ads. End of statement.
Myk Al
Myk Al 2 månader sedan
I expected philly boy in the commentoes, but nothin.. notta.. Phil. The fuck? Personally I can't wait to be a big time youtuber, and have another Big daddy youtubber make a video about me, just so I can show up in the comments with something cheeky.
livalil 2 månader sedan
i love phillip defranco , but i have never Once clicked on that secret link
Pro Humanitate
Pro Humanitate 3 månader sedan
the beginning is gold
efenty FNT
efenty FNT 3 månader sedan
pretty sure he's just too much of a boomer to find obscure stuff
QMan1234red 3 månader sedan
Whats with the Mass Effect 2 Free Download link?
Snoozy 3 månader sedan
Ginger pubes? You bet!
aaron swift
aaron swift 3 månader sedan
Bro. Start doing secret links.
Xeigren 3 månader sedan
Hot Dad 🙏🙏🙏
Dave F
Dave F 3 månader sedan
ShadowAkatora 3 månader sedan
Jesse Lee Phelps
Jesse Lee Phelps 3 månader sedan
You’re friends with Down The Rabbit Hole!?!? *Pikachu-O-Face-Meme*
Trever101 3 månader sedan
You know you have no life when you actually recognize some of the videos that were linked
Yung Oldman
Yung Oldman 3 månader sedan
Bro I know this is old but you gotta have fredrick back on, both of your soothing voices really make me rock hard
OneBagTravel 3 månader sedan
Something about this Philly D guy, I just don't like 'em.
WhoIsSimon 3 månader sedan
2:51 Everyone gangsta till the mermaid shows up
Pete Ard
Pete Ard 2 månader sedan
Highly underrated comment
Eva Skinni
Eva Skinni 3 månader sedan
no cap ive never been so excited to watch a youtube video
Nef Waenre
Nef Waenre 3 månader sedan
Have you noticed that 2021 Philly D has no secret links any more? Also, like this comment or else i'll punch you in the throat. k bye! ♥
Justin L
Justin L 3 månader sedan
Somebody should make a stupid dance remix of Fredrik going "OH SHIT!".
Philipp Dase
Philipp Dase 4 månader sedan
If you click with the middle mouse button it will open in a new tab for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Erik Urizita
Erik Urizita 4 månader sedan
“Really popular...” Fredrick, my man, Philly D is what you call a leecher. A hanger on, really. He was big back in the days when 500,000 subs was considered MASSIVE. Once gaming, abridging, actual unbiased news, and comedy like you and IH for example showed up, he was forgotten. He was big last I would say... 2010ish at the latest? He’s like Killer Keemstar, but somehow even less originally and even less tolerable. Didn’t even know that was possible. Proof? His subscriber count was 21k in 2018. He was around pretty much since the start. He gets massive views not cuz of his just so amazing overly biased and weak “journo” skills he lacks, but from using bots and random spread links to several different locations so poor souls thinking they getting something amusing like RickRoll or watching an orangutan wipe its asshole, but they get caught falling into a trash video that makes RayWillamJohnson or actual live animal torture seem appealing. Just a second of viewing counts as a view to SElosk.
Erik Urizita
Erik Urizita 2 månader sedan
@BuntasTofu he didn't hurt me, he asked.... He asked... To see my no no square :( And he kept touching my shoulder and saying `stand up you beautiful bastard.` I felt.... So used :(
Saucy Joshy
Saucy Joshy 3 månader sedan
Damn dude touch some grass
BuntasTofu 4 månader sedan
are you ok ? did philly d hurt you ?
Leo the Lion
Leo the Lion 4 månader sedan
Hot Dad 4 lyfe
7.62 X39
7.62 X39 4 månader sedan
i would watch a vidoe that was just a complilation of ads by you
daManonthehill 4 månader sedan
This dudes voice is just incredible
Sparkymist 5 månader sedan
Well he does hire a lot of people, but only if your views line up with his...
Jan Moucha
Jan Moucha 5 månader sedan
Main task: check year's-worth of the secret links. Every time: "forgot to check the secret link"
Alan Fike
Alan Fike 5 månader sedan
I find the way that Phillip DeFranco talks to be irritating. It's that Disney Park Attendant energy.
MegaVirus700 6 månader sedan
Me: casually imaging the majesty of the underside of a frozen lake. My asshole brain: yeah but imagine if you got stuck there? Me: *immediate heart rate spike* why are you like this?
Raibeart MacPhadrain
Raibeart MacPhadrain 6 månader sedan
Fredrik Knudsen...Fredrik Couldson. Couldbeason? Fredrik is my son? There's a correlation here...I just don't see it.
Matt Garrett
Matt Garrett 6 månader sedan
6:11, bit surprised no one caught on to the fact they are using their sober friends urine.. I mean... if you want to pass a piss test, and you have your friends urine that doesn't do drugs, you don't really need the other steps. Feel me?
Larry 6 månader sedan
The audio from the videos are literally deplorable
Th1zFin3 6 månader sedan
So beautiful bastards are like the opposite of ugly bastards, beautiful bastards are younger and ugly bastards are old
poughkeepsieblue 6 månader sedan
Homie plays an organ grinder... Gotta say something about the man.
poughkeepsieblue 6 månader sedan
I thought this was gonna be about a zelda potion I didn't know about. I'm mildly disappointed.
Jeremiah M
Jeremiah M 6 månader sedan
Not a second time sponsor eh?
Quickscope One Eighty
Quickscope One Eighty 6 månader sedan
Me watching these mad lads opening Philly D's secret link: "Oh Shit!"
Clay Miller
Clay Miller 6 månader sedan
He links to super popular videos in order to exploit the algorithm. He's not trying to get you to watch those videos so much as he's trying to get *his* videos recommended to the people who watch those videos.
Keynart 6 månader sedan
I hope someone checked description and found top 10 secrets
S 7 månader sedan
Philly D blows. Always has. His voice, expressions, and overall format is just annoying.
Blue Guy
Blue Guy 6 månader sedan
Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave
E-C-BX 7 månader sedan
Some say, if defranco doesn't complete his intro then he gets sucked into the abyss.
Jam Pro
Jam Pro 7 månader sedan
that was an actual ad for the game
Neil Clerk
Neil Clerk 7 månader sedan
I accidentally skipped through your ad, had to skip back
Kenneth Walker
Kenneth Walker 7 månader sedan
Ginger pubes lol
MaxGiu 7 månader sedan
his "secret links" have more views than his channel
Ethan Rabbitts
Ethan Rabbitts 7 månader sedan
Ohhhh shit!
Dr.Cosmar 8 månader sedan
I really hate these cookie-cutter SEloskrs.... I avoid them like the plague. Euphemisms like "let's JUMP!! right into it" or "without further ado"...and the cringiest "welcome to the [insert pet name for production studio]"...all garbage, but they all get views because they don't mind selling their souls. 21k subs...18 million views. What in the actual fuck?
Flansey 7 månader sedan
What's up you beautiful retards? Welcome to the geek show and today we will be talking about marvel movies for the 100th time. Without further ado let's get right into it and JUMP IN. If you guys enjoy the video, leave a like, subscribe, comment and your kidney down below.
JasonIsGarbage 8 månader sedan
They just jumped into it.
RasEli 8 månader sedan
its not very secrate when you have it in plane sight
Kotarian 8 månader sedan
honestly i hate him, youtube drama people are literal bottom feeders, yes even keemstar.
El Cheetoh
El Cheetoh 8 månader sedan
2:54 so we’re just not gonna talk about whatever that thing is behind him
Laroac 8 månader sedan
12:00 I'm not saying your conclusion couldn't be right, we have to consider two other factors aswell. 1. Many of the big channels he links, he also used too link many many years ago, best example, the honest trailer guy philyD linked him way back around the time he first started the channel. PhilyD has been doing his newst type show for over 10years. 2.If he links stuff he or his crew specially liked that day, then why can't there be overlap with stuff that was gonna be popular in the first place?
E9 G
E9 G 8 månader sedan
E9 G
E9 G 8 månader sedan
RRE Designs
RRE Designs 8 månader sedan
You sound exactly like the guy that dubs Tony Stark in Latinamerica. 😬
MagicTurtle546 8 månader sedan
What’s up you beautiful bastards?
Patryk Żukowski
Patryk Żukowski 8 månader sedan
Haha, I can't stop laughing. Where did you find something this crazy?
ShonowTH 8 månader sedan
I was a little too close to marking your video as spam when I saw the thumbnail. SElosk throws that mug around like its existence depends on it.
Okie 8 månader sedan
I now know what Vikings are
Devon Pattyson
Devon Pattyson 8 månader sedan
Zack Jenkins
Zack Jenkins 8 månader sedan
This comment right here is for the algorithm.
Aidan Charman
Aidan Charman 8 månader sedan
C64 Striker
C64 Striker 9 månader sedan
That reaction tho
Wyattoons Comics
Wyattoons Comics 9 månader sedan
Lol what kind of dingus would pay to have their links featured on a Philly D video?!? HAHAHAHAH *googles how to contact Philly D to see what his rate is*
I 9 månader sedan
God i hate youtubers like this kid. Just the worst. The pose thing - BARF 🤡🔫
Ariesgodtron 9 månader sedan
fucken died
machine gunn
machine gunn 9 månader sedan
Oh sheit
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