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Someone claimed the templated backgrounds from the last Q\u0026A... seriously...

So here's a reupload.

Thank you.


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17 jun 2018



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Douglas Bono
Douglas Bono Dag sedan
I live in Washington and can confirm Spokane is shitty.
Grooverchan 4 dagar sedan
“Ha we’re no mere community mr historian, were a commune. *Laughs in soviet” Every community ever.
Bread 7 dagar sedan
12:15 "How does a small minority ruin a larger group" *Soviet anthem intensifies*
D33tly 8 dagar sedan
I need Internet Furstorian in my life
Crysis Revelation
Crysis Revelation 8 dagar sedan
I maybe a furry, but what I am not, is a SUPER furry.
Delphina Boncompagni Ludovisi
If the internet historian isn’t the best video please tell me who is .............. exactly he is no one else ( I am being ironic you can have your own opinion this is mine )
EktoHunter 9 dagar sedan
IH at FurDU when?
Abner Ochoa
Abner Ochoa 10 dagar sedan
i think internethistorian is lowkey a furry
Ron Ronson
Ron Ronson 10 dagar sedan
That's effectively chemical warfare... jeez. If they think it was anything other than a pool cleaning, or cleaning staff mixing chemicals, then that should get the FBI involved.
Bashie 10 dagar sedan
why do they though
Litespark 10 dagar sedan
Yeah of course the video wasn't an organized attack against all furries lmao. Only idiots would believe that, on either side of the fence. Some furries are degenerates, some non-furries are degenerates. Some events are just complete and total shitshows, and holy shit are they funny to hear about.
Masterzoroark666 11 dagar sedan
Ps. Question 5 stuff is basically: Rainfurrest was a disaster in a hindsight, Dashcon was a disaster as it was happening
Hollow Galbraith
Hollow Galbraith 11 dagar sedan
12:00 Bizarro Superman?
bitblt 12 dagar sedan
If you are anywhere near Queensland, FurDU has been running since 2010. Largest furry convention in Australia
cereal with bleach
cereal with bleach 12 dagar sedan
The “I have mods and patrions who are furries” really felt the same vibe as saying “I have black friends” when someone accuses you for being racist
BingoBango 11 dagar sedan
I don't know, but I feel actual racists wouldn't have friends of the race they don't like.
horehoundbasedcandy 12 dagar sedan
Saphykitten did it
Internet Guy
Internet Guy 12 dagar sedan
lmao Know Your Meme's super power fuck
Internet Guy
Internet Guy 12 dagar sedan
I liked Andrew Calligan's approach to furries ( the fella from All Gas No Brakes / Channel 5 ), and it's good that both of you don't punch down, which was a big problem in "comedy" for a long time and a flow chart of rage at random folks is just no fun. also like these deets from the QAs
Internet Guy
Internet Guy 3 dagar sedan
@BingoBango no i just think you're dumb as fuck and not worth talking too. You sound like every fuckin boomer in Florida and that's enough punishment on it's own, enjoy your miserable life lmao
BingoBango 3 dagar sedan
@Internet Guy Yeah, you got nothing.
Internet Guy
Internet Guy 10 dagar sedan
@BingoBango lmao fuck off i'm not gonna listen to some fuckin bozo kid from the internet
BingoBango 11 dagar sedan
@Internet Guy I don't know or care who that is. And I just did tell you. Stop getting offended on people's behalf. They aren't victims. Stop treating them as such.
Internet Guy
Internet Guy 11 dagar sedan
@BingoBango Andrew Dice Clay is the king of punching down, don't tell me that shit doesn't exist
Nick Naylor
Nick Naylor 13 dagar sedan
What happened to internet herstorian?
Tone. 13 dagar sedan
If my kid ended up being gay or trans, I'd give them my full support. If they ended up being a furry, I'd disown them.
Tcid EH
Tcid EH 13 dagar sedan
For Q7 the key with rules is consistency.
Conner Heise
Conner Heise 13 dagar sedan
It feels weird Some furry things I like and there are some furry things I really don’t like, some fan art looks pretty nice, the furry shit done on tony really wasn’t
Engineer for the Future
You don't have to hate furries, we'll do it for you
wulmpus 14 dagar sedan
if you wanna know who its was there name is saphykitten, they gross gross
NAMELESS 15 dagar sedan
Behind the meme is literally Lenny from of mice and men
bsdims 15 dagar sedan
8:09 macro furs go brrrrrrrr :)
Beyblades In My Heels
Beyblades In My Heels 16 dagar sedan
I dont feel like doing the research so who was the saboteur, also no clue how i would find the replys
M m
M m 17 dagar sedan
can any smart commenters clue me into who the saboteur could be? All of the "hints"have gone completely over my head.
TSGR 14 dagar sedan
@Max Box Furries are not people.
Max Box
Max Box 14 dagar sedan
@TSGR yikes dude
Danny 14 dagar sedan
@TSGR or do the 1 min research required for your answer like the rest of us? 😂
TSGR 15 dagar sedan
@Danny Then the answer’s just fuckin’ lost then. It doesn’t matter. The furries will kill each other before normal humans bother putting them down.
Danny 15 dagar sedan
@TSGR Go find the clips on Google I ain't putting up account names haha
logan 17 dagar sedan
keep in mind he gained 1.4M subs from this video
Tadeusz Adach
Tadeusz Adach 21 dag sedan
Do people really get upset over somebody mispronouncing the name of a city? ironic that the topic is grown up people wearing diapers
SewardWriter 23 dagar sedan
Holy shit, that was a guy singing? I thought it was was a woman. He's damn good.
Ego_Toaster 26 dagar sedan
Q: what exotics is he selling
nyan 27 dagar sedan
7:51 *heeheheeheee*
Avatar Schlang
Avatar Schlang 28 dagar sedan
For the dude who did the diaper thing and doesn't want it back my mind instantly jumped to the guy who was filming one of the organizers with the blond hair. we don't see his face only hear his voice. Can't even remember what he says but I have my suspicions
EmilyK 28 dagar sedan
Anyone whos not a legal pussy wanna tell us who it is?
Platinum Garage
Platinum Garage 10 dagar sedan
Saphykitten. As a furry it even embarrasses me. This is the shit our fandom doesn’t need.
Truckin Convoy
Truckin Convoy 29 dagar sedan
Robert Hazard girls just wanna have fun > Cyndi Lauper version
Biff Himmler
Biff Himmler Månad sedan
Furries are grotesque, degenerate freaks.
Storm Kelly
Storm Kelly Månad sedan
Aight... question time..... if you’re just a HUGE mascot enthusiast... can you still go to one of these?
Platinum Garage
Platinum Garage 12 dagar sedan
Smokey McPot
Smokey McPot Månad sedan
This video is disappointing.
Travis Storm
Travis Storm Månad sedan
8:00 “I wunt 100 THOUSUND LEKS ON DAT VUDEO, or something stupid like that, I can’t do that...” *goes to look at fyre festival video: 275+ thousand likes* Damn dood
Wesley Ackerman
Wesley Ackerman Månad sedan
Any furries who identify as crocodile are gay, confirmed.
I Just Posted Th1s
I Just Posted Th1s 2 månader sedan
At this point even if IH was in a furry suit, as soon as he speaks, the gig is up. Hope he can run fast in that costume because somebody is gonna rip that mask off and find out what he looks like. As it turns out, he's been the Stig all along.
Danish Cartoonist
Danish Cartoonist 2 månader sedan
7:59 - Historian's imitation of the other bloke is scarily close!!!
Steven Barnett
Steven Barnett 2 månader sedan
The ending is gold
James Mcmurray
James Mcmurray 2 månader sedan
Is that sorrowtv? The helper I mean
GohoM 2 månader sedan
No, he’s called Cuestacumstain
Erik Urizita
Erik Urizita 2 månader sedan
OMG it's Internet FurStorian, the most educated furry around! He's the sabateour!
tessie 2 månader sedan
It seemed degenerate because they are degenerates.
Mia Lia
Mia Lia 2 månader sedan
I'd like to see Rainfurrest in the Rainforest. Let the real animals out.
Ursula Georgeson
Ursula Georgeson 2 månader sedan
They do walk kinda gayly tho.
Stefano Chiodi
Stefano Chiodi 2 månader sedan
was it the guy who declared rainfurrest a go?
Meagan 3 månader sedan
I refuse to believe this guy looks like anything other than Harold
Lily Halter
Lily Halter 3 månader sedan
Not a reference to the kitten crushing video...will never watch that as long as I live
User 3 månader sedan
Tell that shitty Brit to pronounce it correctly or not at all.
Sweigh 3 månader sedan
anyone know the background song names?
Tethryss 3 månader sedan
"Why did a small minority ruin it for everyone else?" Because this is how the ENTIRE furry fandom is. You can be a pedophile and you won't be permabanned or kicked out of the fandom. They don't care, they only care about acceptance and this is what ruins all of their big websites. Either the moderators themselves are the weirdos or the sites are ran by people who don't want to openly condemn said weirdos.
AndroidDoctorr 3 månader sedan
The music is the album Beets 4 by Birocratic I met him in 2019, he's cool as hell
Erik 3 månader sedan
Spoiler: It's the guy saying he knows who it is, who sent the letters.
Dirty Hispanic
Dirty Hispanic 3 månader sedan
You should do tana con next
The meme team
The meme team 3 månader sedan
The saboteur was uncle kage
CollinAdkins98 3 månader sedan
As someone from Spokane, F*** Spokane
Late-night Breakfast
Late-night Breakfast 3 månader sedan
"thumb likes up"
KahlevN 3 månader sedan
lol at the shot at Spokane. Most people I know from there suck, but it is a city of roughly 500k people, so I don't know if you can really call it the middle of nowhere.
Clint Davis
Clint Davis 3 månader sedan
Burger King Foot Lettuce
Captain Flintlock
Captain Flintlock 3 månader sedan
Love this video
Pikmaniac 3 månader sedan
The more I find about these channels, the more I like... I've been missing out.
Different Name
Different Name 3 månader sedan
There's a lot of cat murder in this video...
anegwa 3 månader sedan
Only 70k likes away from the goal!
Beep ,the Strongest Warrior
A lot more cat killing than I thought there would be
dead bird
dead bird 3 månader sedan
Anybody hear about Kiro the wolf? How about snake thing? The furry community can suck a fuck, don't apologize to them dood
Bob Bobson
Bob Bobson 3 månader sedan
tanacon video when
Skytronix Gaming
Skytronix Gaming 3 månader sedan
why do crocodiles walk so gayly?
Gstroy HD
Gstroy HD 3 månader sedan
You can go fuck yourself too. :) (All in love, of course) And it's not the middle of nowhere, we'll likely be at a million people within a couple years.
Douglas Douglass
Douglas Douglass 3 månader sedan
Did you guys watch the one about the Concordia and then binge both channels too?
James Mcmurray
James Mcmurray 2 månader sedan
Rainy Jane
Rainy Jane 2 månader sedan
Nah man, it just made me binge a bunch of stuff for, like, the eigth time.
Douglas Douglass
Douglas Douglass 3 månader sedan
Pure gold. I was listening to it in the car and had to stop because I kept looking at the animation
mukamasa 3 månader sedan
I did, what did you thought about the pirate?
Pez Dispencer
Pez Dispencer 3 månader sedan
Two years later and we still haven't gotten that 100k likes ;_;
Wooter Baby
Wooter Baby 3 månader sedan
I’d rather go to Rainfurrest than dashcon
Conner Wilson
Conner Wilson 3 månader sedan
*quietly likes the video*
Matthew Mazzetti
Matthew Mazzetti 3 månader sedan
Who's Blake?
Tim S.
Tim S. 3 månader sedan
Is the hotel owner the saboteur?
Jarl Zondai
Jarl Zondai 3 månader sedan
Internet historian: calls Spokane middle of nowhere Also internet historian: Lives on a desert island
gairisiuil 14 dagar sedan
@Benjamin Giguère i am technically insane yes, i was insane enough to be committed irl - maybe australia doesnt exist and im just crazy
Benjamin Giguère
Benjamin Giguère 14 dagar sedan
@gairisiuil haha im not reading any of this, im unsure australia even exists you sound insane right now
gairisiuil 3 månader sedan
@ArsenicApplejuice what is the process of desertification
ArsenicApplejuice 3 månader sedan
Desert is an adjective meaning to be deserted(uninhabited) Australia isn’t uninhabited.
N. J.
N. J. 3 månader sedan
Hey I used to go to school in Spokane! It kinda is in the middle of nowhere as fas as PNW is concerned... but still beautiful countryside!! I miss it.
stani iliev
stani iliev 3 månader sedan
"Some people see it as an example of how degenerate furries are" That's because it is ;-)
Jail cat Jones
Jail cat Jones 4 månader sedan
I've saw a heavyset wise guy Italian dude singing "Girls just want to have fun" out in the street and in broad daylight and I couldn't resist back up singing by yelling "they just wanna". The harmony and timing was fantastic. Thanks for being an eternal 80's girl, mama.
Tax Evasion
Tax Evasion 4 månader sedan
"Let's talk about the worst thing ever: Behind the Meme"
Peter Martens
Peter Martens 4 månader sedan
wow this format is shit. Your main channel is rat though
Jericho Silva
Jericho Silva 4 månader sedan
No one hates Furries more than other Furries
Jack d'Albiac Brewin
Jack d'Albiac Brewin 4 månader sedan
Behind The Meme is like Lenny from Of Mice And Men
Ooga Booba
Ooga Booba 4 månader sedan
Internet Historian is secretly a closeted furry
Connor Young
Connor Young 4 månader sedan
Wait, that was a guy doing the talent show song?
DubVUChyea 4 månader sedan
Your videos SHOULD be an attack on the furry community
Anothrplayr45 4 månader sedan
I think The saboteur jumped in the pit honestly
Errett Fitchett
Errett Fitchett 4 månader sedan
2 kittens head were crushed in this video
Bovine Designs
Bovine Designs 4 månader sedan
Spokane is pretty much the middle of nowhere and where people go to die.
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 4 månader sedan
Does this guy still edit with you?
otherwiseaaron 4 månader sedan
6:20 Those animals...
NickNad 4 månader sedan
Behind The Meme is BIZARRO
Goat Man
Goat Man 4 månader sedan
Oh im not a Furrist.. Some of my best mods are Furries
xeagaort 4 månader sedan
I’m so happy he got rid of this guy
Aria Britton
Aria Britton 4 månader sedan
question 7 sounds like something that 4chan's pol board would have an answer to...
Mike Campos
Mike Campos 3 månader sedan
I bet you money had to be someone in 4chan but they'll never say they're protecting his identity hope they are involved with what's going on now.
RedBloodFoxhound 4 månader sedan
Its been a couple of years and I STILL DONT KNOW WHO TF HE IS TALKING ABOUT. Who tf put the diapers everywhere
Remember to take showers please
Some people are saying it was a guy called uncle kage but there's apparently some debate over it (hence why no one wants to name him).
Schpit 2 månader sedan
Camera man (probably)
Bastage 3 månader sedan
My guess is the dude who says theres no truth to the rumors of rainfurrest being cursed
Coby Pickett
Coby Pickett 5 månader sedan
This has to be the worst PR for rain forest, team tree must be devastated.
LosRockson 5 månader sedan
I usually watch podcast-type videos at 1.5x or 1.75x speed, but this guy’s voice makes it impossible for me to do so. Love him.
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