Redoing the Game of Thrones Finale | Sundance Rejects 

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Final episode of Game of Thrones was bad.
So SumitoMedia, Fredrik Knudsen, PSA Sitch and Ranton redid the whole thing the way it should have gone.

Please have Corridor Crew try to figure out how we did the special effects. Think we've finally got them stumped.


SumitoMedia - selosk.info/name/2gv...
Fredrik Knudsen -
PSA Sitch -
Ranton -


Twitter: NetHistorian
Patreon: www.patreon.com/internethisto...
Twitch: twitch.tv/internethistorian
Main Channel: selosk.info/name/R1D...

All likeness to people in real life is purely coincidental.
This video meets the criteria of Fair Use and SElosk's guidelines on copyright.



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Richard Smith
Richard Smith 40 minuter sedan
3:41 Let's go
Aldor 4 dagar sedan
13:30 Sumitos laugh just gets me lmao
Nathan Pitek
Nathan Pitek 5 dagar sedan
Omg. I’m fuckin chopped at midnight and this may be the best thing I’ve ever seen, even tho SElosk says I’ve watched it before😂
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich 7 dagar sedan
@3:17 will forever be the greatest part of having the internet
I Love Rice
I Love Rice 9 dagar sedan
The bois when they talk in girl like voice, HA! just the funniest thing lmao
Gabe 11 dagar sedan
genuinely better dialogue than seasons 7-8
Jan Stanisław Raszyński
Holy [_], that impersonation at 18:18 was so on point!
Elle van Veelen
Elle van Veelen 14 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but "You've gotta kill a queen and you're here telling me you wouldn't swiped right on Tinder." "What's Tinder?" "Nevermind." absolutely destroyed me
Lee IonicAtlas
Lee IonicAtlas 17 dagar sedan
Brian Hukee
Brian Hukee 20 dagar sedan
Omg the Rick the Broken part had me rolling. So funny!
Dave T8
Dave T8 21 dag sedan
how tf do they approve your ads im in tears here
Maddie Haughwout
Maddie Haughwout 23 dagar sedan
"this truly is a game of thrones" 💀💀
Powerful Sniff
Powerful Sniff 23 dagar sedan
Since he became king i guess it was all about raisin bran
Mr. Henry
Mr. Henry 24 dagar sedan
I'm sure this'd be so much funnier if i ever watched Game of Thrones
O Gueifão
O Gueifão 24 dagar sedan
I Don't have fucking legs sansa
Annabell Woods
Annabell Woods 29 dagar sedan
**nervous Corridor Crew noises**
Carolyn T
Carolyn T Månad sedan
I have watched this twice, everyday, for the past two weeks. I love it so much, and I haven't even watched GoT.
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Månad sedan
What’s West of Westeros? The Resteros
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Månad sedan
“I was.. but I’m not.” Is basically the post-2016 response of everyone who enjoyed the early seasons when asked if they are GoT fans. Pretty much sums up just about every aspect of the shows’ evolving quality and focus.
Mick Thunder
Mick Thunder Månad sedan
I like skipping the video to ads. Raidy Slim Shady Leglands
MandiTori_byLaw Månad sedan
5:03 = Me writing my final research paper.
Jan Ten Haaf
Jan Ten Haaf Månad sedan
Did anyone else think that when Tyrion was voiced by Internet Historian it sounded like it was actually him?
ibad rizvi
ibad rizvi Månad sedan
This started off pure gold
Uroboros Månad sedan
Still better then the real thing
allahu ackbar
allahu ackbar Månad sedan
28:57 a fresh-frozen baby? 🤣
Yezpahr Månad sedan
Great... now I got "Tun tun tun tun tun tun tun tun tun tun tuu" stuck in my head.
Tuan Anh
Tuan Anh Månad sedan
The fish will make a strong baby
PizzaGateIsReal Månad sedan
Gewnt music in the background lol
CaptTrips Månad sedan
"I can see the past and the future. Not much present day though 🤔". Had me laughing
Floria Månad sedan
This is the official ending for me.
Lamiria Månad sedan
Jon: "Let's make a baby" Also Jon: "I dun want it"
Gryphon Månad sedan
This is one of the funniest gpddamn things I've seen in a long time.
Levi Workman
Levi Workman Månad sedan
the witcher flute gets me every time.
I'm losing my shit at Scottish Jon
The Taken King
The Taken King Månad sedan
Alana Banana
Alana Banana Månad sedan
What a masterpiece, i cried a little.
Don181, you'r a frickin Neanderthal
Why is it reaction videos are more popular than the videos themselves?
Pontomǽdon Månad sedan
I think you just found R. R. Martin's final manuscript, and that's what this is. Truly, a game of Thrones and Dragons
Mia Lia
Mia Lia Månad sedan
Damn.. guys screwing around with photoshop is infinity better than the canon 7 & 8 seasons ._.'
Jonathan Osborne
Jonathan Osborne Månad sedan
That was... without a doubt... one of the funniest videos I've ever seen
Henrique Silva
Henrique Silva 2 månader sedan
Arica Ice
Arica Ice 2 månader sedan
I love the fact that the background music for a lot of this is from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack 😂
disk3001 2 månader sedan
"mission, aborted" Gets me every time
forever lost
forever lost 2 månader sedan
i would fucking pay all the money to have someone draw and animate all of this audio
Made in Heaven
Made in Heaven 2 månader sedan
“I was, but I’m not” Idk way* but I lost it at that line Edit: why*
William Cobbett
William Cobbett 2 månader sedan
a dog fucking a pidgeon fucking keked mate
Desirae Warren
Desirae Warren 2 månader sedan
The internet historian unable to catch his breath at 2:06 while laughing like a little girl & banging the desk is fucking HILARIOUS!! I almost choked on my blueberries laughing at y'all at this point!!
eddie bowens
eddie bowens 2 månader sedan
Monty Python lol
Richard Teuharde
Richard Teuharde 2 månader sedan
" We have defeated the ice people. " - They killed the Eskimos. Shit.
Christina A
Christina A 2 månader sedan
"My pussy's about to POP."
Koen Van Damme
Koen Van Damme 2 månader sedan
"We were in a call at 2 AM" Uh oh
cursed mailman
cursed mailman 2 månader sedan
Unironically still better
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas 2 månader sedan
"Oi cunt." - The Hound
livalil 2 månader sedan
goddamn, sumito’s laugh makes this so much better
LManProductions 2 månader sedan
The way Bran was inspiring mass genocide... I think Littlefinger never died, learned the many faced thing from Arya... and put Bran’s face on.
Monke High Command TF2
Monke High Command TF2 2 månader sedan
The dragon be like:om nom nom om nom
Monke High Command TF2
Monke High Command TF2 2 månader sedan
Oh god not s h a d o W. W o m a n
Monke High Command TF2
Monke High Command TF2 2 månader sedan
Your me bloody wife now!-demoman TF2
Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty 2 månader sedan
Finally. Something I hate more than the ending to GoT
Aj T
Aj T 2 månader sedan
"Whats tinder?" .... its for cunts.
Fishpasta4 2 månader sedan
... I don't want it.
Nathan Gibson
Nathan Gibson 2 månader sedan
Can we crowd fund this?
Robbie Lewis
Robbie Lewis 2 månader sedan
I've never watched game of thrones so to me this is cannon
JustSaiyanSteve 2 månader sedan
We need to crowd source a reading of a new Ending.
• Vico •
• Vico • 2 månader sedan
Didn’t look at the description for this and was caught totally off guard by Frederick’s voice
CookieDoge 115
CookieDoge 115 2 månader sedan
i don’t want it
Critical Event
Critical Event 2 månader sedan
If you did a feature length movie in photoshop it wouldn't even be the worst shot thing on Amazon Prime.
Mike Tang
Mike Tang 2 månader sedan
The nosy sale consquentially long because swordfish philosophically obtain except a lively vase. male, majestic candle
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 2 månader sedan
Proof that nothing could be worse than the ending D&D gave us.
Why Bee McNoMistake
Why Bee McNoMistake 2 månader sedan
Son : Dad, Where do dragons come from? Dad:.....
patrick hughes
patrick hughes 2 månader sedan
Use the link in the description because that's where it is
Skywalker the Wanderer
Skywalker the Wanderer 2 månader sedan
When you see a dog ducking a pigeon; you know its game of thrones...
maartenboy37 2 månader sedan
A Song of Ice and Nice...
Jack 2 månader sedan
Thank you Mr Historian, for the joy you provide.
Jack 2 månader sedan
And you too Mr media.
v1rtuozo 2 månader sedan
james Cormack
james Cormack 2 månader sedan
reading the comments before the video, not even sure what is satire. 10/10 love it
Tolman 3 månader sedan
I’ve never watched GOT and only read the books and this makes this way funnier
Guinevere Emily Summers
Guinevere Emily Summers 3 månader sedan
Ah dun won tet
tomwesfog 3 månader sedan
HBO quality content, with the price tag of a raid; shadow legends embedded advertisement
jacob comongore
jacob comongore 3 månader sedan
I love all int hist content and sumitro content, especially the collabs, but this is a cut above. I’m only 5 min and I’ve been dying the whole time. THIS IS GOLD
Sir Milquetoast
Sir Milquetoast 3 månader sedan
I’ve never watched game of thrones, why does Jon snow sound like shrek
Trilly Locke
Trilly Locke 3 månader sedan
Yo real talk I think you might be on to something... Arya is left handed in the books. What if GRRM is totally setting up that plot for her to fight Jamie xD
Monochromatik-Vision 3 månader sedan
"I like to poop yellow ketchup onto my robotic sausage butter bread. " said Mr. Abrakanaki and he is the ultimate wizard of super garlic refrigerators. After he ate his last garlic refrigerator, he made his way to his wife, the soup pretzel eating woman from Novosibirsk, which he has met at a pneumatic excellence exhibition of servo-driven Lego bionicles. They both went to the webworld of spider vending machines to buy a ballett dancing tarantula. But no, a portal opened underneath their feet and sucked them into the dimension of ekonir. A starship with procedurally generated cheeseburger cannons welcomed them. But Mrs Abrakanaki refused this offering and knocked the starship down to a air conditioner super worm hole. Mr. Abrakanaki saw a strange city in the far. A super exciting place full of swedish cyborg pirates. They bought a fusion mass accellerator at IKEA and it fell apart in it's first use. Mr Abrakanaki now lost his favorite finger. His left index finger. His wife was in a very pneumatic mood and connected him to the robotic interface of Gilgamesh. A new finger grew on his forehead. A brain finger.
octo scut
octo scut 3 månader sedan
the most beautiful animation the earth has ever been nerdily graced with!
christian saenz
christian saenz 3 månader sedan
Where is better than season eight
ThePariahDark 3 månader sedan
So, this is really funny, but I can't overhear the Witcher music being used for this. Why? The GoT music isn't that bad (even if the Witcher one is superb).
Reven 3 månader sedan
Can I get a director's cut of this?
Griffin1171 3 månader sedan
"Go on, BRAAAAN." - Bran
Niklas K
Niklas K 3 månader sedan
I got an ad during ad time ffs
Axhan 3 månader sedan
When they giggle and laugh is the cringiest thing I had to deal with today
Victor Yang
Victor Yang 3 månader sedan
The canon storyline.
gd5830 3 månader sedan
good weed?
N P 3 månader sedan
This kinda made sense
prkr07 3 månader sedan
10/10, would Game of Thrones again
John Wolf2
John Wolf2 3 månader sedan
A show dedicated to sadism and nihilism turned on it's own audience and made them it's last victims. Sorry, not surprised and I have no sympathy for you all, I saw what was coming by season 3 and dropped out without a 2nd thought. You all got what you deserved. "But evil is so keeewl!" Yeah, right. :P
FlamingMolestress 3 månader sedan
you know, m-m-maybe I wanna be queen of the slugs!
Pauline F.
Pauline F. 3 månader sedan
Game of thrones Wattpad edition
MrStephenRGilman 3 månader sedan
"It's such accurate garbage." I'm stealing that line.
Benton Berry
Benton Berry 3 månader sedan
I want to watch it but it’s sooo hard to watch
Florent Demeyere
Florent Demeyere 3 månader sedan
18:18 whoa that's exactly Tyrion's voice! I legit thought Dinklage had joined the party
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