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We look at the Rules of the Internet to see if they're true.
Spoiler: Most of them aren't.


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17 jan 2018



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Incognito Mode
Incognito Mode 3 år sedan
Oh, I forgot. There's a thing with Soothouse. Go look at it on a screen with sound and all that. selosk.info/class/video/Zoep2KOrp4yC05c.html
Derrick Stegall
Derrick Stegall År sedan
The Incog is here...
Edward Leas
Edward Leas År sedan
You eat it
sharpshooter jojo
Who's the white bearded white haired guy you always use? We all know what ya look like but who's the guy?
ember 2.0
ember 2.0 År sedan
Stormcrow Legendary
I could have sworn the troll rule was "Don't feed the trolls".
SnippierBear878 3 dagar sedan
Yo holy shit, his meme started the sus memes
Dirk Bastardrelief
Dirk Bastardrelief 9 dagar sedan
I clicked “shameless plug“but I didn’t see anything about that show
Cyll_Team_Six 10 dagar sedan
you searched r34 without using tags correctly, which means there may actually be porn of Frank and Ollie
Gooch Sweat Enthusiast
Gooch Sweat Enthusiast 11 dagar sedan
Look up Silent Hill Expleened on youtube for a special surprise
ArchHippy 14 dagar sedan
"sorry, it's for a video" IH is too pure for this world.
Alexander. 24 dagar sedan
Still no frank and Ollie on rule 34
MidKNiGHT06 25 dagar sedan
Elon Musk rule 34?
AGripOBabys 28 dagar sedan
They og rules were the best. The og rules existed back in a different time of the internet. The og rules are a shade of there formal self.
NorMonsta Månad sedan
this CHAP is from NZ
Prof. Sir
Prof. Sir Månad sedan
I forgot rule number one, Wasn't it there are no rules?
Duke Skibbington
Duke Skibbington Månad sedan
"It was at this point we started to get bored"
Bungalow Feuhler
Bungalow Feuhler Månad sedan
It was cool of you to let Chills be your cohost. I knew he didn’t talk like that all the time.
Killerofcats Månad sedan
3yrs later and still no Frank and Ollie
Killerofcats Månad sedan
Bwern Månad sedan
3:19 sorry but why is there drop down that says "You'll notice that jews practice circumcision"
Aldo Bobadilla
Aldo Bobadilla 2 månader sedan
Wow. I know you from "In the cuarentine", no idea you once upon a time make "in the field". By the way, your Costa Concordia video was marvelous. Do a Fyre Festival actualization now plz.
Da Leop8rd kecko
Da Leop8rd kecko 2 månader sedan
1:25 😦 sus
Saskia Falken
Saskia Falken 2 månader sedan
Rosanna Ricarda
Rosanna Ricarda 2 månader sedan
To point 30. I am a women on the Internet (goodlooking single but not close by), does that mean I don´t exist? O.O
Cholera_do 2 månader sedan
4:33 I really hoped it would've been a kid who said "first" then he would've stayed banned
pot ato
pot ato 2 månader sedan
Sirbananajack 2 månader sedan
Those seems different from the ones I knew yaers ago I remember 33 being "there's no girl on the internet" and 34 being simply "if it exist, there is porn of it"
Alan D
Alan D 2 månader sedan
Love the ending, that is fantastic!
Teresa Murray
Teresa Murray 3 månader sedan
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Ryan Perkins
Ryan Perkins 3 månader sedan
The absent game initially juggle because egg particularly ask alongside a unused cover. romantic, overconfident laura
gayathri ravikiran
gayathri ravikiran 3 månader sedan
People who wondered where rule 1-33 I hope your questions have been answered
Jbur916 3 månader sedan
Ur vids are very good no joke make me laugh
Kyle Gray
Kyle Gray 3 månader sedan
The mean guarantee macropharmacologically fade because dorothy endogenously join off a bored tugboat. crowded, lopsided trumpet
N P 3 månader sedan
Vivaldi? Yeah, completed it mate
HECKproductions 3 månader sedan
did they not know that anonymus refers to the ... "hacker" ... "organisation" ... anonymus? or did they purposefully ignore that??
XblacksocksX 3 månader sedan
the video ended so quick i had only 1ms to like bt i came back to check and it worked i commented this on a date on a rock in space
adram3lech 3 månader sedan
Your 4chan thread was deleted because no one replied
adram3lech 3 månader sedan
​@⠀ ​ @⠀ You actually can't even hold meaningful conversation. What does anything you say have to do with each other? How does me possibly not knowing how 4chan works linked to the fucking video date? Who cares if I know 4chan or not? How is it obvious that they know it? You think everyone regularly posts specifically on /b/? Seriously what are you on about? If you have something to actually say, say it. Otherwise i don't see what we are talking about.
3 månader sedan
@adram3lech i never said I would "teach you 4chan". They obviously realise that a thread gets deleted after a while lmao, are you fucking stupid
adram3lech 3 månader sedan
@⠀ Wtf are you saying? They didn't check the thread soon enough to see that there were no answers. The threads get deleted after a short period of no bumps. It is 2021 and this kid is trying to "excuse me let me teach you 4chan" me. Get a fking hobby.
3 månader sedan
@adram3lech do you understand how 4chan works
adram3lech 3 månader sedan
@⠀ so?
Teresa Murray
Teresa Murray 3 månader sedan
The heartbreaking vacation qualitatively disappear because modem rheologically spill at a cowardly fisherman. ruddy, female fertile pump
Orange Harrison
Orange Harrison 3 månader sedan
Unbanning Average Rice would violate rule #5.
KaaK 3 månader sedan
1:26, Jesus fucking Christ I can’t take it anymore
Lumalee Jay
Lumalee Jay 3 månader sedan
1:27 sus
R2D2 fromstartrack
R2D2 fromstartrack 3 månader sedan
great outro man
R2D2 fromstartrack
R2D2 fromstartrack 3 månader sedan
rule 34 hasn't failed me yet
King of Rivia
King of Rivia 3 månader sedan
3:20 „Youll notice Jews practice circumcision“ yeah but like WTF
horehoundbasedcandy 3 månader sedan
Rule 1: don’t post cringe Rule 2: anime tiddies
Sandy Ross
Sandy Ross 3 månader sedan
Thank you, Tom Franklin.
Jacc Just-A-Concerned-Citizen
I am here for the “ahh”s
Chillgamesh 3 månader sedan
What is the /b/
SRoFV 3 månader sedan
3 years later, still no Frank and Ollie porn. What gives?
Hindan 3 månader sedan
Okay, so, I have to say this, and I need to be real with you You searcher wrong in the porn site
Simon Barna
Simon Barna 3 månader sedan
still no frank and ollie porn wtf
Eliáš Šťastný
Eliáš Šťastný 3 månader sedan
Im sorry friends but there is in fact NO Frank and Ollie porn
K San
K San 3 månader sedan
rule 35 is just an extension of rule 34, not really a separate rule, it's just something that would be in brackets "()" after rule 34 and not gonna lie, i almost went to make Frank and Ollie r34 art XD, just for lulz. Good thing i'm kinda tired right now, it's possible i would've regretted that afterwards.
Ember D-L
Ember D-L 3 månader sedan
I looked and no one seemed to have made the Frank and Ollie stuff. Honestly, I’m really surprised. This video has been out for 3 years and no one was inspired to do it.
Jennifer Viets
Jennifer Viets 3 månader sedan
Let's talk about /b/
Samot 3 månader sedan
0:03 that's what she said
Brianne H
Brianne H 3 månader sedan
Why does the top of your screen @ 3:15 seem to be talking about Jewish Circumcising.....? 🤣
Dustin Provost
Dustin Provost 3 månader sedan
yeah we all know there no other rules than rule 34 and even that isnt actually a rule its just a fact
Dustin Provost
Dustin Provost 3 månader sedan
man Audio Library is an amazing artist holy sh!t
Bingle Nuts
Bingle Nuts 4 månader sedan
Nice Vivaldi there mate, have you been listening classical since all of yesterday?
Tomás Nones
Tomás Nones 4 månader sedan
This guy makes me lol in 10 seconds
chinsaw2727 4 månader sedan
New rule #1 of the internet, Doxxing is a dick move
Remington Steele
Remington Steele 4 månader sedan
The anon is legion is a quote from the exorcist yeah?😀
Bingo Bingo
Bingo Bingo 4 månader sedan
the end is the funniest thing still laughing at it
equmaq 4 månader sedan
cactus & more cactus
cactus & more cactus 4 månader sedan
starts at 2:30
Leoric Tristram
Leoric Tristram 4 månader sedan
the only way to win from this is if you secretly hid other searches of Rule 34........
Clifford Banes
Clifford Banes 4 månader sedan
I gotta say I definitely hate Frank and Ollie
hassan Khan
hassan Khan 4 månader sedan
Rule 1: Don't fuck with 4chan.
Crew 4 månader sedan
I am sincerely apologize for "Hà Nguyễn", she is just very uncultured about the internet, as well for all of us Vietnamese
Bees and Beanies
Bees and Beanies 5 månader sedan
by the way 2021: there are still no porns about Frank and Ollie sadpeepo
esmineldra aybara
esmineldra aybara 5 månader sedan
Rule 51: They can't stop all of us
Jayson Glass
Jayson Glass 5 månader sedan
Infanity 5 månader sedan
Maybe stupid question, who’s the guest in this video?
Hopeful Hyena
Hopeful Hyena 5 månader sedan
my like is specifically for the vivaldi joke
k3nny 5 månader sedan
Well this was a bummer, I did not know all of these were so bad and the only one that makes sense is r37 and r42, meaby they should be rewritten in an actual way that makes sense
Skuggi Kuwa
Skuggi Kuwa 5 månader sedan
Rule number 33 is not to get offended in the comment section.
Thomas Myles
Thomas Myles 5 månader sedan
SO... You think ur sum kinda bigshot heh? U done eeven kuhnow the haffovit buddebwoi... an donchuu fuhgedditt xxxx big fan kiss kiss
Tyler Murdock
Tyler Murdock 5 månader sedan
in 2020, it is confirmed that there is still no frank and ollie 34's
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean 5 månader sedan
That page is a shitpost. There's no way someone could be that autistic.
KiwisOnToast 6 månader sedan
New rule, never ask “who’s joe”
Freelancer Warzone
Freelancer Warzone 5 månader sedan
Oh man, Yuri always speaks so highly of Joe
Caercutta30 6 månader sedan
7:00 do it
Caercutta30 6 månader sedan
Just by glancing at /b/ you will catch a venereal kink.
Meonji Serizawa
Meonji Serizawa 6 månader sedan
I’m willing to bet Frank and Ollie were there. You just gotta know how to use your tags.
Tyler Holmes
Tyler Holmes 6 månader sedan
Not the best version of the rules for sure
Joshua Gonzalez
Joshua Gonzalez 6 månader sedan
Imagine gate keeping music
BestBi 6 månader sedan
1:51 I love that I immediately recognized that as The Prince of Egypt
MarvAlice 6 månader sedan
Only at #7 and I already see why 34 and 64 are the only ones ever referenced
Píchass 6 månader sedan
6:14 Why'd you censor her?
Steamed Beens Productions
Steamed Beens Productions 6 månader sedan
I recall there being a Rule #0, which is "Don't mess with cats."
The Narrator
The Narrator 6 månader sedan
The Narrator
The Narrator 6 månader sedan
SnooPINGAS usual I see
Raven Master
Raven Master 6 månader sedan
as of this comment, there is still no rule 34 for frank and ollie
A GroPenji
A GroPenji 6 månader sedan
Biocratic boys bop
Gemini S.
Gemini S. 6 månader sedan
Rule 34 and 35. Frank and Ollie still not on paheal.
Alex Blakley
Alex Blakley 7 månader sedan
Well it's been 2 years. Still no Frank and Ollie porn. Very disappointed
Iona Davies
Iona Davies 7 månader sedan
Nooo frank and Ollie
John Wick
John Wick 7 månader sedan
One day at school, I got bored, so I decided to memorize every single rule of the internet. Months later, I finally had them burned into my mind, and I had become an encyclopedia of useless information. I still am. Please help.
Mia Lia
Mia Lia 7 månader sedan
Some of these rules only can apply depending on the user's skill, experience, and/or humor.
Yes, It's bee.
Yes, It's bee. 7 månader sedan
i wish they turned the "porn" in rule 34 and 35 into "MEME"
stousley 7 månader sedan
Yes, It's bee.
Yes, It's bee. 7 månader sedan
@stousley i rlly dont. i understand thos kinda memes tho
stousley 7 månader sedan
@Yes, It's bee. stousley never existed understand?
Yes, It's bee.
Yes, It's bee. 7 månader sedan
@stousley but?
stousley 7 månader sedan
Listen kid I dont have much time so i gotta make this quick but
RiskyB81 RiskyB81
RiskyB81 RiskyB81 7 månader sedan
Ahhhhhh 404 you fucks
RiskyB81 RiskyB81
RiskyB81 RiskyB81 7 månader sedan
How fucking dare you critique the rules of the rules of the internet.
Le Derpo
Le Derpo 7 månader sedan
I’m about to break rule 1 and 2, talking about 4chan and Brad Pitts movie fight club, how you may ask? Well you see, I just did it.
visningar 2mn
Brad's Wife
visningar 6mn
Any Poll's a Goal
visningar 10mn