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28 jul 2018



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Matt S
Matt S 2 år sedan
Can we make Andre Bechert a certified SCP?
Sentient Mustache
Sentient Mustache 14 dagar sedan
SCP-999999999999 aka: Gamer Dude Description: Just a vibin guy
Lucy Ferrr
Lucy Ferrr Månad sedan
Krawm 2 månader sedan
@m0narch His name is a Memetic Cognito Hazard
OHNO 2 månader sedan
@Expertspecter if I had access to to make andre beshert an actaul SCP I 100% would, like I would do that, but sadly... im to lazy to do that.
Expertspecter 2 månader sedan
@OHNO Hell yeah.
Clon tropur
Clon tropur 4 timmar sedan
*E R T*
Dylan Greer
Dylan Greer Dag sedan
Those T's in the Bechert started to sound like CoD hitmarkers for a second
DJdog 4 dagar sedan
I would like to give a special thank you to Andre Becher[hitmarker]
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich 8 dagar sedan
If Internet Historian says it’s good then it must be good. I’ll subscribe.
aaron4820 10 dagar sedan
Damn, I wish my name ends with a hit market too.
gydorack 11 dagar sedan
I remember when I was recording voice lines for my custom Starcraft games and I had to whisper since my mike was so crap it would pop if I spoke above 2 decibals. I get where the flash guy is coming from.
BrosBrothersLP 12 dagar sedan
BecherT BecherT t t tt tttt tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt BecherT
SurrealDynamics 13 dagar sedan
Flynt Coal
Flynt Coal 13 dagar sedan
That scp 096 thing is a genuine SCP but 100% isnt actually a MLP thing
Kirill A. Medvinsky
Kirill A. Medvinsky 15 dagar sedan
thank you, Andreh!
Brandon Berrier
Brandon Berrier 16 dagar sedan
Petition to make Christopher Walken a SCP
PSTL GRP 18 dagar sedan
Mind blown at Volgun's real accent.
Pleiodes 23 dagar sedan
Bechern or er bechert is a german slangword for someone who drinks a Lot of alcohol...
nejdalej 26 dagar sedan
"That voice acting is not on fleek." - The Volgun.
Uli Schmidt
Uli Schmidt 27 dagar sedan
Wandering Deadite
Wandering Deadite 28 dagar sedan
the T in Bechert is now an SCP.
Hugo 29 dagar sedan
666 dislikes...
Johnnie Chu
Johnnie Chu 29 dagar sedan
You laugh now, but Roblox will take over the world. Just you wait!
Michael Siegler
Michael Siegler Månad sedan
666 dislikes. They're onto you.
AlexTenThousand Månad sedan
Zachary McGeachy
Zachary McGeachy Månad sedan
That feeling when you find an old In the field you haven’t watched already
Zucadragon Månad sedan
I enjoy the fact that I'm smoking weed at the point we reach the Gamers Against Weed point, gods that cracked me up XD
Benji Bitburger
Benji Bitburger Månad sedan
Burger king himself
Benji Bitburger
Benji Bitburger Månad sedan
Volgun I love youuu
Benji Bitburger
Benji Bitburger Månad sedan
OMG !!!!!
Kristian Waldbaum
Kristian Waldbaum Månad sedan
wtf am i watching
Little Spoon
Little Spoon Månad sedan
It's pronounced eco-lied not eco-lid, at least I pronounce it like that. I don't know why felt the need to comment this but it slightly annoyed me lol.
thesupersonicstig Månad sedan
That is not what 096 is... lol
Aquarian Rat
Aquarian Rat Månad sedan
You make my life much better, Internet Historian. Thank you so much.
bard of bedlam
bard of bedlam Månad sedan
Two of my favorite creators in one video. I need a personal moment.
Bill Wake
Bill Wake Månad sedan
So scp is basically the Federal Bureau of Control?
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson Månad sedan
Bernie 2024
CaseNumber00 Månad sedan
SCP has always reminded me of the lore of TYPEMOON, especially concerning Tskihime and Melty Blood with their magic beings lore primarily the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors.
RoachDoggJR Månad sedan
Senators r 2 spoopy
Black Dog
Black Dog Månad sedan
"why was that redacted? that's stupid.." that part killed me.
Lucy Ferrr
Lucy Ferrr Månad sedan
Volgun turned the smoke machine up so high it looked like somebody was vaping in there
Arbiter 2 månader sedan
I like how Remedy (the game developers) copied this exact story for their game Control. It's literally just SCP with more steps.
Ludwig Schmidt
Ludwig Schmidt 2 månader sedan
Well, that inserted jumpscare ruined the actual jumpscare, which I guess was supposed to be a sort of culmination point of the video, but oh well.
Erik Urizita
Erik Urizita 2 månader sedan
This is some spoopy stuff. It's gonna cause me some loss of sleep, innit?
Tubewatcherdude 2 månader sedan
Bad History With Kyle
Bad History With Kyle 2 månader sedan
I don't know why but the tape real going too fast always gets me
The Senate
The Senate 2 månader sedan
My favourite is The forensic ghost of Tupac Shakur.
A Lemon
A Lemon 2 månader sedan
The volgun can laugh?
Mr. Yellow
Mr. Yellow 2 månader sedan
so they just took 096 and put a pony over top of it? brilliant
Terry McDowall
Terry McDowall 2 månader sedan
3:00 Anomoly detected. Now why would Internet Historian lie about the number of Pistachios in the bags?
UNSC 2003
UNSC 2003 2 månader sedan
I fucking live confinement it’s so great! Also there song Fine and dandy is top tier
Cookie Bot
Cookie Bot 2 månader sedan
Pog Video
chetmcmasterson 2 månader sedan
the most disturbing thing to me is that the reel-to-reels are counter-rotating.
chetmcmasterson 2 månader sedan
SElosk just reminded me that I apparently bitched about this exact detail eleven months ago: "Why are the damn reel-to-reel spools moving in opposite directions, that's the real anomaly." I feel like this alone should be enough to diagnose me with something. Or that I need to get better hobbies.
Derek 2 månader sedan
6:05 Is that an Animal Crossing villager?
PacBoyGamer 2 månader sedan
wait why is 096 pinkie pie isn't meant to be shy guy?
Andrew Vaughan
Andrew Vaughan 2 månader sedan
8:34 as a TheVolgun fan, the smoke fucking killed me
Michael Duncan
Michael Duncan 2 månader sedan
What happened after level 45 dammit. Leave us friggin hanging
pavement Bug
pavement Bug 2 månader sedan
I now know Bernie knows and sees all, thank you internet historian
Mike Tang
Mike Tang 2 månader sedan
The husky pail phenotypically pop because bomb supply breathe midst a little kayak. shut, electric speedboat
turgle 2 månader sedan
Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis 2 månader sedan
Lets get mento on here
RadicalEdward2 2 månader sedan
I like how the cigarette smoke used for Volgun’s lecture escalated an actual fire breaking out
Abby Cross
Abby Cross 2 månader sedan
Dude has a great American accent.
Ghe Ann
Ghe Ann 2 månader sedan
Sum Loser
Sum Loser 2 månader sedan
3:30, me after NNN
VelociFaptor 3 månader sedan
Y'know if you tried hard enough, or not at all, we could get those conspiracy nuts to believe in all this SCP stuff.
stickysoap 3 månader sedan
More SCP plz
Dylan Wicklund
Dylan Wicklund 3 månader sedan
He is whispering cause his parents are asleep duh
Chris Katko
Chris Katko 3 månader sedan
LMFAO after it said oh my God behind you it went to ad break and said Google pay. Like there was a Google pay ad SCP
Radiated Leader
Radiated Leader 3 månader sedan
OMG I loved the lost signal aged ago
Teresa Murray
Teresa Murray 3 månader sedan
The flashy oboe jelly examine because plasterboard formally switch a a sweltering son. erratic, boundless bay
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
"Why was it redacted ? That's stupid" The O5 : "because reasons"
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
11:51 The D in D class stands for Disposable You get the rest of the story
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
7:48 So SCP-096 but it's written by a brony
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
1:21 Until new owners show up They replaced 166 with a totally different description They also almost removed 1471 entirely because of furries
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
0:39 "How did you know ?" IH : "I didn't that was a joke too"
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 månader sedan
Oh Yeah, I forgot Foundation network is unprotected Well have fun with the documents, boys
Generic Crack
Generic Crack 3 månader sedan
This makes me want to make a scp
Jbur916 3 månader sedan
What is your gamer and stoner 😳
Rashard Wilkinson
Rashard Wilkinson 3 månader sedan
ElyOtto 3 månader sedan
hey anybody know what that stupid fucking creppy piano music playing at 11:00 is??? I hear it everywhere
Essie Garcia
Essie Garcia 3 månader sedan
The voracious soccer weekly hop because snake naively jog below a scared ping. friendly, adaptable lilac
Styx. 3 månader sedan
jordabox ⦔
jordabox ⦔ 3 månader sedan
Number 15
Alva Völsung
Alva Völsung 3 månader sedan
One time I opened a bag of pistachios. Got halfway through before realizing it was infested with some kind of bug that I was eating. None were alive but I couldn't finish the bag. Refuse to eat pistachios to this day.
OffOnTangent 3 månader sedan
Based on that thumbnail I tough it was a collab with Ben Shapiro...
swaggeregg 3 månader sedan
*cough* *cough* scp cafe is better
KrazyKaiser 3 månader sedan
TheVolguns American accent is REALLY impressive for someone who has a different default English accent.
No Diggity
No Diggity 16 dagar sedan
That's *not* an English accent, it's an Ulster accent.
InturnetHaetMachine 3 månader sedan
Thank you Based Bechert.
vegoutwithvegge 3 månader sedan
12 nuts
Sebastian S
Sebastian S 3 månader sedan
so, at 2:23 it looks like it placed its nutsack on his shoulder
Che Campbell
Che Campbell 3 månader sedan
When I clicked on this video I was not expecting to be assaulted by a Norn Irish accent lmao
Damian Matras
Damian Matras 3 månader sedan
11:58 They found Walldo! :-D
Falko Junges
Falko Junges 3 månader sedan
Andre Becher *t*
David 3 månader sedan
Funny that I got an anti-weed ad after the gamers against weed part
Rowe Productions
Rowe Productions 3 månader sedan
Dude the banana pills 😂
The Gongoozler
The Gongoozler 3 månader sedan
13:56 Goddamn, HITMARKER!?!
Giacomo Moody
Giacomo Moody 3 månader sedan
Tycoon Titian01
Tycoon Titian01 3 månader sedan
First president bush, then bernie sanders?!? This is getting out of hand!
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 3 månader sedan
Can almost hear Dr Miller.
Non,Player, Adeptus
Non,Player, Adeptus 3 månader sedan
SCP used to be good when it was mostly centered in /x/, now it's mostly self-insert Tumblr trash and unironic shitposts.
Void Priestess
Void Priestess 3 månader sedan
The fucking smoke detector and the coughing I'm gonna cry GOOD GOD THE FUCKING SIRENS
KugelBlitz 3 månader sedan
I would love to see IH do SCP readings every once in awhile.
Cyber Von Cyberus
Cyber Von Cyberus 3 månader sedan
Rainbow themed SCP wiki is cursed (no offense to that group of people intended of course)
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