Sonic High School | Sundance Rejects 

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Talented creator of those taxidermied Tails:

It's all Kevin MacLeod.

Original Story:


All likeness to people in real life is purely coincidental.
This video meets the criteria of Fair Use and SElosk's guidelines on copyright.



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EmpLemon År sedan
Corey Ford
Corey Ford 7 dagar sedan
I still can't believe that emp actually participated in this
Pablo Cumming
Pablo Cumming 25 dagar sedan
was emplemon tails?
Dank, Danker, yet Danker
Thank you Tails.
Seamus McKeon
Seamus McKeon 2 månader sedan
Skiddl less
Skiddl less 2 månader sedan
Has Ball issues
tank head
tank head 13 timmar sedan
I'm decently sure that this was written by an actual hedgehog
Wise Alaundo
Wise Alaundo 17 timmar sedan
How can you miss that Eggman looked like a fat immature gay? That was the highlight of the story for me.
Sea Pupper
Sea Pupper Dag sedan
I feel like most of these fanfic stories would work better if it was totally original characters. Better, not good.
Nina Dag sedan
Egg man is as hole
Nina Dag sedan
Barokai Rein
Barokai Rein 2 dagar sedan
George R. R Martin finished the song of ice and fire ages ago but hasn't released it because he is just afraid it would never live up to this.
zed381 no
zed381 no 2 dagar sedan
curse of the breakfast
sixthkid6 2 dagar sedan
Please... I need more... It's so good...
Random Boy 3 m
Random Boy 3 m 3 dagar sedan
“We’re at school now.” Hmm, yes. The floor is made out of floor.
Virginia Lover Productions
I love the narrorator slowly losing his sanity
mercster 3 dagar sedan
Every time I see Tails, I can't help but laugh.
robot kitty porn
robot kitty porn 3 dagar sedan
“Are you mad” said tails sonic was mad so he nodded Take this dude pen before he puts the Bible outta business
Michelle Alzo
Michelle Alzo 4 dagar sedan
I love how every little thing Sonic did had to be fast, even fast shits, but yet it took him a literal lifetime to say “stop reading” 🤣
Concodroid 4 dagar sedan
This has to be a parody
Kyle Cooney
Kyle Cooney 5 dagar sedan
Cant look away. Someone save me. I don’t want to watch all 20 min.
Ajjaja Anjajaha
Ajjaja Anjajaha 5 dagar sedan
What about sonic mom you don’t show Hall
Tadeusz Adach
Tadeusz Adach 5 dagar sedan
okay i'm not falling for that door knock again, enough is enough
Aikotitilai 5 dagar sedan
2:44 Wait, isn't that against privacy? And if it wasn't in that universe, how dumb are you to actually write something embarrassing? Just write about boring thing like birds or some shit like this.
Cog Turner
Cog Turner 7 dagar sedan
"...and that they probably have problems that they do not want everyone to know about too so stop laughing at me." Did the author just Freudian slip?
Blazing Scythe
Blazing Scythe 7 dagar sedan
19:06 okay that's nightmare fuel
Christopher Ventura
Christopher Ventura 7 dagar sedan
Im from America and I thought it was gonna tell tails at his home not to come to school tomorrow
demoknight tf2
demoknight tf2 8 dagar sedan
dude stop
dude stop 8 dagar sedan
"nothing said sonic!" said sonic
Rave Biscuits
Rave Biscuits 10 dagar sedan
That fucking fox image makes me so uncomfortable. It's like the crackfox from The Mighty Boosh, but staring forever unblinking right into my eyes.
TheOneGuy1111 10 dagar sedan
Sonic High School: "Mrs. Lesson was tall and white and had gray hair and she was not pretty." Internet Historian: Portrays her as pretty, black haired, short, and Asian.
Froggy lad
Froggy lad 10 dagar sedan
1:59 in the back of the bus ITS HER THE CAMEO
William Jackson
William Jackson 10 dagar sedan
Still better than Sonichu
John Forshaw
John Forshaw 11 dagar sedan
R2D2 Inc
R2D2 Inc 11 dagar sedan
Whoever wrote this seems to be in a worse mental works than Wings of Chris-Chan Savage 2988.
Ronda Hawkins
Ronda Hawkins 12 dagar sedan
The first operation intraperitonally relax because journey archaeologically paint as a abusive cymbal. complete, finicky dashboard
Graph 13 dagar sedan
10:19 cant believe you'd white wash the story like this
Jason Burk
Jason Burk 13 dagar sedan
Would recommend watching at 1.5x speed, because we know how Sonic needs to be fast
Ryan Rafter
Ryan Rafter 13 dagar sedan
lol this sounds like it was written by chrischan lol
RedTheHex 14 dagar sedan
Bulldozera 15 dagar sedan
I had to laugh to hard when the voice actor was laughing when telling the story hahaha
Bulldozera 15 dagar sedan
Ball problems KEK
Ravel Lopez
Ravel Lopez 15 dagar sedan
Frederick Knudsen deserves an Oscar for this performance
clorox bleach
clorox bleach 15 dagar sedan
William Campbell
William Campbell 16 dagar sedan
"Now you are mine" Is a very threating line
casinomann 16 dagar sedan
Is this written by AI?
Thicc Cheese
Thicc Cheese 16 dagar sedan
0:00 at 2x speed
Bat Games
Bat Games 16 dagar sedan
I thought oh this is just a weird normal fan fiction until the teacher read Sonic’s journal
Tully Bledsoe
Tully Bledsoe 16 dagar sedan
Carolyn T
Carolyn T 17 dagar sedan
Welcome to the graveyard... ... *OF YOU!*
Shelby Rigsby
Shelby Rigsby 17 dagar sedan
Sseth eggman is not something I knew I needed until now
LambChop Weather
LambChop Weather 17 dagar sedan
Dang never knew sonic was apart of the blue face family
Glenn Viking
Glenn Viking 17 dagar sedan
19:14 Are we just gonna ignore this tear in the space time continuum?
Vaknir 18 dagar sedan
I like how in every stupidly bad fanfiction, you can always find a really good and creative line.
PyroGaleZX 18 dagar sedan
Nothing will ever be as great as this fanfic
PEENOOSE 18 dagar sedan
The cracked out tails in permanent Vietnam flashback fkn got me every time
RetroFilm 19 dagar sedan
4:50 For real thought he was about to pull out a gun
DC 19 dagar sedan
im so relieved im not the only one who's ball sweat smells like the breath of a thoroughbred.
MeeMoshi 20 dagar sedan
Tails Gets Trolled is better.
are you shure about that
It surprised me that sonic made a college report about his poop it disturbs me
Brian Mcnicholl
Brian Mcnicholl 20 dagar sedan
I need more of this, DESPERATELY
Michael Vaccaro
Michael Vaccaro 20 dagar sedan
this is so fucking cerebral, i nearly cant keep up with the dialogue lol
Dragy Chu EX
Dragy Chu EX 21 dag sedan
why. wy was this oddly entertaining
Isaac Rose
Isaac Rose 21 dag sedan
Please do this for “Tumbling Towers” the Harry Potter 9/11 fanfic
doger944 21 dag sedan
It's weird that this author is terrible at everything except similes which he is *amazing* at
Jonathon Cowley-Thom
The limo is broken eternally. They give birth astride a grave. The light gleams an instant, then it's night once more.
Garrett Rodgers
Garrett Rodgers 21 dag sedan
Oh fuck
Corentin M
Corentin M 23 dagar sedan
Loving Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way's cameo in the bus
John Madden
John Madden 23 dagar sedan
obama looks like a person but darker colored
NICTATOR 23 dagar sedan
_”The limo is broken,”_ said the limo driver who looked like a person but *darker colored*
Rael0505 23 dagar sedan
"I love her for her body," thought Sonic. What a chad
Raythepinballwizard 24 dagar sedan
EndFox 24 dagar sedan
12:25 is where I lost it
Bendy YouTube
Bendy YouTube 25 dagar sedan
The B Team
The B Team 25 dagar sedan
Why is this just the Harry Potter fan fic with a reskin? Is it by the same person?
Minty AF
Minty AF 26 dagar sedan
To be fair, Eggman has literally had some of his passwords be EGGMAN before.
5PVC3 27 dagar sedan
Tails sounds suspiciously like Yanderedev
Wooopsy Daisy
Wooopsy Daisy 27 dagar sedan
Fantastic movie 😍😍😍❤❤❤
scott jones
scott jones 27 dagar sedan
I knew tails would be smart just from looking at him
PlayedTooMuch 28 dagar sedan
haha sonic itchy balls
Alberto Nanclares Ijalba
Los mejores valores
Bilbo Boulder
Bilbo Boulder 28 dagar sedan
Eggman why you're here?
NINJA_ 47 28 dagar sedan
Why so many furriest????. Bruuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh.
Marron Hak
Marron Hak 29 dagar sedan
10:08 (Chuckles) You mean the Velvet Room?
Pandemic Aunt
Pandemic Aunt 29 dagar sedan
Candle Lynx
Candle Lynx Månad sedan
I'm 5 minutes in and it feels like I've been watching this for the last hour...
benjamint444 Månad sedan
Some of its like human error, like a kid writing. But some of it is like it's been put through a translation engine and translated back and forth a few times to mess up the words. All of it is weirdly entertaining. Said sonic, said sonic
Mattrockj Månad sedan
I think i need to rewind time 20 min so i can tell myself not to watch this
💧🐍 Månad sedan
Hey hey people, Eggman here.
Large And Scary
Large And Scary Månad sedan
if sonic had breakfast none of this wouldve have ever happened
Vessel of the Lord, Slayer of Heretics
Woah woah woah woah woah! This had twomad before twomad became famous. What the fuck? Crazy shit
gadil gitari
gadil gitari Månad sedan
JAD's MV's
JAD's MV's Månad sedan
The Bible
Cody Wolfe
Cody Wolfe Månad sedan
This is the best worst Sonichu fanfic ever
adolf hitler
adolf hitler Månad sedan
i cant i just fucking cant
Spider Playz
Spider Playz Månad sedan
When the ad ended a real ad came
Alessandro Cipriano
Alessandro Cipriano Månad sedan
9:19 tails be like 👁️👄👁️ wtf that shit is nightmare inducing
Eddard Stark
Eddard Stark Månad sedan
How did you get Alan Alda to voice eggman?
Taco Dude
Taco Dude Månad sedan
"I missed Amy" has the same energy as "I pissed on the moon" And I'm not sure which one I'm more scared of
Tony II
Tony II Månad sedan
1:58 oh shit Jeff might attend the school too.
Michael Leinbach
Michael Leinbach Månad sedan
You're laughing. Knuckles took up two seats when he only needed one and you're laughing.
Tucker Johnson
Tucker Johnson Månad sedan
That Nord VPN ad is a stolen Simpsons joke 😂. Lisa has a daydream that she's stopped from becoming president at her inauguration because she failed gym in the 2nd grade, and then she's exiled to Monster Island.
The Fierce Bloke
The Fierce Bloke 28 dagar sedan
So? 2016 U.S. Election was a joke stolen from the Simpsons too.
Daniel Daniar
Daniel Daniar Månad sedan
Knuckles thought he was a bad boy because he sat in two seater seats. Does that mean Big the Cat is a bad boy too?
Aldo Leonardo
Aldo Leonardo Månad sedan
João Teixeira
João Teixeira Månad sedan
It blows my mind how the Historian managed to get in touch with a Ugandan warlord for this.
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