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The TRUE STORY about an art heist thievery grabbin' that happened in 2000 and how the people responsible were caught.


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22 maj 2020



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Whang! År sedan
Don't talk to me or my son ever again
Bubba TrumpsDaddy
Bubba TrumpsDaddy Månad sedan
he lowkey used a soundbyte from a 2010 video and i knew what it was from
Shaun Andrews
Shaun Andrews Månad sedan
will u be my dad Whang?
Devin Brown
Devin Brown 2 månader sedan
@Commander Gree to have to pay lol 😆😆😆😆
F&E SUDO 2 2 månader sedan
@S. Oddity obviously not
Uhtred 2 månader sedan
So THATS how you got the dough for that sweet crib with all the cool lights, guitars and Lucha libre maks an shit, robbing art gallerys??
Shiny Snivy
Shiny Snivy 3 timmar sedan
I didn’t know TRO could be that American. He is in fact a gamer I guess
Rimmer 19 timmar sedan
I'm old enough to remember when Sweden had almost no crime.
Rimmer 16 timmar sedan
@why even try with names u mad A city with a population of over 1 million went a whole year without a single murder. Women felt safe enough to walk outside topless. When there was a robbery or a rape people were genuinely shocked, so shocked that those incidents became major news stories. No, I wasn't ignoring them because I was "too young". Things really were that safe. All that "you were imagining it" and "nostalgia goggles" BS is just gaslighting by people with an agenda. These days everyone knows someone who has been raped, and some 16 year old idiot kid told me "Malmö isn't nearly as bad as people say. I've lived there my whole life and I've only been robbed twice" as if having even been robbed once is supposed to be normal. When I visited my sister in Malmö one of the first things she showed me was a tiny hole in her window. She told me it was from a stray bullet from a gang shootout. A few months ago when I went to the convenience store it was closed because one of the cashiers had been stabbed in the gut during a robbery. Mind you, I live in one of the good cities. Even just a short 15 years ago this kind of stuff was practically unheard of.
why even try with names u mad
You are nostalgic for the good old days when there were problems back then too but you ignored them because you were young. Sweden was never a perfect no crime utopia.
toxicwithsideofwaste 2
Wouldn't have happened if you had gotten nord vpn
Brotherhood Knight
Everyone thinks they can be a master thief, until they try it. Just one mistake and you are caught
Clon tropur
Clon tropur Dag sedan
Bri’ish people when you drink tea without a saucer: 16:14
Soviet Potatoes235
Soviet Potatoes235 2 dagar sedan
sweedish house mafia
Detro 2 dagar sedan
I like how all the cops are Cole Phelps
Essie Garcia
Essie Garcia 2 dagar sedan
The creepy toast byerly pop because sousaphone unlikely retire than a silent existence. waiting, simplistic patch
MacBulle 3 dagar sedan
I had never heard of this and I'm swedish. How did i not know that our biggest most popular museum got robbed? Stuff like that never happens here
Aunuli Mansfield
Aunuli Mansfield 4 dagar sedan
This is my favorite series on any of your channels
RouxSauced 5 dagar sedan
How did these idiots not realize they were being tailed by the old man
Will Johnson
Will Johnson 5 dagar sedan
a 5 year plot that could have been hidden by a few short digits... if they had just used a burner we would still be questioning the whereabouts of the paintings today.
Sir Chaddington
Sir Chaddington 6 dagar sedan
Damn, that Whitman guy tho
deez nuts
deez nuts 6 dagar sedan
1:44 i need this sound effect
ShoutWout 7 dagar sedan
4:33 he could have said SUS my dissatisfaction is immeasurable and my day is ruined
Wondabyne 07
Wondabyne 07 7 dagar sedan
This is the only guy on the Internet that can say “ad time” and I can’t wait to watch it in full.
Squash3k 9 dagar sedan
they should have used nordVPnord
billy joe
billy joe 9 dagar sedan
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady 10 dagar sedan
[Dr Farnsworth voice] "Nordstrommmm!"
Gurgel 10 dagar sedan
Do this with the "Helikopter rånet" or the helicopter heist, it was a Swedish heist where a couple of guys stole a helicopter and robbed a place for 5million dollars by landing on the glass pyramid on top of the building and smashing through it
Aesir Unlimited
Aesir Unlimited 12 dagar sedan
It seems like It’s always the little detail that gets them. Their entire elaborate heist was brought down by one mistake.
Marc Luu
Marc Luu 12 dagar sedan
How is this a reject this looks like a legitimate episode on the main channel
Maxwell_ Edison
Maxwell_ Edison 12 dagar sedan
Why isn't this main channel content?
WaveWingman 13 dagar sedan
You should really do a Sundance Rejects for D.B. Cooper
Argentum Cattus
Argentum Cattus 13 dagar sedan
Arrrrghhh 🧟‍♀️
These must take so long to do! The gentleman pirate, oh my gosh lol love em!
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez 14 dagar sedan
The barbarous guarantee suprisingly ask because jet clasically describe plus a undesirable stranger. natural, funny coal
Bean 14 dagar sedan
Who's TRO??
MrZiljon 14 dagar sedan
How dare you mock our flawless justice system and or incredible English linguistics! To be fair I don't care about the justice system stuff (except I still think this way is better than the US jail factory business) but the language thing actually bothered me a bit. T_T Not to sound pompous but we're actually one of the best in EU when it comes to English (if you don't count the British isles ofc). The only other country that is comparable are the Netherlands. I know it's a joke but I've talked to so many Americans that think we actually think we sound like that goddamn muppet.. We should ban Australia from Eurovision for this transgression! THAT WOULD TEACH YOU PROPER RESPECT MATE! For real though, love ur content. Keep it up mate!
Phengophobia 14 dagar sedan
Oh, no, please not Bulgarians! Haven't we had enough :D Boris Kostov, SHAMEEEE!
Thydeepestfear 14 dagar sedan
One of the greatest ad pitches of all time. I didn’t skip ahead.
Sean Adams
Sean Adams 15 dagar sedan
Holy shit, didn't realize this started the day I was born, bruh moment
Emulator Island
Emulator Island 15 dagar sedan
Schulzy 16 dagar sedan
Why didn't they just try selling them online
The Argonaught
The Argonaught 17 dagar sedan
gave fredrik quite a bode. Close to real life im sure.
relaxation station
relaxation station 17 dagar sedan
how does SElosk allow all this NordVPN porn smut on this family friendly website? OMG! Come on SElosk! Also... is NordVPN still single?
Derek Van Tonder
Derek Van Tonder 18 dagar sedan
How amazing is it that you can take a bunch of blurry memes and make something 9000 times better than your average Sundance film
Scream Man
Scream Man 19 dagar sedan
Payday: The Unreleased DLC
Frank Sharp
Frank Sharp 19 dagar sedan
Kostov casually loading his dry cleaning into the engine bay of his 911...
Oddly Even
Oddly Even 19 dagar sedan
23:32 *I can't escape it can I?*
Platano Music
Platano Music 21 dag sedan
What is Ranton doing there at 5:29?
blityc 22 dagar sedan
When you hire Michael, Franklin and Trevor as the heisters but a vegetable kid as the planner
Liam Dysoco
Liam Dysoco 22 dagar sedan
What's TRO?
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 22 dagar sedan
this happened exactly nine moths before I was born?🤔
Animelytical 22 dagar sedan
Me at 5:01: "Jesus Christ."
ELane Rissler
ELane Rissler 23 dagar sedan
The holistic wall nearly supply because softball identically sip against a venomous south america. nasty, wiggly person
Obed 24 dagar sedan
22:17 wtf that's my birthday.
Geoffrey Rankin
Geoffrey Rankin 24 dagar sedan
The fact I cam back to this video just to watch the nord VPN advert says a lot
xXFaZe_AuSsIeXx 25 dagar sedan
I think Alexander Petrov is the most Russian name possible lol.
Evan Hennings
Evan Hennings 26 dagar sedan
Who else liked seeing Chavezz
Justthatguy 26 dagar sedan
“Were going undercover” me so your going incognito
The Monk - الراهب
atro channel?
deathberry33 27 dagar sedan
This Video is a better movie than Ocean's 8
GearGades 27 dagar sedan
You know what's the ironic thing of all this - is likely (correct me) that the value of these paintings sky rocketed with their theft.
gydorack 27 dagar sedan
I'll be good cop and you also be good cop cause people like it when you're nice
KabukiLayerCake 27 dagar sedan
I love how you can actually hear TRO corpsing over his lines.
GP128 27 dagar sedan
23:30 WHITTY
Alayna Nelson
Alayna Nelson 28 dagar sedan
The productive quill semiannually tempt because printer allegedly employ apropos a flippant iraq. deserted, momentous boot
Alayna Nelson
Alayna Nelson 28 dagar sedan
The nebulous armenian multivariably carve because yak physically float unlike a kindhearted collar. amuck, skinny kenya
TCN 28 dagar sedan
Trashy 29 dagar sedan
That Girls Boyfriend must be ExpressVPN
Boo Fire
Boo Fire 29 dagar sedan
you know the funniest part of the heist for me is the complexity of it, cause in reality the greatest known art thief to exist literally just walked up to a painting and took it. no guns, no plans, no car explosion literally just walks in and just takes whatever. Stealing from a Museum is honestly piss easy.
blackosprey 29 dagar sedan
You'd think that they'd have a plan on how to sell these things before going through the trouble of an elaborate heist. What a bunch of goobers.
Uncomfortable Cat
Uncomfortable Cat 29 dagar sedan
7:08 Okay, Seinfeld theme and they were in Charlie's apartment. Noice.
Halscion Månad sedan
stone fucking cold.
Maarten de Wilde
Maarten de Wilde Månad sedan
Does anyone know what the montage misic is
Patricius vun Kempen
swedish court be like: nah it's ok you are good bois you can go home
Gastogh Månad sedan
Who is "TRO"?
Ksi is bald
Ksi is bald Månad sedan
193k likes let’s go
Anzaia Månad sedan
I can't believe that the #1 Dad hat was foreshadowing all along!
Makerovic Månad sedan
New Payday 2 Heist update!
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Månad sedan
Remember all of this happened because they didn't sink their escape motor boat in the lake and because they used their actual phone number to borrow the owner's boat tow
Nathan Martyn
Nathan Martyn Månad sedan
What why would he want a swedish covid-19
T.C.J B Månad sedan
The Biggest comb over of all time meets the biggest heist of all time.
SynTaco Månad sedan
Isnt that enlisted intro?
aTempo Månad sedan
I still can't believe that's The Right Opinion's voice.
Hibbi Månad sedan
provoked into the crime xD and thats how lawyers break the system they work for
Nightmare Fuel
Nightmare Fuel Månad sedan
who is this tro guy and why can't i find him any where on the web?
ATM. NS7.2001
ATM. NS7.2001 Månad sedan
is this real..... sorry, was this real**
WatermelonJuice Månad sedan
It was
Bovine Designs
Bovine Designs Månad sedan
I love that it was an almost airtight crime due to pure luck, considering how many goofs they made after they found they found their phone number.
Megalosaurus 2 Electric boogaloo
Who is the girl in the young Parisian painting?
Ephraim Snow
Ephraim Snow Månad sedan
18:10 i like the inclusion of the cop voice from Big Lez Show
Danny Strange
Danny Strange Månad sedan
I’m sorry but... TRO? 😅
The Chair Man
The Chair Man Månad sedan
19:24 "Kostov led the police into a local porn shop" 🤔
The Chair Man
The Chair Man Månad sedan
@Riceasaurus • 9 years ago I know, this is a joke.
Templar Dane
Templar Dane Månad sedan
1.4k art thieves disliked.
grover Melody
grover Melody Månad sedan
ya minge..
DigitalDunk Månad sedan
Great video, but does anyone know all the music he used?
William Howard taft
William Howard taft Månad sedan
Well, if they used nord VPN their phone numbers never would have lead to their location.
Mark Kouznetsov
Mark Kouznetsov Månad sedan
"It's the little things"
Johannes Viljoen
Johannes Viljoen Månad sedan
The right opinion? If not who tf is TRO
GearGades Månad sedan
the moment any of your gang mates suggest to ransom the stolen goods to the very institute they just robbed deserves to be taken out ala "cosa nostra" style. Rembrandt with a ballgag! I just can't ... XD
Prof. Sir
Prof. Sir Månad sedan
This is better than most movies that come these days.
S K Månad sedan
More nord vpn man
TheSnurf Månad sedan
I can see where Casa de Papel got their idea.
Олег Månad sedan
woaha invisible inc ost
Zugzug Zugzugson
Zugzug Zugzugson Månad sedan
wtf they could at least have used a burner phone.
Lincoln Desjarlais
Lincoln Desjarlais Månad sedan
hey anyone else want that Swedish "Krona"
7:31 “That’s not the worst idea in the world.” No, but it’s pretty damn close.
Jimmy Twoshoes
Jimmy Twoshoes Månad sedan
Hemi Cuda
Hemi Cuda Månad sedan
I agree
Jimmy Twoshoes
Jimmy Twoshoes Månad sedan
Jimmy Twoshoes
Jimmy Twoshoes Månad sedan
Vi ivig
Jimmy Twoshoes
Jimmy Twoshoes Månad sedan
Jimmy Twoshoes
Jimmy Twoshoes Månad sedan
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