The Ways of Life Early Beta | In The Field [Feat. Ranton] 

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V0.2 pre-alpha is the only good version.
Everything else is derivative trash.

Ranton's Channel: goo.gl/4vdVai

Twitter: NetHistorian
Patreon: www.patreon.com/internethisto...
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/internethistorian
Philly D's Secret Link of the Day: goo.gl/r8Q7ds


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17 jun 2018



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Don't Cut Yourself On All That e d g e
Is that the "booo" guy
Jake Young
Jake Young 13 dagar sedan
I need that Internet Historian waifu body pillow.
Larry Lentini
Larry Lentini 14 dagar sedan
It's been 3 years and I'm still waiting for part 2. Why did it just end? I need answers!
ZchryPlys 23 dagar sedan
Tough bosses and shows the easiest boss in that series Also I had no idea those ads were actually games.
Uli Schmidt
Uli Schmidt 26 dagar sedan
i feel like I’ve played that game
Ichigo Ichie
Ichigo Ichie 27 dagar sedan
i actually remember playing this game. it was great.
TheSaviorOfSouls 29 dagar sedan
Calmest ranton video ive seen
Jay Coops
Jay Coops 29 dagar sedan
'You won't last 5 minutes' 10 mins later: "meh"
Bogdan Florin
Bogdan Florin Månad sedan
Internet Historian body pillow when?
Üthvar Dol guldur
Üthvar Dol guldur Månad sedan
Pr0n ?!
Nicklas mocander
Nicklas mocander Månad sedan
Wait, there's actually a game?
Hurtn Albertn
Hurtn Albertn Månad sedan
how come no one told me there was a former monk reviewing video games? thats amazing.
Killerofcats Månad sedan
Don B
Don B Månad sedan
Best. Playtrough. Ever.
Call Me Kevan
Call Me Kevan 2 månader sedan
"oh come on, no one came into the room." I mean, technically you are incorrect.
Petrichor Aurora
Petrichor Aurora 2 månader sedan
We need a complete walkthrough.
Jacc Just-A-Concerned-Citizen
If you don’t use a Yt avatar (hello IH!) and have more than a few thousand followers, the odds that you are (a) skinny and/or (b) posses insane facial structure, is off the charts. No rush evolution, take your time. But... I mean... just between us girls, do you really have more important things to do right now?!
Zippsterman 2 månader sedan
Thanks for leaving one uncensored frame
Hayao Kakizaki
Hayao Kakizaki 2 månader sedan
>surprise isekai DROPPED
Stone Previous
Stone Previous 2 månader sedan
Having explored the world of 'lewd' visual novels -- Accurate.
The Neo-Naga
The Neo-Naga 2 månader sedan
Wow ok.
Water In a Glass
Water In a Glass 2 månader sedan
why does chroma's owner sound so close to chromosomer
jory mayer
jory mayer 2 månader sedan
"actually, this is" Biggest anime betrayal of this lifetime.
Meep Meep
Meep Meep 2 månader sedan
god that skyrim music gives me serious nostalgia
John Labuda
John Labuda 3 månader sedan
God the mode disappointing thing is that this wasnt continued
Emre Aşık
Emre Aşık 3 månader sedan
is that it? fuck.
rustyyna k
rustyyna k 3 månader sedan
bro this ranton dude had 20k subs now he is at 1mil+
Bob Moss Nano Tanks
Bob Moss Nano Tanks 3 månader sedan
I love the abrupt endings lol
ハルヒ・haruhi 3 månader sedan
Tbh I wanna find out what happens next
Nemo7The7Pirate7 3 månader sedan
Marvin Schwentner
Marvin Schwentner 3 månader sedan
SeBu 3 månader sedan
WHAT !?! Historian AND RANTON in the same video ?!?! Where the fuck have I been ? What the fuck I was doing those two years !!??
Person Man Man
Person Man Man 3 månader sedan
*Now I know what to do*
Neath Izar
Neath Izar 3 månader sedan
Huh, well it said you won't last 5 minutes, but you didn't even get to fight the boss
Cody Knutson
Cody Knutson 3 månader sedan
hahah did you just call kung fu karate ?
MasterJBT 3 månader sedan
10/10 censoring
Shoezz 3 månader sedan
The way she said "You're wrong" at 9:43 made me laugh so hard and I don't know why.
justin steffan
justin steffan 3 månader sedan
Wow they won the game! It wasnt even designed to be played for more than 5 minutes. No wonder why the videos so short
justin steffan
justin steffan 3 månader sedan
Whyyyyyyy The story was so intriguing
No_one_from_Nowhere. 3 månader sedan
Is this the booOOOooo!👻 guy?
Papajon Theboi
Papajon Theboi 3 månader sedan
The editing is so amazing.
SirBumclapper 3 månader sedan
this game is sounds very depressing
Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher
Warrior monk humps konami
WilfChadwick 4 månader sedan
This is like the autistic version of the South Park cat pee episode.
Ethos Arts
Ethos Arts 4 månader sedan
Maybe the real climax was the friends we made along the way?
The Deer And The Wolf
The Deer And The Wolf 4 månader sedan
omg they're having a serious conversation and she's just striking poses every sentence XD
João Teixeira
João Teixeira Månad sedan
It's a Jojo reference
XxXVideoVeiwerXxX 4 månader sedan
*instantly inputs mum and sister* He knows.........
Jaws10214 4 månader sedan
Renton sucked. Wheres Sumito?
ReinerFrost 4 månader sedan
Don't forget to use NordVPN before watching this video!
Jaymz R
Jaymz R 4 månader sedan
damn its been 2 years now Ranton’s gone big
Mohan sundaram.G
Mohan sundaram.G 4 månader sedan
The game asking code. So any one code pls
ni6hant 4 månader sedan
You won't last five minute playing this game should be the title for Sekiro
Stetson The Guy
Stetson The Guy 4 månader sedan
1:37 is that rwj?
killer melon
killer melon 4 månader sedan
So I've looked but couldn't find, any one know where to play this game?
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin 4 månader sedan
I did not see that ending coming. Lol
pimplyface64 5 månader sedan
1:18 I played this game for way longer than I should have, as kid. It sucks lol.
DIYdunder 5 månader sedan
got me
comment bot : 15
comment bot : 15 6 månader sedan
That Is a new Zealand website
Ultimate Empress
Ultimate Empress 6 månader sedan
Was there ever a continuation to this?
adis 6 månader sedan
Damn you! Left it in a cliff hanger. Now I’ll never know the truth of the darkness and how it has to do with Anton the virgin.
Au ser
Au ser 6 månader sedan
This is a Japanese power sim
Knotwhoyouthink 6 månader sedan
So... does Herstorian know you play this or...?
bread eater
bread eater 6 månader sedan
Somehow the options "Sleep-Rest-Masturbate-Nevemind" really speak to me on a personal level. Especially on a Sunday afternoon.
bread eater
bread eater 6 månader sedan
Oh god damn. Now the algorithm knows I'm a young single male.
Chilly MIV
Chilly MIV 6 månader sedan
Who tf makes these games lolmao?
InteriorCrocodileDankin8r 6 månader sedan
8:14 basically quarantine
Ein normaler Google Nutzer
Omg wait ranton plus internet historian :0
Sowpmactavish 6 månader sedan
Maxwell Cash
Maxwell Cash 7 månader sedan
I probably shouldn't be watching this in school
dislexyec airsofter
dislexyec airsofter 7 månader sedan
they need to do another
snupe1 7 månader sedan
rip x
xxconorcregan 7 månader sedan
Doctor Sex
Doctor Sex 8 månader sedan
the video ending got me dead
John Notmylastname
John Notmylastname 8 månader sedan
Oh shit it’s the dude that goes “Boo!”
Ethan Main
Ethan Main 8 månader sedan
I love ranton :) glad to see this collab
Melissa Boress
Melissa Boress 8 månader sedan
But where is part two?
Dariel Padron French
Dariel Padron French 8 månader sedan
I like your video and I hope you continue sharing interesting content. Greetings.
Shadowfire204 8 månader sedan
Her: "My King." Him: "I don't want it..." *goes back to room to jerk off*
Ereder 8 månader sedan
just from the tumbnail ... are we really going to talk about Sex&glory/lesson of passion? holy shit.
YYONN 8 månader sedan
This is just a standard hentai plot
Rio Sol
Rio Sol 8 månader sedan
Blue balls :[
Jeff Mars
Jeff Mars 8 månader sedan
This is the best IHIM, because it’s the only one where the guest wants to push things further and IH is like : “uuuuuuuhhh I dunno about that.” :s
Pocket Calculator
Pocket Calculator 8 månader sedan
0:41 goddamn, that scared me.
ShinyRayquaza9 9 månader sedan
"tough boss battles" shows dancer of boreal valley
John Labuda
John Labuda 9 månader sedan
its still a crime they havent dont a full playthrough of this game
praticle 9 månader sedan
Best ending 👌
Lord Odysseus
Lord Odysseus 9 månader sedan
Ngl, that ending pissed me off.
Retro Racer
Retro Racer 9 månader sedan
He's right.. that really was the most anti climactic thing
CeleryMan 9 månader sedan
Ranton seems to be the demographic for these games.
Grayson DuBose
Grayson DuBose 9 månader sedan
ranton was way too immature for this
Crocogile 9 månader sedan
God that was anticlimactic
Leviraff 10 månader sedan
are ya winning son?
Lauren E
Lauren E 10 månader sedan
Alternative title for this game: Fuck your daddy issues away
Backlog Buddies and Game Highlighter
I want to see the rest
Noah Gorsuch
Noah Gorsuch 10 månader sedan
probably shouldn't be watching this at work
Nathaniel Cushman
Nathaniel Cushman 10 månader sedan
I love on the pictures you put burkahs.
pablo Elia
pablo Elia 10 månader sedan
That ending is in the same level of Monty Python and the holy Graal
Siddhartha KVR
Siddhartha KVR 10 månader sedan
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael 10 månader sedan
What kind of name is ranton? I keep imagining a salad topping or something.
Jarl Bregadan
Jarl Bregadan 10 månader sedan
So this IS Skyrim.
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