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Description: Talkin about travel and all that.
Guest: Pyrocynical's Food Vlogs: selosk.info/name/N5x...
Twitter: nethistorian
Patreon: patreon.com/internethistorian

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11 maj 2021



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Kenneth Mendez
Kenneth Mendez Månad sedan
imagine your country being featured on internet historian video just to see its about trash.
Ian Villaluz
Ian Villaluz Dag sedan
He’s talking about the Philippines guys
Oat Juice
Oat Juice 5 dagar sedan
@Ψ Воинomme i know a lot of french people but i also know noone that likes france.
ALAMO BEXAR 5 dagar sedan
me an american: First time?
Siphonix92 7 dagar sedan
Katsu the Otaku
Katsu the Otaku 9 dagar sedan
@Jhonn Mesa Well the country's economy is fucked and the government ain't doing shit about it so the cycle continues. Money drives everything, even public decency, you won't see a country be prosperous when half it's occupants aren't able to find work because the country decided to fuck up the education system by making you pay more to learn the same shit before.
Tyler Manning
Tyler Manning 4 timmar sedan
dnd without dice
Santaゼロ 5 timmar sedan
Love this colab. You guys are awesome
gourec atuvu
gourec atuvu 6 timmar sedan
"Frencheese" here ! I French here, I feel particularly targeted here 6:35 to 6:38 !! besides why every time I watch a video of an American or an English, they always have a joke for french! I would be happy to share a piece of my baguette with the one who will explain to me
Self-Study 13 timmar sedan
still trying to find that song in the ad
Vincent 15 timmar sedan
Makes me sad I've never been overseas.
dajosh42069 16 timmar sedan
16:20 -- "Ma!! We can't just keep doin' what dad did!!"
Abyss Dag sedan
Is it I is it weird that I find these videos enthralling just listening to a couple of buddies relaxing and talking some s*** great couldn't get any better thank you internet historian and pyrocynical
Ewart Smith
Ewart Smith Dag sedan
Forgot how much I love his ads
sircorneilous Dag sedan
Weres space travel
Hunter Rees
Hunter Rees 2 dagar sedan
Internet Historian might be the world's harshest DM
Erick julian
Erick julian 2 dagar sedan
Wouo wouu wou! Wou :3
Brenden Bales
Brenden Bales 2 dagar sedan
Most of the buttons are for the engineers
ShogunRyuusha 2 dagar sedan
The eyebrow raise when Pyro pulls an Uno reverse card on the translator is a priceless moment.
Brenden Bales
Brenden Bales 2 dagar sedan
Spining magnets in wires thats electricity
Genuinely Lost
Genuinely Lost 2 dagar sedan
10:24 Ironic
Sleepy Dog zone
Sleepy Dog zone 2 dagar sedan
Only one to stay at the house sumitomedia that was a legendary battle that day.
Thomas Sharp
Thomas Sharp 2 dagar sedan
Honestly the adverts are better than the videos some times!
John Huhes
John Huhes 3 dagar sedan
Im waiting for one with the ordinary gamers
TheBlackHorizons 3 dagar sedan
i like how this turns into a roleplaying game about a time traveling youtuber
mattias kalaj
mattias kalaj 3 dagar sedan
Do one with exurb1a pls
Fede Gonzalez
Fede Gonzalez 3 dagar sedan
11:39 Are you pondering what i'm pondering? Fyre Festival 2: the Epstein games
Dismal Lizard
Dismal Lizard 3 dagar sedan
Can't hear Caramelldansen without hearing "dance on my balls, cat fucking a handbag", after seeing one of those misheard lyrics videos
Jared Shepard
Jared Shepard 4 dagar sedan
We're homeless on the moon and we carry a harpoon!
Blue Team
Blue Team 4 dagar sedan
I find it hard to ever hear pyros voice without bursting out laughing for what a little prat he is fir buying that pink thing's bathwater... am I remembering it right and him drinking it too? Thas some THIRST right there.
armersuender 4 dagar sedan
萌え十字軍 4 dagar sedan
I would have went with a gun, and a riot shield. Arrows aint gonna do shit to a riot shield
NoLeads Ent.
NoLeads Ent. 4 dagar sedan
your add company must be laughing & impressed! i know i am :D
OffOnTangent 4 dagar sedan
...also its nice that you finally got a female guest on this channel.
Lapsided _______________
Honestly the ads on this videos are interesting enough that i get invested in plot of the story
Cloy 4 dagar sedan
18:56 Ay I mean that's just fast travel ain't it?
Ondrej O
Ondrej O 4 dagar sedan
M O R E. P U R O. N O W.
azzam_ 4 dagar sedan
if you jammed a plastic cup into the gap between the frame and the rear tire, it would make a noises like a bike
Йозеф 4 dagar sedan
На дудя похож
Jail cat Jones
Jail cat Jones 5 dagar sedan
If we're on the moon I'd throw a moon rock towards earth
The Dark Mage
The Dark Mage 5 dagar sedan
Seth Daddy
Yofu 5 dagar sedan
Naw, the real shit was crushing a soda can on your bike wheel so it wraps around and makes it sound like a dirt bike.
Sneedem Feedem
Sneedem Feedem 5 dagar sedan
Excuse me as an American on the internet what is this concept you call "travel" or "holiday"
Neep Gang
Neep Gang 5 dagar sedan
Skallagrim did a video on bringing guns to the late medieval age, they would actually comprehend guns pretty easily, as the ottomans had cannons pretty early on. You can only carry so much ammo when they have an expendable army
Ruffle - The 2D Guy
Ruffle - The 2D Guy 5 dagar sedan
GOD you have to be an absolute genius in creativity to create this. Much respect
TANKMAN 9999 5 dagar sedan
Internet historian would make a great dungeon master if he learned how.
Riveravi 2 dagar sedan
He the OG DM
Trash Panda
Trash Panda 4 dagar sedan
Id definitely join that campaign
LittenIsBestPokemon ChangeMyMind
The Fighting Expert
The Fighting Expert 6 dagar sedan
Shad and Skall would get a kick out of this video.
Indeterminite 6 dagar sedan
hate to be a weeboo but anyone know the song at 13:25
budakbaong siah
budakbaong siah Dag sedan
Caramelldansen. Not a weeb song, made by Swedes.
falkenlaser 6 dagar sedan
15:54 Michael Malice and Lauren Chen!
Mara Zulim
Mara Zulim 6 dagar sedan
Take fucking nano suit from future and go to past
Shahkarif100 6 dagar sedan
pyrocynical's humor be like: cave man english funny haha xDD
The 10 of Diamonds Card
absolutely disgusting
ˢʰᵉ ᵍᵃᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᑫᵘᶦᵗᵉ ᵃ ˢʰᵒʷ ^̮^
"gravity gun from gmod" b r u h ..
This Is Hip Hop
This Is Hip Hop 7 dagar sedan
when I was younger I used put a pop can on the back of my bike wheel.
zen4ever 7 dagar sedan
So I went to turkey once. It was good.
Christopher Tine
Christopher Tine 7 dagar sedan
That is the best ad I've ever seen on a SElosk video
Aku 7 dagar sedan
Im a pyrocynical fan and it took me five minutes to realize he was pyro because the drawn face for him was so unlike him
SZEAG 7 dagar sedan
You need better cameos again...
Wilhelm Olsson Svedlund
Owly Owlman
Owly Owlman 7 dagar sedan
You don't feature nearly enough Owls on this show.
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor 7 dagar sedan
For real though imagine making a giant time portal back to medieval time and flying a f-35 through, strafing a castle and then coming back. You never back through and then read the history books to see what they thought it was
British Thought
British Thought 7 dagar sedan
I could imagine the one thing about a travel vlog is that there is lots of corrupt and lost media
Fremzenec 8 dagar sedan
TheGameMerchant 8 dagar sedan
While Nord Man and Raycon Man are great I will always miss Shadow Man
art!c 8 dagar sedan
Travelators? Do you mean the boost pads for people who are late for their flights?
callan sandwich
callan sandwich 8 dagar sedan
Pyrocinical :( bad internet historian:) good
Stickman 8 dagar sedan
SuperiorSpud 8 dagar sedan
19:30 Justin BieberCynical?
Thomas Rohrer
Thomas Rohrer 8 dagar sedan
No shit, I love your ads. :D Shadowman and Nordman :D
antonio83072 8 dagar sedan
Spoleto in Italy has a subway system of flat escalators
kotzpenner 8 dagar sedan
That Time Travel was on point lmao
Muhammad Nursyahmi
Muhammad Nursyahmi 8 dagar sedan
I wouldn't do time travelling to the past, the people back then would absolutely burn me alive for being "dabbling in black magic" or "blasphemy" or all kinds of bullshit
Hat Man
Hat Man 8 dagar sedan
I work on old KC-135s, and there's like, 4 guages, per engine, with 4 engines, and then one guage that reads oil temp between all 4. ... Yeah, pilots only pay attention to like, 4 of those 17 guages, the fuel flow guages. Which for mechanics, is like, the most useless guage for judging engine performance, or troubleshooting issues. So you'll like, be trying to troubleshoot something wrong, like, the pilots complaining about power fluctuation, and they'd be like "yeah, it was running at 5,000 pounds per hour", and I'll be like "Um... Okay?... and??? What about N1 or N2 RPM? EGT?" and you'll get like "F@$%, I dunno man, I dont really pay attention to those", and then you go home and cant sleep at night knowing your pilots only look at or use like, 10% of the cockpit, ever. Its not that that stuff isnt needed or isnt useful, but not gonna lie, a lot of pilots miss a ton of stuff. It became a problem when our production office was letting planes fly without working master warning lights for like, ever, and one of our mechanics lost her sh!t over it. And she was absolutely right, that light comes on if there's ANYTHING wrong, to include the 90% of the cockpit a pilot wouldnt ordinarily look at.
Seb Garforth
Seb Garforth 9 dagar sedan
i went to sout sudan and ate a camels left foot. had intenst stomach ache for a week and got my kidneys removed. solid holiday would go again
MahSelo 9 dagar sedan
I'm a simple man, i see no sequel to The fall of 76 i press dislike.
Backdoor Systems
Backdoor Systems 9 dagar sedan
The last time I heard Pyrocynical’s voice was in the days of Leafy. Holy hell he sounds different.
黑龍 - Hắc Long
黑龍 - Hắc Long 9 dagar sedan
Þe leaning tower is literally just a tower þat leans...
Gas Mask guys
Gas Mask guys 9 dagar sedan
Ayyy just realised this was released
james mcdude
james mcdude 9 dagar sedan
You bring back a really strong tazer.
phoque022 9 dagar sedan
I just realized I got to see the cockpit of a plane when I was 5 in 2003, about a year and half after 9/11 I wonder if they weren't supposed to do that
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche 10 dagar sedan
You should make a travel guide for Straya
Meme U
Meme U 10 dagar sedan
I like nordman’s character development
architectofcosmos 10 dagar sedan
Your internet voice is way too deep for Elon impressions kek. Chad Elon? Nah he is already a space chad.
Lucia Canelli
Lucia Canelli 10 dagar sedan
reminder that NordVPN actively collects data on the people who use it, it's not meant for privacy at all
R Simpson
R Simpson 10 dagar sedan
Pyrocynical lmao, christ..
carlos tha rippa
carlos tha rippa 10 dagar sedan
White Sky
White Sky 10 dagar sedan
Onion Jack
Onion Jack 10 dagar sedan
We actually have a travelator in my city, but it's pointless, always out of order, hoboes did use to sleep on it and was basically built to launder mafia money.
Get Wrecked
Get Wrecked 10 dagar sedan
The only channel where I don’t skip the sponsor ad.
G Severson
G Severson 11 dagar sedan
Internet historian would be a badass DM
field oregon
field oregon 11 dagar sedan
The fact Internet Historian knows alot about Epstein Island raises suspicion
Kyle Silver
Kyle Silver 11 dagar sedan
"District Jeff and District Epstein." Im surprised IH didn't bust out laughing from that line. Thats gold.
goodhardlife 11 dagar sedan
I seriously wait anticipate the vpn ads in this guy's video. The ad alone is better than most youtube content
Pvt. Panda
Pvt. Panda 11 dagar sedan
Glad I'm not the only one who enjoys kingdom come deliverance music.
Masterzoroark666 11 dagar sedan
Build a sand castle from the moon dust
LHK 2020
LHK 2020 11 dagar sedan
That Nord ad was the best advertisement in general that I've ever seen in my entire life.
Tommy Field
Tommy Field 11 dagar sedan
I feel like travelators are just extra escalators that the airport bought because they come in like a box of 20 and airports only really uses 18 so they just place the extras wherever
DoodleBopGames 11 dagar sedan
i went on a holiday to wuhan and I ate some very intresting soup, and when I got home I had a strane cough
depressed anemic
depressed anemic 11 dagar sedan
okay i cant be the only one who noticed the jester’s outfit looked like cicero’s from skyrim
nuts and bolts
nuts and bolts 12 dagar sedan
I like how he gave a realistic responce to the situation of Pyrocynicals encounter to the situation, he didn't try to outsmart him, instead he just genuinely tried to make it as close as it could happen in real life
LlanHeinrich 12 dagar sedan
I travelled to Ottawa in Canada. It was great, people were nice, food was great. The downtown area has an Irish bar every street corner. The electric train had been inaugurated 2 weeks before. And I saw a man shitting in it while I was there. Canadians are so nice, they know how to make me feel at home.
Ipam ipam
Ipam ipam 12 dagar sedan
Lol in my country it's not cards you put on bikes, but just plastic cups
V E G A 12 dagar sedan
Jan Verfaillie
Jan Verfaillie 12 dagar sedan
Your opinion is not in the recipe
Dave unbelievable
Dave unbelievable 12 dagar sedan
church bells are used to call people to mass, they were probably just confused
A laughing 747
A laughing 747 12 dagar sedan
buttons on planes do many things actually, the ones that are a bunch of small buttons are radio and electric, the rest are a bunch of backups and toggles for minor things
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